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Friday 10 February 2012

Hey everyone !!!

I hope all of you must have decided for that perfect Valentines' Day look.. And if not, here's a quick post for today !!

I was just browsing a blog, when I read about this contest by Qvendo.com , where we need to create a set at Polyvore.com using items on sale at Qvendo.
And I created the following set, I love the color and the shape of the dress. That necklace makes me drool too.

Isn't it a perfect attire for that Valentines' Date?? Well I have no valentine currently, but whenever I do get the chance to go for a romantic dinner with my Guy, I'll surely look for a similar dress !!! : )

Valentines Diva

Till then Happy Valentines' Week !! Do let me know what have you planned for that special day- Outfits, Gifts, etc???

Take care & Loads of luv
Nitika !!


  1. Me and my fiance are states apart:(. So, wouldn't be celebrating valentines this year. I would steer clear of all things red on V-Day. Red is kinda cliched color

    1. I agree with u opal .. But I just liked the cut & shape of the dress... I would have had equally liked it if it was in Baby pink or some other color !! : )

      Nd hey its totally ohkie if you wont be celebrating it together with your fiancee. IF you have your love with you, the day doesn't matter. Isn't it??

  2. Loved the red dress as well as black stilletto.. together they form a smoking hot pair

    Following you :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit. Love the dress.

  4. Whoa! I love how sophisticated it is ^_^ Classy! <3

    Namita <3


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