My current WISHLIST !!!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Holas Chicas !! : ) 
Hope you all are doing well, and am doing great as usual ( just lil up-downs as a part of daily life :D )
I had a tiring day, classes from 11 to 8.30 pm.. Though I missed the 1st lecture as I am down with cold :((

Anyways I was just browsing various websites since a while and thought of sharing with you all what's all there in my current WISHLIST !!
I want to buy them all, but I guess I have shopped a lottttt this month , so am gonna put a break on my splurging till the next month starts :D or else my mom would literally kill me or disown me !! hehehe

So the 1st thing in my WISHLIST is this cute satchel from, which am gonna buy as soon as the calendar reads 1st August :D
Its on hold till then with few other stuff I liked at asos.

Next on my wishlist is this cute skinny BOW belt I have been looking for such a belt at stores here in Noida / Delhi but soo far could not find it, so would buy it from ASOS itself.
Next on my wishlist is a JUMPSUIT, coz I don't have 1 in my wardrobe and I really wanna buy 1 and try how it looks on me !! And I loved this silk VERO MODA jumpsuit.

And last on my wishlist is these Super hot ASOS hiphop Knot sandals .I love the nude color and the knot design. 
So this was all about my wishlist, do temme what's there in your wishlist or the stuff you are dying to buy !!! 
I know we girls have an inborn tendency of being irresistible to all hot, sexy and cute stuff !!

Till then have a good day and Take care !!
tadaaa !!!!


  1. Accept your blog award on my blog hun!!

  2. wow !! thanks for the award jiya !! this is my 1st blog award !! and really boasts my moral to write more nd better !! : )

  3. Great wishlist picks! Hope you get everything! Um your class schedule sounds crazy! 11-8:30 pm...sheesh

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  4. Thanks Shasie- and don't ask about the class schedule.. I hate going to college on Tuesday.. such a hectic day !! even today am missing 1 lecture :D

  5. I totally understand y u love that veromoda jump suit. It's really lovely and I still haven't visited the stores!! the sale is about to end right??? :-o

  6. @shruti- noo !! I had called them up- sale would end till stocks last !! : ) I would be gng again too !! ( if my pocket money allows :P )

  7. zara has a similar belt..the citywalk one


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