IMBB Fashion Contest Entry !!

Saturday 18 February 2012

Hey friends !!!

Just a quick post today !! I have entered the Fashion Contest by Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog  !!!
Here's the image to the outfit I entered. I had made this entry in a hurry, but for the next round I would bring a better outfit and pictures for sure.

Here's the link to my entry-

Please do visit the link and like & share my entry to make me win !!! : ) I need 300 votes to be eligible for the next round by Monday. So pleaseee dooo voteeee for mEEEE !!!!!!! 
I will be back soon with my new post.. Keep visiting and thanks a lottt for your support..

Loads of love...


  1. Done :) :)
    Hope you win!!
    ATB!! :D

  2. My FB is acting crazy..well my internet on the whole is..but I shall vote for you ASAP :)
    Caught up on your posts that I missed..the formals looked perfect..I mean we know what MBA scenario is..but OMG those Red pants..amazing!! I recently bought myself electric-blue pants from Vero Moda and teal coloured crop pants..waiting to showcase them on my blog :):)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. I have uploaded an outfit home video as my new post..looking forward to your kind and honest comments on the same. Please do visit :)

    1. Hey agam.. Thanks a lott.. Even I am now thinking of buying a pair of pants in pastels or some other shades.. Earlier I thought I wont look good in the colored pants.. But I guess I was wrong.. So am ready to experiment : )

  3. All the best!! :) Hope you win!! <3


  4. Ofcourse dear !! Good luck


    (p.s you are a triangle shape :) )

  5. I voted for you dear!! Good luck!!

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