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Tuesday 10 November 2015

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Wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous Diwali! I know its just a day away, but I don't know if I would be writing a post that day as I am visiting my hometown - so wishing you all in advance.

Well, if you actively follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you must've noticed me talking about #ChampInCity and carrying a new phone around with me since last 10 days.

I am talking about the new smartphone in the market - LG NEXUS 5X which is a brand new offering from LG having promising features and technology.
I would be writing in detail about its many features, highlights and how it faired across the last 10 days as I used it for almost 12-14 hours every day.

Being promoted as the All-around champ by Google, Nexus 5X is rich in some key features like a powerful camera, Nexus Imprint, USB Type-C charger, Android Marshmallow and more.

As I have used the phone for my blogging and photography purpose majorly, I will be covering my experience on three main aspects important for anyone considering to buy a new smartphone : Battery Life, Camera and Features.

Features :

One of the remarkable features of Nexus 5X is undoubtedly its weight. This striking smartphone weighs only 136g, making it one of the lightest handsets of its category without compromising on the looks or features.

It has a compact design which fits easily into your hand and I was able to use it effectively with just one hand. (If you are a sucker for normal-sized phones which don't cover your entire face - you'll be happy to lay your hands on this beauty.)

The 5.2-inch screen makes it easier to browse Apps and even browse internet with a great speed.

It runs on an Android Marshmallow operating system. Another interesting feature is the Google Nexus Imprint sensor which helps unlock the phone and your apps quickly, with just one tap of the finger. Well, you can now let go of having to remember those tricky passcodes now.

So, another standout feature of this smartphone is the - USB-C port - which is reversible - that means you can use either side for the charging plug and phone charging port. It also makes charging the device almost two times fast as the other phones I have used. Even with charging for 10-15minutes, your battery would be good enough to last for a few hours (Perfect! Isn't it?).

Well the iPhone users would be used to this, but people who are used to having an external memory card might find this as a con that Nexus 5X comes with an internal storage of either 16GB and 32GB.

Camera :

So, if you haven't yet seen the dozen of pictures I clicked with my LG Nexus 5X, I am just going to share with you how it helps me take amazing photographs which are of the same quality as of a digi-cam.
It has a 12.3 MP main camera with dual-LED (dual tone) flash and a front camera of 5MP.

Being a blogger and social media professional, I can't ever miss an opportunity to capture amazing shots - whether I am at work, on-the-go or at some important event.

Whether you are a food fanatic, fashion lover or nature-enthusiast, Nexus 5X proves that it can take any shot effortlessly and beautifully.

Have a glimpse of few of the many pictures I clicked using Nexus 5X :

Fashion Photography :  I basically survived at the recently organized Asian Designer Week which I was covering officially with my Nexus 5X. At a fashion week, where the models walk so fast that you have less than few seconds to get a perfect click - it helped me get precise and sharp images.

Normal Photo
Photo with Auto - Focus of LG NEXUS 5X
One of the many amazing features is its laser-assisted autofocus which helps you click sharp, detailed pictures with just one click. It is actually helpful when you want brighter shots during dim-lights.

Product/Food Photography : If just like me, you can't live without clicking pictures of every food item you eat and post it on Instagram, Nexus 5X will prove to be a blessing for you.
Don't trust me? Look at the amazing, detailed pictures above!

Front Camera : Ohh thank god for its 5MP front camera, I managed to get great shots even in the evening when the sunset was about to happen. All you selfie-addicts, Nexus 5X helps you click Selfies without any pain or discomfort (People who have a habit to click 100s of Selfies like me will understand this).

Night Photography : I clicked the above picture at around 8.30pm and Nexus 5X still managed to give me great details and a lovely shot.

Here's also a Video I recorded using my Nexus 5X during Asian Designer Week, which is really sharp and clear.

Well I can go on and on gushing about its amazing camera, but let's go ahead to its Battery Life.

Battery Life:

So coming finally to the Battery life, as I said, I survived the fashion week using Nexus 5X for all my photography and social media updates, and the battery (which I charged just once in the morning) lasted me for a good 10 hours (no kidding, seriously!).
I remember having to carry my charger every time I go for an event, but Nexus 5X's battery left me really impressed.

Verdict :
Priced at Rs. 31,900 for 16GB or Rs. 35,900 for 32GB, LG Nexus 5X is an all-rounder, power-packed smartphone with an amazing Camera and some noteworthy features which make it one of the best smartphones launched this year. If you are looking for a smart buy that not only gives value-for-money but also has a great design, NEXUS 5X is the smartphone for you.

I have been using this smartphone for last 10 days, and frankly I haven't had faced any issues except from getting used to its unique USB Type-C port.

Update : Check out my LG Nexus 5X Journey over video HERE

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(PS : All the images are clicked and owned by me and are unedited versions to give you a real feel of the Camera quality.)


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