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Sunday 17 July 2011

Hey Gorgeous divas ( and hunks if there are guys reading this post ) :P 
I know its quite some time I haven't done a post, but my schedule in the new trimester is really busy or I have been really lazy !! :D

I had a short haul at SAROJINI NAGAR market few days ago, I wanted to post about my experience as it was the first time I went there.. But I would do that in a couple of days as I have been acting lazy for clicking the pictures !!

Today we had an Ice-breaking session for our juniors and during the introduction video, I was tagged as- Teddy Bear on the Loose !! I was lil surprised to find that title as I was expecting something related to my shopping addiction( as am continuously teased in the class for that).

Nevertheless I loved being called teddy and had great fun today playing games and interacting with the juniors.

Later I was checking out some real gorgeous outfits at ASOS, and find some outfits that I would love to wear as formals in my office / college- but thanks to my college rules I am not allowed to wear dresses, see-throughs or even sleeveless :'( 

So I picked some stuff and created outfit which I would have loved to wear to my office..

Letz see what I picked- 

 I am in love with this Coral pleat detail blouse especially the color and the sleeves. I have teamed it up with a pair of white trousers and cute BOW court shoes.
Added the SATCHEL, coz am in love with them and they are sooo IN this season. A watch is a must have for me with any type of formal/casual wear !! : )
you can check the outfit here

and next I picked a cute outfit I would have loved to wear for a DINNER DATE :D

 I love wearing red color also because I love bright colors and my friends say I look my best in RED :D
Anyways the Red dress is sooo adorable with the cute belt and pleats. Pairing it up with Suede court shoes and Gold cuff would dazzle the look.
The hair band keeps the cuteness alive and the clutch purse just to keep those must-haves !! ;)

check the outfit here-

So that's all for the day.. If anyone of you find such red dress in any of the Indian stores please let me know as I am dying to get one.

And I promise to do the Sarojini Nagar haul post soon !!
Till then enjoy the Sunday as there are some sexy sales at- MANGO, ZARA, FCUK and UCB .. Am also going to get my dose of shopping tomorrow ( technically today :P )

have fun !! take care !! and keep smiling !!  : )


  1. OMG the first assemble is just too fabulous!!

    Hostel days? ah I so miss that.

    How are you hun?

  2. cute outfits you created.
    Love Lois xxx


  3. thnxx jiyaa !! am good !! hvng fun for now !! :D how are you doing?? and yess the 1st is my fav too !!

  4. All fashion stuff is really wonderful. But the red pleated dress attracts me a lot.I like all the sleeveless dresses in right colors...
    Long Sleeve Shirt

  5. @anora- thanks for stopping by!! that red dress is my fav too !! : )


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