A Dilli Mumbai Love Story‘s Book Review

Saturday 30 July 2011

Ohh ohh ohhh !! finally am back writing a post at my blog !!
I wanted to do a post about a Giveaway I won 2 weeks back and the gift which I received last week but the Assignments at college and Freshers party had kept me busy !! 
Would surely do that post by Monday !! : ) as I have been lazying around since 2 days !!

This post is not at all related to my shopping sprees, or latest fashions But just about my love of reading novels and a REVIEW for a book I read 2 months back- A Dilli- Mumbai Love Story !! 

I had read the book 2 months back at home during my Summer Internship when I was getting hell bored ( my office was of no use :P ) , So I had ordered around 15 books from a website- Flipkart.com , which offers great discounts at books too with free shipping !!

Amongst all the books, This was the novel I had liked the most. So when the author- Abhimanyu Jha asked me to do a review for it, I agreed readily !!

This book was about- 
Initially I had thought it would be a typical love story based on college lives..break ups..crushes..and ofcourse with some twist with the mumbai terror attacks in the scene..

But I knew  it was different after reading the 1st few pages.
I liked the bindaas attitude of Apu..her cheerfulness.. and yes ofcourse Ani made himself soo desirable! :D

The IIT connection also made me think while reading that it would turn out to be 1 of the other novels I have read before.
But the reference to the mumbai events in between kept my interest on and also the curiosity about what would happen..
In between I also felt like skipping the pages and read the ending..because the past future references made me very curious.. but I curbed my curiosity and went page by page!

And the ending surprised me - the unexpected !! : ) That was the main charm of this novel !!

My favorite character/part in this book was ofcourse- ANI !!
because he is Sooo damn cute, daring and charming !! ( I wish I had him in real )

liked this book because -
it was totally different from all the other novels I have read so far ( by Indian authors of the same genre ) and because it keeps the charm, suspense and the curiosity of the readers ON throughout the story.

You should read the book -
If you are looking for a love story different from that of a typical- IIT / IIM geek falling in love with a DIVA, break-up, patch-ups and fights stuff !! And if you want a book that keeps the curiosity of the reader high till the end !!

I assure you all that you won't be disappointed reading this book and would enjoy it !!

So don't wait and get your copies now from the local bookstores or try websites like- Flipkart.com .

I give this book  4 / 5 stars !! : )

Happy reading !! And I promise to make the next post on the lovely giveaway I won, soon !!!!!!
Tadaaa !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dilli - Mumbai love story!hmm... sounds interesting. I would soon be writing a Dilli - Bangalore love story... just waiting for the climax ;)
    Looks like an inspiration.

  2. Great !! looking forward for it !! best f luck!! : )

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