1st haul at Sarojini Nagar Market- Delhi !!

Sunday 24 July 2011

Hey fellas !!
Hope you all are doing fine !! I am feeling soo exhausted today after hours of Dance practice since 2 days !! phew !!!
Have the performance tomorrow at Freshers party in my college !!

Anyways I finally took some time out and clicked the pictures of stuff I got from Sarojini Nagar market where I had went last week. I had never been to Sarojini Nagar in my 1 year of stay in NCR, so when my friends asked me to accompany them, I agreed readily.

It was a mixed experience for me because I didn't completely like what all I got. So I would share the stuff I got and what I liked and disliked about Sarojini Nagar Market.

1st- I got this black shirt from there ( the main reason for which I had gone there :P but when I tried it out as I was back it was very small in size :( so It was my 1st disappointment ) 

2nd- I got this grey dress which I had just liked for its lace back !! But I dont know when I tried it, I didn't find it much graceful, maybe if I accesorize it well, it would look good.

 3rd- So far I considered this red top as my best purchase with its beautiful lace front and racer back.

 4th- My friend got this cute red sphagetti top with stone work.

5th- I picked this grey racer back top which I really loved because of the print and the back.

What I liked about the market -
  •  The market is full of beautiful stuff, and its such a huge market, you can find whatever you need.
  • You can get all the major export surplus at throwaway prices. ( I got all the above stuff varying from 100 to 200 rs ).
  • Its almost 4 times as compared to the Janpath and GK market.
And what I disliked- 
  • You really have to search a lot between piles of clothes stocked by different shopkeepers.
  • Bargaining- It is the key to get the best stuff at the best prices, because mostly the stuff is from export surplus so 1 can get them at very low prices, But you should be smart enough in bargaining.
  • Finding the perfect size is a big problem, as there are no try rooms anywhere. 2 of my purchases got waste coz when I tried them at home, they were of smaller size. :(
  • Stuff can be many years old, so do remember to wash them off before you wear them.
  • Look carefully for some defects. ( I got back home and saw a hole in 1 of the shirts I bought, though it got covered by the laces around . Also the button of a shirt broke when I tried wearing it, so I wish I had looked at them carefully )
Rest no doubt the market has a lot manyyy shopsssssssss and you can find the best clothes, accessories etc and just in a 1000 rupees you can purchase 6-7 clothes !! But depends upon how good one is at bargaining and looking for the perfect item amongst huge piles of clothes !!

So happy shopping !! Do share with me your experiences if you have been to Sarojini before !!

PS- I am always looking forward for your lovely comments and responses !! : )


  1. great haul.. like the grey and red top.

    delhi and mumbai are the best place for rhrifted shopping. I so miss both..:(

  2. I juts love Saroji nagar!! Some of my fav items in my wardrobe are from SN. Tru about washign clothes before we wear it and bargaining!!love the grey dress, tank, camisole with stones!!

  3. @swati- hahah yeaa I heard how amazing Mumbai is for thrifted shopping... want to go thr. nd yess I love shopping in delhi !! :)

    @ jiya- Thanks for stoppng by !! I just wish to return there soon and this time carefully get some more nice clothes !! : )

  4. You are certainly having some great shopping extravaganzas!! I love the grey racer back top..nice summer pick!! You are so right about the DOs and DONTs of Sarojni Nagar. I have been thr only once i guess, but all i knw is that you need to be a smart shopper wen shopping thr. You can end up getting the best or the worst stuff.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. hoping we get to visit those luxury houses soon :D
    Pls visit again :)

  5. @Agam- I agree with you !! even I was not completely satisfied with my spree thr !!
    and yess I second you with the luxury houses thing !! : )

    Thanks for your lovely comments !! : )

  6. omg! *jealous* lovve d grey dress, d red stone one, d red lace one n d grey racer back! :D <3 pune hs great stuff n is upmarket but too expensive! :(

  7. Hey Diva !! thanks for stopping by my blog !!
    My friend had been to Pune for 2mnths, she told me there are some market where we can get stuff really cheap and that latest fashion arrives there much earlier than in Delhi !!

    Bt yes Delhi is anytime best for shopping as compared to where I belong to ( Ludhiana )

  8. love SM...It's a must visit on my list whenever I visit Delhi....
    loved what you bought...I always try on shirts over my top there itself to avoid such mishaps

    Believe me Pune is really backward when it comes to such hauls( I have stayed there for 6 years)...it has just some super expensive shops at KP and some Malls but nothing like flea
    markets of Delhi/Mumbai.
    And hey Nikki.. really don't have any clue about Chemistry stores in Del
    Much love
    http://fashionquotient.blogspot.com(Enter my Giveaway)

  9. hey Lipsy- I thought u were from Delhi !! that's why asked !! heheh !!
    And yeaa SM is too good if collection is concerned, just need to have right eyes !! : )
    And I already entered your giveaway !! hoping to win !! : )

  10. Great shopping I must say. 2nd (lace dress) and the red top are my fav.

  11. What a great haul! I love your lace top it's so cute!


  12. @shruti- thnxx fr stopping by !! they r mine favs too !! : )

  13. @ A, J and S - thanks for stopping by !! following u!! : )

  14. nice haul i like the gray and red!!
    thanks for joining the giveaway! i followed back.. see you around!

  15. really like the grey top with the lace back! i did a post on sarojini shopping sometime back too!

  16. Hello!

    Your haul looks really great.
    If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

    Hope to see you around there!
    xoxo :)

  17. heyyy lovely haul dear :)...just love ur 4th and 5th top ! :)


  18. I will pay a day's visit to Delhi. I am really wanting to shop some good stuffs from Delhi. If you have any sugessions regarding places to visit then please let me know.


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