Small haul at ZARA & VEROMODA !!! : )

Monday 18 July 2011

Heloooooo everyone !!!!
I am super happy today.. Ahh well there are many reasons..

1st of all- I am on a sort of mission to get to all the major places in Delhi in this 2nd year of my studies. So I completed 1 place in my list that was - DLF and Select CityWalk, Saket.
I was super excited for this trip, as there were sales at major stores and my best friend SHRUTI was with me. We went to HARD ROCK CAFE too and I had sooo much fun.. ( you would just see why :D )

2ndly- Its a sexy weather here.. Rained in the morning and now weather is really cool. 

3rdly- I had a lecture from 6.30 to 8.30 pm , But I just checked the mail that its cancelled. So yippieeeee... I decided to do this post.

Ohk soo back to SAKET now. As I told that there are super sexy sales going on, So how could I stop myself to have my dosage of sale shopping.. So here letz see what all I got.

First of all I went to the MANGO showroom, ohh yaa- it was full of crappy stuff and trust me we noticed that there were some double tags on many clothes- that means the prices were increased 1st and then put on sale. ( I might be wrong, but that's what I and my friend felt ).
So I didn't buy anything from there, as even after the sale the stuff wasn't worth the price.

Then we went to the ZARA showroom, this was the 1st time I went to ZARA ( yes you heard me right :( ) 
The discounts were low, but the stuff- AWESOME !! goo get your dose now !!!

I picked up 2 tops from there-

I loved this cute grey- BOY CRAZY tee I got from there and that too at a sexy price of just 290rs !! :D. here's the picture from the Zara website

the other top I got was-

I was dying to buy a nice ONE SHOULDER top since long, but couldn't find 1, so when I saw this beauty at ZARA that too in my fav color, I couldn't stop myself from buying it. Again at 290rs only :D here's the picture from the ZARA website 

I couldn't shop much from ZARA as some of the stuff, even after sale looked expensive to us. So we moved on the HARD ROCK CAFE for some chilling out and then to the VERO MODA store.

I picked a shirt, a top and a dress from there.

I loved this cute black and white top, it has the same embellishment at the back too and I loved its fit. I got this top in around 400 bucks.

I wanted to buy a long shirt which is sooo IN these days, so I picked this shirt in around 400 bucks again. ,
I know it looks dull in the picture, but it looked superb when I wore it with black tights.

I had decided not to buy any dress this time, as I already have soo many and my college doesn't allow to wear these, they are just kept wasted in my suitcase. But I couldn't resist myself when I saw this TUBE SHORT DRESS.. Its a beauty and has beautiful lace work allover. Am Just in love with it.
Again the pictures can't justify its beauty  , but trust me its SUPERB. I got it in around 700 bucks :D

Last week I also had a small and my 1st haul at SAROJINI NAGAR market, Delhi but am unable to post about coz of some or other reason ( read- Laziness ) :P 
I promise to do it sooonnnnnnnnnnn....
Till then have fun. Do tell me about your sale experiences and how you liked mine !!!

Take care... Tadaaaaaaa !!! :D love you all my lovely readers !!


  1. WOW !! lovely haul !! loved d dres !!

  2. Awesome picks!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. Yes that dress is designed by me, rather I should say I tried :)
    Pls do visit me again :)

  3. WOW !!! I loved your dress Agam !! thanks for stopping by !!

  4. love <3 love <3 love <3 the stuff u picked up!! ur taste is great! :)

  5. thxx a lot diva !! glad you liked my picks !!

  6. Nice deals. U shopping a lot these days. aren't you? ;)

  7. @shruti- dont askkk !! dis mnth was crazy.. 1stly I had to move back to my hostel, 2ndly the SALES !!! I went crazy shopping.. But have to stop now !! or else my mom would disown me!! :P


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