Valentines' Day Giveaway Results and IMBB Fashion Contest Round 2 Entry !!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hey friends !!!

I am sorry for such a long break I took and delay in announcing the results of my Valentines' Day International Giveaway !!! I was caught up in many things- exams, interviews, my friend visiting me from Pune, College party etc. 
But now am finally free and I have not only 1 but 2 announcements !! One would make you all happy and the other one- ME ( with your support ) !! hehehe.. It could be vice-versa too though !! : )

So lets start with the first one - Remember my last post where I had told you all that I had entered in a Fashion Contest by IMBB, well with the support of all of you I have reached the second round. And well am posting the image and link to my second entry.

I would be needing your support again in the form of votes & shares.  So Please vote for me by clicking the Facebook like / Twitter button below my pic or at the side of the picture...

I would post the outfit I wore in the picture in the next post for sure !! : )

Soo in total I had 323 entries ( including the extra ones) from all over the world. But well since only one winner could be chosen, I left the decision on !!

And well the winner is - No. 269 !!! But who's the lucky girl??
We can see in the following images -

Congratulationss ISHA !!! 

I would mail you shortly, you have to revert back within 48hours or else I would choose a new winner !!
To others don't feel bad there would be more giveaways coming up, I was bringing up one sponsored by GlossyBox Beauty but as they have postponed their launch in India, the giveaway stands a little postponed too.

But don't worry, an exciting giveaway would be up soon !! Till then, Keep visiting my blog , I love your support, criticism and appreciation always !!

Loads of love


  1. I love your outfit specially the bag!!

  2. woooh! u luk ravishing!
    Congos to Isha!

  3. Congratulations for making it into the second round :D


  4. eeeeeee! Thank you sooo much Nitika!
    U made my day :D
    My id is
    Please let me know, how to go about it?
    And all the good wishes for u, for ur comp. :)

    Looovveee from Chd! :D

    1. Ishaa check your mail !! : ) ;)

    2. hey din't get any yet:(
      my id again:
      (Its Isha Jalan Zero six!)

  5. i like your shoes! sure dear i will follow you back! thanks for comment in my blog! GFC and bloglovin, if you can follow me in bloglovin too, kisses! xoxo from egypt

  6. Really nice outfit! Good luck in the competition! :)

  7. Your blog is very cute!! And we love your style. You look amazing on this post! Hope you could drop by for our new blogpost sometime. ;) Can't wait for your next post!!

    MLU the blog.


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