Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Life Outside The Cubicle | Scullers This Is Life

Hola chicas!

The month of festivities and celebrations has come to an end, making way for my Birthday month - November, and I haven't still decided how will I be celebrating my 25th birthday which falls on the 1st.

Talking about life brings me to the #ScullersThisIsLife campaign being run by the premium Smart Casual wear brand - SCULLERS. Inspired by the sport of Sculling, Scullers is for those who celebrate life. Scullers is sophisticated, timeless and elegant to suit the urban lifestyle. It’s for those who would like to believe there is life after work and away from home.

And to celebrate the same spirit and encourage people to enjoy their lives outside their work space or the more common CUBICLE culture, the brand has come up with This Is Life campaign. The idea is to shed over your inhibitions and make life more fun by indulging in things you like that can be anything from travel to writing, or anything you have ever wanted to do apart from your regular job.

I, being a full-time employee in social media field, can completely relate to this campaign. As I try as much as possible to step outta my work and enjoy the life - mostly through blogging and hanging out with my friends checking out new cafes in town, exploring new places, taking a vacation and much more.

Here are a few pictures from my life wherein I have tried my best to live my life to the fullest, stepping out of my work place -

A quick getaway to Goa and posing with my favorite blogger buddy Anshita

Monday, October 27, 2014

Butt Out The World With Jealous 21 | Break Stereotypes and Stay Confident

Hey everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the festive week and had a great time! Even I am back from my hometown after having a fun time with my family and cousins. I forgot to take my camera along, so there are no pictures of what I chose to wear for Diwali and Bhai Dooj.

In the past few days, while catching up with my relatives, I felt how a young Indian woman like me who once hits her early 20s, completes her education and finds a suitable job - is told that she should take the next Big Step - Get Married! While, I would love to get married someday with a compatible partner, I don't really like the pressure women in India have to go through to get married at the “right age.”

And when I came across the BUTT OUT campaign by Jealous 21 on their Facebook page and their TV advertorial, I realized that the society won't stop dictating things to us, it’s us who have to take a stand and make sure these nosy relatives Butt Out of our lives.

Jealous 21, through their interesting campaign, does not want to show that the Jealous 21 girl is a Rebel. She is just super confident and sure about herself and doesn’t want society to dictate her terms.

You might agree that living in the Indian society, we have all come across such stereotypes and social stigmas once in a while which tend to stop us from chasing our dreams.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet The Van Heusen's Most Fashionable Professionals

Hey everyone!
I remember when I first started working two years back, I was really worried about what will I wear at work and if I would be able to stand out in the workplace. After all, who wants to look boring at the workplace?

I took a lot of time going through office wear looks at the internet and re-worked my wardrobe to include some workplace basics and accessories. And it felt really good when my colleagues used to compliment me for my dressing sense and also reached out to me and my blog for styling tips and outfit ideas.
You must all agree that it makes you feel really confident when your colleagues or friends look up to you for your unique sense of style. It feels all the more good when you can get a platform where your style is recognized and rewarded.

And one renowned brand which took the initiative to bring out the Fashionable and Stylish side of working people is Van Heusen, India’s No. 1 premium lifestyle brand for men, women and youthwhich in partnership with the social networking site -LinkedIn launched the Season II of its successful contest, Most Fashionable Professional.
With the intent to identify 10 most fashionable professionals, the contest targeted at LinkedIn’s member-base of 26 million professionals. 

And the contest had a very unique idea, instead of nominating yourself, the users had to nominate their colleagues or friends to recognize their fashion sense.

The campaign has been a huge success and 10 winners were finally chosen (5 men and 5 women) who received Van Heusen gift vouchers worth Rs 10,000 each while all the participants received a gift voucher of Rs 500 each.

Here is the list of Most Fashionable Professionals ie. the winners of the contest this year -

And here are the female winners showing their classy Formal style and their views on Office Dressing -

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Hair Makeover at Geetanjali Salon Delhi | Review

Hey lovely readers!
I am really excited as I am write this post as I am sharing with you all my new look c/o Geetanjali Salon, Select City Walk, Delhi.

So, a few weeks back I was invited over to experience the services at the newly opened Geetanjali Salon by Sumit Israni - a concept​ hair ​studio​ by famed hair expert and celebrity hair stylist, Sumit Israni.
The salon offers an urban tranquil environment where customers can choose from an array of creative haircuts, hairstyles , color and texturing services​​, luxury hair rituals, Keratin treatments and much more. 

I had initially planned to get a Kerastase hair spa from the salon but when I saw my fellow blogger buddies Anshita and Lisha getting a beautiful hair color from the salon, even I was tempted to get my hair highlighted. Now, when it comes to hair, I am really finicky as I have seen my hair going from WOW to blah and then after undergoing a couple of hair treatments including a Homeopathic treatment, I saw my hair getting back to normal and in a healthy state.

So, I wanted to ensure that my virgin hair were treated in the best possible way and I collected all the required information about hair coloring process before I finally stepped in to the salon to get my hair colored.

I was introduced to the lovely hair stylist Phorme at the salon (I am really bad with names and I think I am misspelling it) with whom I discussed about what kind of hair color I want and she gave me a quick overview of the procedure involved and the kind of results I could get. After taking a long time discussing the Pros and Cons of hair color, I decided to go for an Ombre hair color in True Ash color with their L'oreal range.

The service started with shampooing my hair, applying the color and shampooing the hair again. The entire process took around one hour and then I got my hair blow dried.

And here are the results of the makeover session -

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shop On The Go This Diwali With UC Browser | Festive Season Shopping

Hola chicas!
How are your festive preparations going? Have you completed the festive shopping yet?
If not, then fret not as I introduce an easy-to-use and interesting mobile browser using which you can Shop on the go and also avail exciting discounts.

As various e-tailers are vying for shoppers' attention with promotions and discounts, the shoppers are finding themselves inundated with endless advertisements guaranteeing great savings. To make things easier for shoppers, UC Browser, India’s number one mobile browser with over 35% market share, is holding a 15-day "Diwali Shopping Festival" where shoppers can get the best deals and biggest discounts on items from India’s largest e-commerce websites, all in one place.

UC Browser’s Diwali Shopping Festival is the first and only place where Indian shoppers can browse and compare all offers from multiple online stores to maximize savings.

Here are few exciting and attractive features that you get while doing your festive shopping through UC Browser -
  • This 15-day long shopping marathon on UC Browser, features all discounted items from Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong, Homeshop18, and Shopclues
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