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Thursday 9 February 2012

Who says Fashion is just for Singles or young women???

MORPH is a Stylish and Affordable brand of Maternity Clothes. Morph maternity accompanies you through the beautiful journey of Motherhood. A range of trendy maternity shirts, maternity pants, maternity jeans, maternity dresses, nursing clothes and more, ensures that your style quotient remains high.

The Morph maternity and nursing wardrobe flatters you on all occasions, be it a day with the clients, a shopping date with your girl friends or that special candle lit dinner before the lil’ un arrives. With fits and designs to accentuate your Baby Bump, discover the joy in carrying your bump around.

Who we are?

Yashram Lifestyle is a three-year-old company dealing in maternity wear and hygienic undergarments for women under the different brands, Morph Maternity & Adira.

Our Product

Our inventions & innovations

  • Morph is designed to fit during and post pregnancy, so the shelf life of the garment is enhanced 
  • Most of our garments come with concealed nursing options for ease of nursing 
  • Most of our Nursing garments come with a leak-proof layer so that the nursing mother never feels embarrassed due to breast-milk leaks 
  • We have International Patent Pending status for the Leak-Proof Nursing Tops, so we are the ONLY brand in the world that has this feature 
  • Some of the Nursing Tops come with Special Prints on them that stimulate the baby's vision. We get these prints certified by a pediatrician. We are the ONLY brand in the world that makes tops like these.
  • Morph is the Only Maternity Brand in the world that has the Anti-Electro Magnetic Radiation Belt that protects the unborn baby from harmful radiation from cell phones, laptops, microwaves etc.

For the Indian Woman our innovations include-
  • First brand in India to make Ethnic Maternity Wear 
  • First brand in India to make Maternity Salwar and Chudidhars with soft and stretchy waist bands for comfortable fit. 
  • Our Maternity Salwar is a Patent Pending Product, so we are the ONLY ones in the world who thought about it and made it first.
  • We are the ONLY brand in India that makes "Maternity & Nursing Cholis" which is made of stretchy fabric that will make it fit comfortably both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The choli is "Hook-Free" so, there is no threat for the baby's eyes AND has a "One Hand Zip-Down" Feature that ensures easy wearing of the same. 
  • Our Dupatta and Kameez has a simple but efficient feature of Button and Loop which keeps her dupatta in place if she is "Belly-Shy".
Besides this our range has maternity pillows, breast pads, regular maternity panties and nursing bras.

My experience with the website - 

I had ordered a dress for my cousin and toys for my niece. I received my order well in 3 days in a safe packaging, my cousin loved her dress which she said she'll be wearing for Valentine's dinner with her husband next week. I am sooo happy she liked the gift, because buying her something for her birthday was sooo difficult. But MORPH made it easy to choose a fashionable gift for her.
And the best part they offer free shipping over an order of Rs 500. 

Soo if you are going through the same period or your friends/relatives are and you are looking for nice clothes to gift her, I would suggest that you must try . I am sure you would love the collection : )



  1. I like all the dresses. All are very stylish as well as very comfortable to wear. Its colour is also fine. Nice shared here.

    Designer Maternity Wear

  2. Very nice dresses for preg women. Will check out the site to explore more. Thanks Nitika.

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  4. I was so tired of wearing baggy kurtas during my pregnancy. So I went online and came across Morph maternity. They have such a wide range of maternity kurtas which fit well, are stylish and totally affordable


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