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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Hey lovelies!

Who said finding perfect gifts for your man is tough? If you know him and his lifestyle well, you can easily pick gifts that would suit his personality and surely delight him.

With festive season just around the corner, we have made a list of Top 5 Gifts for Men that would come in handy while you are out shopping for your man :

  • Perfume : A good-quality perfume is a must-have in your man's wardrobe to step up his scent game. Gift your man a woody and musky scent like GUESS Seductive Homme which features a crisp fragrance mixed with a hint of black pepper. 

If your man is a fitness freak or loves sports, you can also pick Ralph Lauren Big Pony Red #2  which has a spicy fragrance that perfectly blends dark chocolate and musk. (We are sure you are gonna love this one too :D )

  • Wallet : A trendy and practical wallet is a must for every man who loves to carry his cash in style. Gift him a classic Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt canvas wallet which is every man's dream wallet. It features a very supple leather lining and multiple slots for cards, receipts and banknotes.

If you are on budget, pick a stylish Tommy Hilfiger or Hidesign wallet that would suit his personality. 

  • Laptop Bag : A laptop is as precious to a man as jewellery to a woman. So, a durable and classy Laptop bag is another amazing gift option for the man in your life.

Take your pick from brands like Hidesign, Fossil, Asus etc. that has features like padded inner, multiple compartments, comfortable shoulder strap and much more.

  • Smart Watch : A watch is the most important accessory a man can adorn to look good and complete his look. Don't gift him just a watch this festive season, gift him a Smart Watch.

Pick an Apple Watch that helps you easily perform everyday tasks while instantly connecting with people, shows notifications and alerts, has an in-built feature Wallet and many other exciting features that would make your man's home and work life simpler.

  • Scotch : Well, if you have become bored of giving your man the usual gifts. This festive season you should surpirse him by presenting him his favorite scotch.

    A man loves his drink more than anything, and you have to agree with us on this! A perfect gift for your whisky-lover, a bottle of scotch as a gift would surely make a great accessory in your home or office.

    With scotch you can never go wrong or be afraid of your man not liking the gift. With numerous brands to choose from, you will surely find one that not only fits your budget but also suits your man's taste buds and delights his senses.

Because of its distinctive taste, price and legacy, your gift will be appreciated for a long time by your man. Make sure you buy a brand which is renowned and that matches your man's personality and personal choice. Also, scotch is a drink of every season, and especially in winters - Scotch serves to be a great drink to share at a part with friends and family.

Did you Know? : An unopened bottle of Scotch is good for 100 years; once opened, it is good for 5 years! (Well another reason why you should gift your man a bottle of Scotch this season..)

So, next time you think of buying the perfect gift, look out for Scotch Whisky Collection in a store nearby. ​For more ideas on gifts for men and Scotch as a gift, visit


( Disclaimer : The content published above is only for men & women of 25+ years of age )


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