My Autumn - Winter '11 Wishlist !!

Saturday 17 September 2011

Hey lovely readers !!! I have been keeping soooooooo busy with my exams that I have no time to even catch a breath !! But still I managed to do this post today as I got 2 offs before my next exam ( Thank godddd... A much needed relief ) ...

Sooo each and every brand is now out with their Autumn - Winter'11 Collection and as I was checking out their websites, I have also had my picks or say WISHLIST !! Which I would love to share with you all in this post !!!

well this post is gonnaa be a lil Picture heavy- Soo Please cooperateee !! :D Actually I just made few collages to save time looking at all the pictures one by one :D

Forever 21 has been now an year long in India, but yet I haven't been to its store in Delhi even though I live in NCR !!! But looking at their recent collections, I am tempted to go there asap and have a nicee Retail therapy !!
I am in love with the cowl back dress and the Red cape which I think is a must-have this winter!! The lace dresses and tops are very IN this season and Forever 21 has got many of them for us to choose !! : )


I really loved the ZARA autumn collection as it has some great jackets and blazers to choose from. I am really looking forward to get the striped jacket and long coat as I don't have a nice coat in my wardrobe yet !! I am not much pleased with the dresses though !! Maybe they look better if seen in person !! But none of them delighted me much in the lookbook except the Violet lace dress and the following tube dress !!


MANGO has always been 1 of my favorite brands because they have sooooo much to choose from in different styles and designs.. In their Autumn-Winter collection I have noticed a frequent use of bows and ruffles in many of their designs.. Especially in jackets, cardigans and tops. And I am even not complaining coz I love BOW designs !! They even have some real gorgeous dresses and gowns which I am thinking of checking out In - store and get a nice dress for my birthday ( which is still 2 months away, but we girls can't stop planning.. Isn't It?? :D )

So that's all for now, I Would be posting in a day or 2 the stuff I bought at my last shopping spree at ZARA !! I really really wanna share with you all what lovely picks I got from there :D
Anyways I hope you liked my picks above and do tell me if you all have checked out the new collections at other brands !!  And am just totally enjoying the freaking sexy weather here in Greater noida, finally its raining like pure bliss !!! and am just loving it, but I just wished that I didn't have exams and could enjoy the rains going out with my friends !! But alas- Its time to get back to my books !! : ((

Would catch ya all soon again !!
take caree !! 
Tadaaa !!


  1. Interesting post...I love all these brands !!
    I am following u on Fb.. wud love to see more posts :)


  2. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! Indian hair and makeup

  3. I'm gonna go and check out the new collections at vero moda and f21 tomorrow! out of these i'm loving the sparkly top from zara and the tube dress from mango, very pretty :)


  4. i wanna have a sequined blazer!!
    i hope zara has

  5. Oh,I love all of them!great selection!

  6. I love and mango usually are expensive for me and hence our occasional indulgences..I so want to visit F21 in delhi and see how different it is..

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments !! : )

  8. I am a ZARA enthusiast so my first stop would definitely be ZARA. I like the Mango star cardigan! Can you please tell me where is F21 in Delhi? Is it at Select City Walk? <3

  9. I want blazers in pink, blue and red! Can't wait for the ZARA stores to open in Bangalore...


  10. @agam- left a comment at your blog, and well its at Vasant Kunj ( near saket I guess )

    @Shruti- well even m looking for a nice blazer in red !! : ) hope to find it soon !!

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