My encounter with The High Heelss !!! :D

Friday 21 October 2011

I don't know if this post counts as an OOTD or not but I just wanted to share about my 1st pair of highhh heeellsss and yesss the fun I had last Saturday !!

I had been to GIP, Noida last weekend with my friend and well I just entered a showroom- VANSON which was having a Basket Sale on shoes, where I came across these gorgeousssssss heels..

I have always ignored buying High heels coz
1. They are very expensive.
2. I thought I cannot carry them off well.
3. I prefer wearing flats any day so I think its useless to buy shoes which keep lying in your closet ( Though I do own numerous such pairs which I haven't ever worn more than once ).

But then lets come back to the post, I tried these heels on and they looked super awesome and the price tag was very low !! So that was it- I couldn't resist them at all because I knew I can never get a pair of high heels ( they are around 5 inches high, which for my standards is really highhhh :D ) and that too this gorgeous at such a low price, so I just bought them right away.

While we were leaving, I noticed Panasonic India's FACE OF BEAUTY contest going on in the mall, they were offering a free makeover and also 12 lucky ladies from all over India would get to take part in a Reality Show at MTV and also the top 3 would feature in their Ad. But to be frank, I did it just for the Makeover :D
hehehe.. It was funnn...

And then we went straight on clubbing that night ( my 1st experience with that ) and well I got my chance to wear the heels for the 1st time too. I was wearing the following outfit there- I love this polka dot top from VERO MODA, I think its sexy, chic and elegant at the same time. : )
Here are few picturess-

Top- Vero Moda
Jeans- Thrifted
Heels- Vanson , GIP, Noida
Shades- DG
Well now coming back to my heels- Did I like wearing them- Yes or No??
hmmm.. I would say Yess- because they look superr sexxyyy and dont know why, but I believe wearing a pair of gorgeous heels makes you look more slimmer and feel confident : )
But I couldn't wear them for long, I had to take them off while dancing because my feet had started aching. Maybe I would take time to get used to in walking or dancing in them  !! But for now am happy owning 1 pair, and if I find a gorgeous pair again- I wouldddddd uhmmmm surely buyy itt !! :D

And I guess now I understand, why even though these heels make your feet ache and give difficulty in walking, girls roam around freely wearing them as high as 6-7 inches :O :O just coz they are sooo damn SEXYYY !!! hehee..

And well now am leaving home next week for Diwali.. yayy...and it calls for loadssss of sweets, gifts and new clothes also coz Diwali, Bhaidooj and My B'DAY are coming in a row.. and am super excited !!
Would share with you all my diwali goodies and bday dress soon !! : ) ( my bday falls on 1st nov ) And also I still have to share my hauls of this month.. Next post would surely be for that.
Have a great weekend !! 
Take care.. Loads of love

( PS- OOpssss this post got really longggg.. I Didn't realize !! Plz cope with this one :(( )


  1. enjoy d festivities..i still hv to get my first "highhhh heeels"!

  2. nice heels.. :)

  3. the heels are really sexy!! love them!!

  4. Pretty you look
    And damn those heels are killer :)

    I have a heel-phobia too you know! (wondering if there's a word for it lol)


  5. Those heels are super sexy!! Love them!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  6. thanks for your lovely comments everyone !! I am glad you all liked it !! : )

  7. Its a gorgeous first pair you got! And the most important part is that they are comfortable! :)
    Have fun :)

  8. Oooh! They are gorgeous indeed!! <3

    Even I'm always skeptical about buying high heels as I wear 'em rarely! But a good pair, which is sexy & at the same time comfortable, is a good investment.... :)

    P.S.: Thanks for liking my blog!

  9. Gorgeous heels and polka dot top! I rarely wear high heels too, but need to as I'm pretty short!

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  11. Wow...High heels ...I like wearing them :)

  12. Nice.. heels..

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