I am happy- 1st Blog Award !!!!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Holas Chicas !!! 
I am super happy today !!!!!!!
Ask me why?? Today has been my lucky day !!
1st of all- I had been looking for a nice Formal Black shirt since sooooooooo longgg but couldn't find it anywhere.. But finally got it today from GLOBUS- it was the last piece and in my size only :D hehehe.. !!!

2ndly- I got a super nice lingerie ( in polka dots ) from Pantaloons at a crazy price. So I guess I was lucky again :P

3rd- I was hungry in the mall, and was short of cash- suddenly I remembered having the food court card and when I checked it had a balance of 100 bucks :D So I got a lovely donut from MOD and a hogdog :D

And now last but the best part- I got my 1st blog award .. yippieeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was awarded - One Lovely Blog Award by Jiya from Shopping, Style and Us !!

Thanks a lottttt Jiyaa !!! you won't believe I was talking about this to a friend that how I was not getting enough followers and that I had a thought that this blog is a stupid thing.. But your award has really boasted my morale and encourages me to keep writing more and better !!!

Now I don't know about the rules for accepting the award etc. But Jiya asks us to write about myself and the blogs I love..

Well here I go..

  • I am a 22 year old MBA student, born & brought up in Ludhiana. 
  • I am crazy about shopping, reading novels, dancing, singing ( just in my room :D ) and yess going out with my friends.
  • Recently I was tagged as - Teddy Bear on the Loose - by my classmates during an introduction to our juniors. I still can't understand why I was tagged as such- they say coz am very sweet :P :D
  • I am open to shopping at malls, roadside shops and even flea markets but the stuff has to be good, comfy and worth the price.
  • I am scared of lizards and cockroaches. They are so creepy- ewww !!!
  • The most crazy thing I have done till now is- uhmmm besides playing pranks with my friends in the hostel, Having the scariest tide- FREE FALL twice at the Genting Highlands and Under water walk at Coral Island.
  • When I am angry I throw away all my stuff ( except the costly ones :D ) and sit quietly in my room for hours till I feel better. 
So that was about me !! Now about the blogs I love. Well there are many..
Naming a few of them-

  • Giassaysthat- This was the blog that I had initially started reading and had inspired me to write 1 too !! I love her outfit posts and witty comments.

  • Style Fashion etc - I just love the fashion sense of Srish and her extremely cute pictures : )

  • Shopping, Style and Us- All the reviews posted by Jiya are sooo useful, I seriously always look forward to her each and every post. And also she is one of the sweetest bloggers who tries to check her followers' blogs and leave comments : )

  • Trimmings and Lace- One of the lovely bloggers again- Agam. 1 blog where you won't find only pictures but also wonderful write-up too !! And her style is unique and I recently got to know that she is a wonderful designer too !! : )
  • Style Drive - By Aayushi Bangur- I like it the most for all the awesome outfit posts.

  •  Live life In Style- Shasie, 1 of my favorite bloggers from outside India, her posts are 1 of a kind and look like for the Girl Next Door.  

  • Style Fiesta - By Masoom - her outfit posts are 1 of the best amongst all, and I love her fashion sense- makes me wanna steal her wardrobe :D

  • Fashion Bombay -  Jasleen and Sonu are my 1 of the favorite bloggers because 1st of all for me they represent the Real woman, I can personally relate to !! Their reviews and tips are soo handy and useful !!

There are many other blogs I follow, but the above mentioned are my favs. Rest I promise to keep putting up more INTERESTING posts regularly.
Till then keep reading..
Tadaa !!!! take care..


  1. i want the 2nd thing you gottt!! :P :P :P give me the details!!!! <3

  2. @sakshi- email me !! or better- CALL Me UP !!
    you would badly want it when I tell you the details !!

  3. Aww Nikki, that was so sweet of you, what you said about my blog! And congrats on your first blog award, I'm sure many more are yet to come. I just wanted to tell you that don't give up on your blog because of your number of followers. It takes awhile to really build up a blog, and get a fan basis. I'm sure it will happen for you girlie! I'm still working on mine too!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Please Facebook like my Blogger Contest List on Fashiolista

  4. Liked your Fashiolista list dear !! its great !!
    and thnxx for the encouragement !! : )

  5. Thank you Nitika for this blogaward!:)
    You're such a sweetheart :*


  6. That's so sweet of you hun!! Remember

    "It's ALWAYS too soon to quit!!" Your blog is juts lovely and inspiring. xo

    Also yay!! VS shipping is really fast, I hadn't expected it so early... waiting for the post. very excited.

  7. @ jiya- yess even I didn't expect it to come soo early .. I was surprised to get the parcel so soon !!

  8. Congrats gal...loved this post so much gotta know so much about you...I hate lizards tooooo...
    Do enter my blogs first giveaway here

  9. congrats gal...good to know more about you!!

  10. thanks lipsy !! and yes checked your giveaway !! would be entering soon !! :)

  11. Congratulations Nikki.. well deserved :)


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