Won A Giveaway- Victoria's Secret Dress !! : )

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Hey all !!!
How are you all doing? I have 25 followers now, and even though its not a great number I still feel happy that atleast some people do read my blog and I have got appreciation too !! So that just motivates me to keep writing about the love of my life- SHOPPING !! hehehe :P :D

Anyways I had a tiring day.. travelling in buses in this humid weather is a huge task : ( but can't help it if you are living in a hostel !! Anyways I wanted to do an OOTD post today, but again being lazy I couldn't get my pictures clicked, so I thought of doing this post as it is without any delay.

A couple of weeks back I had won a Victoria's Secret Giveaway thrown by Jiya from Shopping, Style and Us !!! 

The giveaway was about choosing anything worth $30 from Victoria's Secret website and I had chosen this lovely Off-Shoulder Tee Dress which luckily I won. 

I was too surprised when within a week of a mail by Jiya that I would get the dress soon, I received the dress. They really have a very fast shipping !!

The dress came wrapped in a polythene bag plus they included a catalogue of their new collection which has some really sexyy stuff !! ; ) :D

Anyways when I took out the dress I really didn't like it much but yes when I tried it.. It came as WOW !!! I wanted to do an OOTD post with this dress but well ... ALAS !! I promise to do it soon !!! Till then I managed to click this pic myself ( sorry for the poor quality ).

And I cropped my face coz my hair were looking really very messy and uhmm my face looked tired. Still you can have a look at how the dress fit me !! Its a lil loose but the belt at the waist helps me tighten it according to my comfort !!

So just ending the post I would love to thank Jiya once again for throwing this giveaway !!! 

And well this month has started, till now I have promised myself that I won't shop at all so I am just hoping I don't come across something really cute n Sexy which could make me break my promise !!! :D 

Till then would be waiting for your lovely comments. 
Take care !! 
Tadaaa !! ! :  )


  1. So cute!! Congrats on your followers! Your blog is great and I know it will continue to grow!!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway

  2. Wow the dress is beautiful....you are so lucky to have won it...and hey nikki m following you...love hearing from you always!!!

    Much Love

  3. hey thanks a lott Shasie and Lipsy !! : )

  4. Wow, congratulations on winning! I just won a giveaway myself ;D I think the best part of joining giveaways is no doubt the winning part :P The dress looks lovely on you ;D


  5. Did you rily win THIS dress?? I mean.. It's awesome. Loved your choice. It's trendy, chic and super sexy. Congrats babes!

  6. @lizzy- thanks a lott !! and yess its reall funn when we win a giveaway !! nd d best part is when u receive the gift nd u just love it !! :D : )

    @shruti- hehhe !! thanks.. yes yess i know its sexy.. dts y I had liked it amongst all the other stuff at Victoria's !! :D

  7. lovely!! absolutely stunning dress .. you are already looking fabulous but can't wait to see the complete look someday soon... i just hope to throw more and more giveaways in future... love.

  8. Thanks for sharing.




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