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Thursday 26 November 2015

Hey everyone!

Recently I got a chance to review and experience the amazing Preciso Garment Steamer by Maharaja Whiteline.
Gone are the days when you had to rely your neighborhood Laundry service or dry cleaners to keep your clothes as good as new and remove wrinkles from your expensive garments.

Maharaja Whiteline has come up with a revolutionary product which not only serves as a great alternative to dry-cleaning by removing tough wrinkles, but also helps sanitize garments.

I will be covering my experience and its amazing features that makes it a must-have garment care solution in every home.

Maharaja Whiteline Preciso Garment Steamer has a power rating of 1600 watts which provides powerful steam that helps eliminate wrinkles from any kind of fabric. Its powerful vertical steam works very well on all kind of garments like shirts, and also works well on curtains.

It comes with 5 different attachments - Fabric Brush, Upholstery Brush, Lint Pad, Door Hook, Crease Attachment - that are suitable for different fabrics and garments like Shirts, Sarees, Trousers etc., making sure each garment is ironed efficiently with minimum effort.

The plus side is that it also helps sanitize fabrics and foam, and can be used on a regular basis.

It has an ergonomic handle and has a strong grip, making it easy-to-use on a daily basis for all kind of garments and even bedding.

While regular ironing is time-consuming and doesn't remove tough creases, Preciso Garment steamer not only gets ready in 2 minutes and removes wrinkles easily, it also removes lint and odor from the clothes.

Other Features :

This amazing garment steamer can not only be used for your clothes, but can be easily used to steam-iron your Cushions, Sofas, Bed linen, carpets etc.
It is also compact and easy to store, as it has an integrated cord that can be wrapped beneath the body and secured for storage.

Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer definitely serves as an all-in-one home solution for efficiently removing all the wrinkles and sanitizing the house. Priced at just Rs 6099, it is a great buy as it ensures you don't have to visit a dry-cleaner ever again for your regular garment steaming.

While we are talking about Garment Steaming, here are some easy-to-follow Tips to keep your clothes as good as new :
  • Always follow the cleaning instructions on the garment label to save your clothes from any damage.
  • Sort out your laundry before washing. Always wash delicate fabrics separate from sturdy fabrics to protect the delicate fabrics, which might be damaged by rubbing against coarse fabrics. 
  • Machine drying denim pieces can affect the texture of your favorite denims. Instead, turn down the temperature to the lowest possible heat setting and take the denims out before they are completely dry
  • Leather can be kept clean and fresh as new by using a damp cloth.
  • Don't overheat delicate fabrics as it can ruin their texture and quality. Try to use the right heat level for different types of fabrics, as instructed in their labels.
Hope you loved these tips and the review! Do share your views in the Comments below.


  1. Really interesting...thx for sharing!

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  5. Looks like it's a real time saver. After reading your Garment steamer review i am going to buy it really soon. Hope it will work for me as well :)

  6. Great steamer review! Do you know where I can buy it?

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