Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Dilli Mumbai Love Story‘s Book Review

Ohh ohh ohhh !! finally am back writing a post at my blog !!
I wanted to do a post about a Giveaway I won 2 weeks back and the gift which I received last week but the Assignments at college and Freshers party had kept me busy !! 
Would surely do that post by Monday !! : ) as I have been lazying around since 2 days !!

This post is not at all related to my shopping sprees, or latest fashions But just about my love of reading novels and a REVIEW for a book I read 2 months back- A Dilli- Mumbai Love Story !! 

I had read the book 2 months back at home during my Summer Internship when I was getting hell bored ( my office was of no use :P ) , So I had ordered around 15 books from a website- , which offers great discounts at books too with free shipping !!

Amongst all the books, This was the novel I had liked the most. So when the author- Abhimanyu Jha asked me to do a review for it, I agreed readily !!

This book was about- 
Initially I had thought it would be a typical love story based on college lives..break ups..crushes..and ofcourse with some twist with the mumbai terror attacks in the scene..

But I knew  it was different after reading the 1st few pages.
I liked the bindaas attitude of Apu..her cheerfulness.. and yes ofcourse Ani made himself soo desirable! :D

The IIT connection also made me think while reading that it would turn out to be 1 of the other novels I have read before.
But the reference to the mumbai events in between kept my interest on and also the curiosity about what would happen..
In between I also felt like skipping the pages and read the ending..because the past future references made me very curious.. but I curbed my curiosity and went page by page!

And the ending surprised me - the unexpected !! : ) That was the main charm of this novel !!

My favorite character/part in this book was ofcourse- ANI !!
because he is Sooo damn cute, daring and charming !! ( I wish I had him in real )

liked this book because -
it was totally different from all the other novels I have read so far ( by Indian authors of the same genre ) and because it keeps the charm, suspense and the curiosity of the readers ON throughout the story.

You should read the book -
If you are looking for a love story different from that of a typical- IIT / IIM geek falling in love with a DIVA, break-up, patch-ups and fights stuff !! And if you want a book that keeps the curiosity of the reader high till the end !!

I assure you all that you won't be disappointed reading this book and would enjoy it !!

So don't wait and get your copies now from the local bookstores or try websites like- .

I give this book  4 / 5 stars !! : )

Happy reading !! And I promise to make the next post on the lovely giveaway I won, soon !!!!!!
Tadaaa !!!!!!!!!!
A Dilli Mumbai Love Story‘s Book Review
Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st haul at Sarojini Nagar Market- Delhi !!

Hey fellas !!
Hope you all are doing fine !! I am feeling soo exhausted today after hours of Dance practice since 2 days !! phew !!!
Have the performance tomorrow at Freshers party in my college !!

Anyways I finally took some time out and clicked the pictures of stuff I got from Sarojini Nagar market where I had went last week. I had never been to Sarojini Nagar in my 1 year of stay in NCR, so when my friends asked me to accompany them, I agreed readily.

It was a mixed experience for me because I didn't completely like what all I got. So I would share the stuff I got and what I liked and disliked about Sarojini Nagar Market.

1st- I got this black shirt from there ( the main reason for which I had gone there :P but when I tried it out as I was back it was very small in size :( so It was my 1st disappointment ) 

2nd- I got this grey dress which I had just liked for its lace back !! But I dont know when I tried it, I didn't find it much graceful, maybe if I accesorize it well, it would look good.

 3rd- So far I considered this red top as my best purchase with its beautiful lace front and racer back.

 4th- My friend got this cute red sphagetti top with stone work.

5th- I picked this grey racer back top which I really loved because of the print and the back.

What I liked about the market -
  •  The market is full of beautiful stuff, and its such a huge market, you can find whatever you need.
  • You can get all the major export surplus at throwaway prices. ( I got all the above stuff varying from 100 to 200 rs ).
  • Its almost 4 times as compared to the Janpath and GK market.
And what I disliked- 
  • You really have to search a lot between piles of clothes stocked by different shopkeepers.
  • Bargaining- It is the key to get the best stuff at the best prices, because mostly the stuff is from export surplus so 1 can get them at very low prices, But you should be smart enough in bargaining.
  • Finding the perfect size is a big problem, as there are no try rooms anywhere. 2 of my purchases got waste coz when I tried them at home, they were of smaller size. :(
  • Stuff can be many years old, so do remember to wash them off before you wear them.
  • Look carefully for some defects. ( I got back home and saw a hole in 1 of the shirts I bought, though it got covered by the laces around . Also the button of a shirt broke when I tried wearing it, so I wish I had looked at them carefully )
Rest no doubt the market has a lot manyyy shopsssssssss and you can find the best clothes, accessories etc and just in a 1000 rupees you can purchase 6-7 clothes !! But depends upon how good one is at bargaining and looking for the perfect item amongst huge piles of clothes !!

So happy shopping !! Do share with me your experiences if you have been to Sarojini before !!

PS- I am always looking forward for your lovely comments and responses !! : )

1st haul at Sarojini Nagar Market- Delhi !!
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am happy- 1st Blog Award !!!!

Holas Chicas !!! 
I am super happy today !!!!!!!
Ask me why?? Today has been my lucky day !!
1st of all- I had been looking for a nice Formal Black shirt since sooooooooo longgg but couldn't find it anywhere.. But finally got it today from GLOBUS- it was the last piece and in my size only :D hehehe.. !!!

2ndly- I got a super nice lingerie ( in polka dots ) from Pantaloons at a crazy price. So I guess I was lucky again :P

3rd- I was hungry in the mall, and was short of cash- suddenly I remembered having the food court card and when I checked it had a balance of 100 bucks :D So I got a lovely donut from MOD and a hogdog :D

And now last but the best part- I got my 1st blog award .. yippieeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was awarded - One Lovely Blog Award by Jiya from Shopping, Style and Us !!

Thanks a lottttt Jiyaa !!! you won't believe I was talking about this to a friend that how I was not getting enough followers and that I had a thought that this blog is a stupid thing.. But your award has really boasted my morale and encourages me to keep writing more and better !!!

Now I don't know about the rules for accepting the award etc. But Jiya asks us to write about myself and the blogs I love..

Well here I go..

  • I am a 22 year old MBA student, born & brought up in Ludhiana. 
  • I am crazy about shopping, reading novels, dancing, singing ( just in my room :D ) and yess going out with my friends.
  • Recently I was tagged as - Teddy Bear on the Loose - by my classmates during an introduction to our juniors. I still can't understand why I was tagged as such- they say coz am very sweet :P :D
  • I am open to shopping at malls, roadside shops and even flea markets but the stuff has to be good, comfy and worth the price.
  • I am scared of lizards and cockroaches. They are so creepy- ewww !!!
  • The most crazy thing I have done till now is- uhmmm besides playing pranks with my friends in the hostel, Having the scariest tide- FREE FALL twice at the Genting Highlands and Under water walk at Coral Island.
  • When I am angry I throw away all my stuff ( except the costly ones :D ) and sit quietly in my room for hours till I feel better. 
So that was about me !! Now about the blogs I love. Well there are many..
Naming a few of them-

  • Giassaysthat- This was the blog that I had initially started reading and had inspired me to write 1 too !! I love her outfit posts and witty comments.

  • Style Fashion etc - I just love the fashion sense of Srish and her extremely cute pictures : )

  • Shopping, Style and Us- All the reviews posted by Jiya are sooo useful, I seriously always look forward to her each and every post. And also she is one of the sweetest bloggers who tries to check her followers' blogs and leave comments : )

  • Trimmings and Lace- One of the lovely bloggers again- Agam. 1 blog where you won't find only pictures but also wonderful write-up too !! And her style is unique and I recently got to know that she is a wonderful designer too !! : )
  • Style Drive - By Aayushi Bangur- I like it the most for all the awesome outfit posts.

  •  Live life In Style- Shasie, 1 of my favorite bloggers from outside India, her posts are 1 of a kind and look like for the Girl Next Door.  

  • Style Fiesta - By Masoom - her outfit posts are 1 of the best amongst all, and I love her fashion sense- makes me wanna steal her wardrobe :D

  • Fashion Bombay -  Jasleen and Sonu are my 1 of the favorite bloggers because 1st of all for me they represent the Real woman, I can personally relate to !! Their reviews and tips are soo handy and useful !!

There are many other blogs I follow, but the above mentioned are my favs. Rest I promise to keep putting up more INTERESTING posts regularly.
Till then keep reading..
Tadaa !!!! take care..
I am happy- 1st Blog Award !!!!

My current WISHLIST !!!

Holas Chicas !! : ) 
Hope you all are doing well, and am doing great as usual ( just lil up-downs as a part of daily life :D )
I had a tiring day, classes from 11 to 8.30 pm.. Though I missed the 1st lecture as I am down with cold :((

Anyways I was just browsing various websites since a while and thought of sharing with you all what's all there in my current WISHLIST !!
I want to buy them all, but I guess I have shopped a lottttt this month , so am gonna put a break on my splurging till the next month starts :D or else my mom would literally kill me or disown me !! hehehe

So the 1st thing in my WISHLIST is this cute satchel from, which am gonna buy as soon as the calendar reads 1st August :D
Its on hold till then with few other stuff I liked at asos.

Next on my wishlist is this cute skinny BOW belt I have been looking for such a belt at stores here in Noida / Delhi but soo far could not find it, so would buy it from ASOS itself.
Next on my wishlist is a JUMPSUIT, coz I don't have 1 in my wardrobe and I really wanna buy 1 and try how it looks on me !! And I loved this silk VERO MODA jumpsuit.

And last on my wishlist is these Super hot ASOS hiphop Knot sandals .I love the nude color and the knot design. 
So this was all about my wishlist, do temme what's there in your wishlist or the stuff you are dying to buy !!! 
I know we girls have an inborn tendency of being irresistible to all hot, sexy and cute stuff !!

Till then have a good day and Take care !!
tadaaa !!!!
My current WISHLIST !!!
Monday, July 18, 2011

Small haul at ZARA & VEROMODA !!! : )

Heloooooo everyone !!!!
I am super happy today.. Ahh well there are many reasons..

1st of all- I am on a sort of mission to get to all the major places in Delhi in this 2nd year of my studies. So I completed 1 place in my list that was - DLF and Select CityWalk, Saket.
I was super excited for this trip, as there were sales at major stores and my best friend SHRUTI was with me. We went to HARD ROCK CAFE too and I had sooo much fun.. ( you would just see why :D )

2ndly- Its a sexy weather here.. Rained in the morning and now weather is really cool. 

3rdly- I had a lecture from 6.30 to 8.30 pm , But I just checked the mail that its cancelled. So yippieeeee... I decided to do this post.

Ohk soo back to SAKET now. As I told that there are super sexy sales going on, So how could I stop myself to have my dosage of sale shopping.. So here letz see what all I got.

First of all I went to the MANGO showroom, ohh yaa- it was full of crappy stuff and trust me we noticed that there were some double tags on many clothes- that means the prices were increased 1st and then put on sale. ( I might be wrong, but that's what I and my friend felt ).
So I didn't buy anything from there, as even after the sale the stuff wasn't worth the price.

Then we went to the ZARA showroom, this was the 1st time I went to ZARA ( yes you heard me right :( ) 
The discounts were low, but the stuff- AWESOME !! goo get your dose now !!!

I picked up 2 tops from there-

I loved this cute grey- BOY CRAZY tee I got from there and that too at a sexy price of just 290rs !! :D. here's the picture from the Zara website

the other top I got was-

I was dying to buy a nice ONE SHOULDER top since long, but couldn't find 1, so when I saw this beauty at ZARA that too in my fav color, I couldn't stop myself from buying it. Again at 290rs only :D here's the picture from the ZARA website 

I couldn't shop much from ZARA as some of the stuff, even after sale looked expensive to us. So we moved on the HARD ROCK CAFE for some chilling out and then to the VERO MODA store.

I picked a shirt, a top and a dress from there.

I loved this cute black and white top, it has the same embellishment at the back too and I loved its fit. I got this top in around 400 bucks.

I wanted to buy a long shirt which is sooo IN these days, so I picked this shirt in around 400 bucks again. ,
I know it looks dull in the picture, but it looked superb when I wore it with black tights.

I had decided not to buy any dress this time, as I already have soo many and my college doesn't allow to wear these, they are just kept wasted in my suitcase. But I couldn't resist myself when I saw this TUBE SHORT DRESS.. Its a beauty and has beautiful lace work allover. Am Just in love with it.
Again the pictures can't justify its beauty  , but trust me its SUPERB. I got it in around 700 bucks :D

Last week I also had a small and my 1st haul at SAROJINI NAGAR market, Delhi but am unable to post about coz of some or other reason ( read- Laziness ) :P 
I promise to do it sooonnnnnnnnnnn....
Till then have fun. Do tell me about your sale experiences and how you liked mine !!!

Take care... Tadaaaaaaa !!! :D love you all my lovely readers !!

Small haul at ZARA & VEROMODA !!! : )
Sunday, July 17, 2011

PiCk oF ThE DaY- Formal Fun !!!

Hey Gorgeous divas ( and hunks if there are guys reading this post ) :P 
I know its quite some time I haven't done a post, but my schedule in the new trimester is really busy or I have been really lazy !! :D

I had a short haul at SAROJINI NAGAR market few days ago, I wanted to post about my experience as it was the first time I went there.. But I would do that in a couple of days as I have been acting lazy for clicking the pictures !!

Today we had an Ice-breaking session for our juniors and during the introduction video, I was tagged as- Teddy Bear on the Loose !! I was lil surprised to find that title as I was expecting something related to my shopping addiction( as am continuously teased in the class for that).

Nevertheless I loved being called teddy and had great fun today playing games and interacting with the juniors.

Later I was checking out some real gorgeous outfits at ASOS, and find some outfits that I would love to wear as formals in my office / college- but thanks to my college rules I am not allowed to wear dresses, see-throughs or even sleeveless :'( 

So I picked some stuff and created outfit which I would have loved to wear to my office..

Letz see what I picked- 

 I am in love with this Coral pleat detail blouse especially the color and the sleeves. I have teamed it up with a pair of white trousers and cute BOW court shoes.
Added the SATCHEL, coz am in love with them and they are sooo IN this season. A watch is a must have for me with any type of formal/casual wear !! : )
you can check the outfit here

and next I picked a cute outfit I would have loved to wear for a DINNER DATE :D

 I love wearing red color also because I love bright colors and my friends say I look my best in RED :D
Anyways the Red dress is sooo adorable with the cute belt and pleats. Pairing it up with Suede court shoes and Gold cuff would dazzle the look.
The hair band keeps the cuteness alive and the clutch purse just to keep those must-haves !! ;)

check the outfit here-

So that's all for the day.. If anyone of you find such red dress in any of the Indian stores please let me know as I am dying to get one.

And I promise to do the Sarojini Nagar haul post soon !!
Till then enjoy the Sunday as there are some sexy sales at- MANGO, ZARA, FCUK and UCB .. Am also going to get my dose of shopping tomorrow ( technically today :P )

have fun !! take care !! and keep smiling !!  : )
PiCk oF ThE DaY- Formal Fun !!!
Sunday, July 10, 2011

ACCESSORIES CRAZE- by Dazzling Bling !!

Hie all !! 
What a lovely day it was.. it rained here soo weather was lovely !! And am just loving my new hobby- riding the bicycle - which is more fun in this weather : )

I also caught up MURDER 2 with my friends which is a scary movie for sure !! not at all as depicted in the promos !! :D

So talking about monsoons, my latest love in this season are the ACCESSORIES !! coz I prefer wearing accessories more in winters and monsoon rather than in summers as it gets all sweaty and irritating that time.

My friend Sakshi has started up with her own Accessories Line with the name of- DAZZLING BLING .
She makes these cute accessories herself with lots of efforts and love and priced very low for all you lovely divas !!

Check out her lovely collection here- 

For prices and more info contact her at the Facebook page or email at-

ACCESSORIES CRAZE- by Dazzling Bling !!
Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion And You Haul !!

Hie all !! I am just dying here in Greater Noida with such a hot weather !! :((
No sign of rains anywhere !! Anyways my dear college has got some cycles for us all to get slimmer and healthy ;) And am using this facility very well !! :D and enjoying it too !!

Well talking about Fashion And You, I believe that the trend of ONLINE SHOPPING was made popular in India by it as it came into picture roughly 1 or 2 years back. I had made my 1st purchase from FNY last year around this time only as I had come to a hostel for the 1st time and I could purchase anything I like with COD option without listening to scoldings by my mom !!

Since then I have been purchasing stuff from FNY regularly and besides the complaints about Slow delivery I haven't had much issues with FNY !!

I recently made another purchase from its website and surprisingly this time I got my order in just a matter of 10-15days which was shocking too as earlier they used to take atleast a month to deliver some orders.

So letz see what all I picked : )

The dresses came wrapped in a plastic bag. I made this purchase from the KAZO sale !!
1stly I picked a black Lace neck top which looks so great,, am totally in love with it !! : )

 I also bought a knee length dress which has a black top and Floral bottom which fits like a pencil skirt and the dress looks like a top-skirt combo !! I would post soon the pictures of me wearing this outfit !! : )

 I also got my hands on a black CHERRY BERRY bag which looks so good carried as a hand bag. I had thought that this bag would be little bigger so that I could carry it to my college, but it just can be carried as a hand bag and doesn't look good with the shoulder strap provided along with it.

Overall I loved my purchase as always, FNY has always carried quality products . I have never had any issues with the products I purchase from this website except the delivery schedules.

So I hope you all liked my haul. I had ordered another pair of Miss Sixty boots from FNY which would be arriving in a week or so. So I would be posting soon about it and my 99labels purchase.
Till then take care.. Tadaa !! : )
Fashion And You Haul !!
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Haul at GK- M block market and Indirapuram !!

Hie all !!
I know I haven't posted since a while, but I had been really busy in Packing and then unpacking as I came back to my hostel. I am now in final year of my MBA course !! yippiee !!!
Soo meanwhile I went out with my friends and bhabhi for some short hauls !!

1stly I had wanted some simple cute tops to wear at my college, so I went with my bhabhi to a mall at Indirapura. Outside the mall there was these small shops like a flea market, so I thought of checking out the stuff there.
And surprisingly I found 2 really cute tops there at amazing prices !! ( 200 each :D )

Here's what I picked-

This maroon see through top with butterfly sleeves !! I really loved it for the style and the color !! : )

This red and white check shirt is very cute and comfy !! : )

Few days later I went to Greater Kailash M-block market with my friend. Its been 1 year since I have been living in greater noida, but never could go to the GK market, so when my friend asked me to accompany her for appointment with a doc there... I agreed readily..
And I enjoyed every bit of it.. The yummy momos..and on the top - SHOPPING !!! :D

I picked this floral print dress from a shop there, Its a knee length dress with a belt at the back.

I also picked this cute white polka dots shirt which had caught my eye at the 1st glance and I am loving it the most !! : )
The lovely frills neck and sleeves are the best part !!

I also picked this comfy blue dotted shirt. It has an amazing fit and style. and the color is cool for summers too !! : )


Well this was it for this while, I would be posting soon about my 99 labels and Fashion And You purchase !! I got some amazing apparel and a bag from them !! And I am just dying to show it to you all !!

Till then enjoy the monsoons and wish it comes here soon !! Take care !!
Lots of love!! : )

Haul at GK- M block market and Indirapuram !!