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Friday 8 July 2011

Hie all !! I am just dying here in Greater Noida with such a hot weather !! :((
No sign of rains anywhere !! Anyways my dear college has got some cycles for us all to get slimmer and healthy ;) And am using this facility very well !! :D and enjoying it too !!

Well talking about Fashion And You, I believe that the trend of ONLINE SHOPPING was made popular in India by it as it came into picture roughly 1 or 2 years back. I had made my 1st purchase from FNY last year around this time only as I had come to a hostel for the 1st time and I could purchase anything I like with COD option without listening to scoldings by my mom !!

Since then I have been purchasing stuff from FNY regularly and besides the complaints about Slow delivery I haven't had much issues with FNY !!

I recently made another purchase from its website and surprisingly this time I got my order in just a matter of 10-15days which was shocking too as earlier they used to take atleast a month to deliver some orders.

So letz see what all I picked : )

The dresses came wrapped in a plastic bag. I made this purchase from the KAZO sale !!
1stly I picked a black Lace neck top which looks so great,, am totally in love with it !! : )

 I also bought a knee length dress which has a black top and Floral bottom which fits like a pencil skirt and the dress looks like a top-skirt combo !! I would post soon the pictures of me wearing this outfit !! : )

 I also got my hands on a black CHERRY BERRY bag which looks so good carried as a hand bag. I had thought that this bag would be little bigger so that I could carry it to my college, but it just can be carried as a hand bag and doesn't look good with the shoulder strap provided along with it.

Overall I loved my purchase as always, FNY has always carried quality products . I have never had any issues with the products I purchase from this website except the delivery schedules.

So I hope you all liked my haul. I had ordered another pair of Miss Sixty boots from FNY which would be arriving in a week or so. So I would be posting soon about it and my 99labels purchase.
Till then take care.. Tadaa !! : )


  1. wow tht dress is so cute!!
    but m so scared of online shopping..cause of the size n fitting issues ! :/

  2. Well I know and some of my friends have faced a similar issue too !! But if you know your standard size then its not a problem ~!! : ) because most of the brands follow the similar size chart.

  3. hehe i will surely try online shopping :) !!

  4. Nice haul! That first black blouse with lace detailing is so pretty. I have something similar

  5. thanks for stopping by joey !! I really love lacy stuff !!

  6. Great picks I must say. All the three are lovely. Wish you had mentioned the prices.
    I can't wait to see pics of you in the black top!

  7. hey Shruti- I had got the Kazo dress nad the top after using a 1500 voucher ( including a W kurta I haven't received yet( for Rs 860.
    The bag after using a 1500 voucher for Rs 820 : )

    And am thinking of doing some outfit posts soon !! : )

  8. thanks for stopping by romane nd julie !! : )


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