OOTD- From the Past- I !!!!

Friday 9 September 2011

Hey lovelies !! 

Yesterday was a terrible day for Delhi- with the High Court blasts and a mild earthquake at night !! Just wishing may all those who were killed RIP !!! And please Indian government wake up wake up !!!!!!! Were you sleeping when all this happened? How shameful it is that even the CCTVs werent there at the blast site !! I mean come onnnn-- Its a High Court !!! 
Anyways the government keeps repeating mistakes and repenting later , I hope they learn something from this incident.. Or else.. May god bless us all !!!

Coming back to the blog, I hope you all liked my previous OOTD !!!
As am keeping very busy these days ( my exams start from 14th ) I am not getting time to upload pictures of my recent shopping spree at ZARA and others.. So I thought of putting up pictures from the past as an OOTD !!! Hope you all like these !!

Following are the pictures of graduation Ceremony held at my college in February this year !! Though everyone was mostly dressed up in suits or jeans ( being populated bt almost 70-80% village girls- people are not used to wear dresses in my college ), but I decided to wear a chic but still elegant dress.

Dress- MANGO
Watch- Playboy
Bangle- MAX
Shoes- Local store
Below is the picture with my best friend from my college !!! Miss yaa honey !! :* would come to meet ya as soon as my exams r overr !! : )

That's all for the day !! I would go back studying now !! would catch ya all soon ( hopefully ) 
Till then !! Take care !!!
Love you all my lovely readers & Followers !!

PS- Your comments make me happy .. : )


  1. Loved your dress and yellow Pumps are so cool...Graduation days are so much fun na!!

  2. The shoes are cute!!
    Just came across your blog and must say its really nice.
    Happy blogging gurl!

  3. The blasts in Delhi bring back all the ugly and horrible memories to me.. It is that upsetting :-(

    Over to your cute dress and super cute shoes. Loved the look then and now. Damn cute!

  4. Yeah the blasts are the cruel reality of our existence these days. I am curious about your comment - " being populated by 70-80% village girls everyone wore suits or jeans" Do village girls in Ludhiana dress like that? In the south if you are in a rural area it is usually salwar kameeze..! But I liked that patterned dress a lot! I wish I was old enough to wear it though.. At 40plus it is obviously past my age :-)

  5. @meera- Ludhiana is nt a village !! Its a township.. Buy in my college..thr were girls mostly from the surrounding villages soo they all wear mostly salwar suits.. That's why I wrote when I wore a dress to the college..They were looking at me like am an ALIEN !! :D

  6. I love your shoes!have a lovely day!

  7. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! Indian hair and makeup

  8. Thanks a lott for stopping by my blog- Dorota nd Kylie !! : )

  9. Awesome pics.


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