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Friday 17 February 2012

Hey everyone !!
I hope you had a great Valentine's week !! I had a boring one, half of the week was spent sleeping or shopping and the main day- well attending a stupid Interview process I badly wanted to run away from.. But thankfully I got saved and they didn't select me :D :P

Anyways these are the last few days of our college life and we just have a few classes more ( Infact the last class was just yesterday which I stupidlyyy MISSEDD.. huhhh.. Howw LAME.. But yess we do have another certificate course next month for which we'll have 4 more classes.. soo there's still hope to enjoy the last class : ) )
I had this outfit post saved in the drafts since last week, just to present a glimpse of what we have to wear in our college, and how do I still manage to look Fashionable ( Do I?? Or I don't??? :O I am not suree.. ) in the Formal & Boring dress code !!!
( Sorry I couldn't click much pictures, coz I was sooo tired after the class schedule.. )

Top- Thrifted
Pants- Wills Lifestyle
Shoes- Local store

So what do you all wear to office or college in formals? I would be joining a job soon ( Hopefully ... ) So I am thinking of going for a revamp to my formal wardrobe, any suggestions?? :O I have many shirts, Kurtas and trousers in my wardrobe right now, but I am totallyyyyy bored wearing them for 2 years in my college.
That's all for now. I went shopping to GK-M block market, Delhi couple of days ago and bought some veryyy pretty tops & dresses soon.. But I know I have been very lazzyyy sharing my past hauls with you too.. But in the next post for sureee- I promise !!! :D

For now, I found this very funny cartoon at the net. Have fun... : )

Take care.. Loads of love.


  1. lol @ cartoon...I know how that feels and you look cute in the pic:)

  2. Looking Nice! :) And the cartoon --- :P


  3. Well fitted shirts, knee length pencil skirt.....and you will get nice formal dresses in Van Heusen women collection....and ya Fridays, strictly meant for casuals :the only day when you can experiment...

  4. actually i just used to wear a pair of jeans with kurta tops.. so comfortable :)

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  5. I am in the same dilemma! Joining work next week and I really don't know how I'll experiment!!

    Btw Looking nice :)



    1. Thanks a lottt Sehar.. Good luck with your job.. I am sure u'll manage to look fashionable in office too.. Its too tough to find comfy office wear !! Do tell me what you picked.. :)

  6. Jeans almost everyday. Once in a while I will dress up and wear a skirt to work. I live in boots these days.

  7. It's a cute outfit. I love the trousers. :)

  8. ur soooo cute Nitika! :D :)

  9. hehehe.. Thank youu soo much Isha!! You are soo pretty too : )

  10. wow nice thanx dear share the good post....


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