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Friday 23 September 2011

Hi lovely readers !!

Finally my exams got over and am back home for few days. Wow !! what a relief it is to be back at home, enjoying " Ghar ka yummy khaana " and ofcourse the ' Laad- pyaar" of all the famiky members :D.

Anyways in the last couple of weeks I have started writing for Cupid Speaks- a youth platform to share your thoughts and ideas. And my recent article is about how facebook is taking a toll over our own lives. You all can have a read here . This issue has concerned me a lot recently and I feel very bad looking at how badly Facebook is affecting our lives. Don't you all agree too??

Moving back to the blog post- I had mentioned a few weeks earlier that I had purchased a TOPSHOP bag from and was eagerly waiting for it to arrive and finally it has comeeeeee !!! so this post is all about it and the website.

  • The website is the best place to find all the latest designs for jewellery, bags and Clothes etc. at very low prices.
  • As the website generally has wholesalers selling their products in lots, you need to refine your search by  looking for FREE DELIVERY and Min. Order 1 unit only options.
  • The bag already priced at £36 cost me only $19.89 and no extra custom charges etc were charged to me. 
  • I paid through my VISA debit card, and website has a secure payment page and ensures that payment is not sent to the seller until and unless we receive our shipment.
  • The seller had promised delivery in 10-15days, though I received it in 20days ( from the date of placing the order, the seller takes 2-3days for processing the order). So I believe its not a bad period considering they don't charge for Shipping.
  • The package came without any damages and defects, wrapped in a plastic bag. The seller also sent me a pair of pearl earrings with GUESS printed on them :P
  • The colour looks slightly different from as shown in the pictures, but then that's because of the lighting and effects, so I was expecting a li'l variation.
Overall am totally satisfied with my purchase, and looking forward to find much more perfect deals at the website. Below are the pictures of the bag from the website and clicked through my phone. 
Have a look !!
Clicked through my phone

The pearl earrings they sent as a gift : )
Pictures from the Topshop website.

So that's all for the day. Would be back with an OOTD soon. Please let me know what you think about my purchase? Have you ever tried shopping with Aliexpress in the past? If yes, please share your experiences here. I am sure it would be of great help for the other followers too.
Waiting for your lovely comments.
Take care !!

UPDATE (Aug'14)- Hi everyone! Seems like I have not replied to many queries for this post as I wrote it a long time back. I still do shop with and I will post a new review/experience soon. If you have more queries, feel free to mail me at -


  1. Congrats on writing for cupid speaks! That's a cute site run by Akshita!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. Congrats!!!
    And about your bag: fabulous! I am off to check this amazing website!

  3. I m still afraid of online shopping :/
    oyee btw MAC lippie giveaway on my blog :)

  4. I first came to know about this site through you. Thank you.. I have never ordered but they've got gud stuff but mainly for the retail sellers.
    Good to know that u finished exams and back home eating and having fun! I am feeling 'J'

  5. @ shasie nd Francessa- thanks for stopping by my blog !! : )

    shasie- yess d website is a great effort..
    francessa- thanks for following backk : )

  6. @karishma- u may try out online shopping to get great deals nd bargains.. its funn !!

    @shruti- yess they hv stuff mainly for retailers, but like i said u cn always refine ur search : )

  7. Hi,
    could you tell me what option did u select for the shipping was it DHL or EMS ?? and also tell me about the currency conversion that you incurred.


    p.s. - the blog is awesome !!

  8. your bag looks great..i am gonna try this website soon!!

  9. Hey!
    I have read so many negative reviews about this site, that there are many sellers who get the money but never ship items. So I could never gather the courage to order anything from this site despite that fact that a few things were very tempting. :P

    Can you please provide the store link of the seller from which you bought this bag? So I can be sure that this one is reliable & actually ships items. :)
    Did you ever buy again from this site? Please let us know if you know any otehr reliable seller on AE.

  10. Nice choice of bag. I think it would also suits to my lovely wife. Thanks!

  11. DO NOT buy any mechanical or electronic product via AliExpress. This is a Chinese scammer's website. I bought six mobile phones. Four of them did not work. Two stopped working within two months. Two were dead on arrival. They obviously used phones in cosmetically good condition in open package, but the seller sold them as brand new "guaranteed" merchandise. On closer examination, I determined that they were customer returns for non-working condition. And when I returned the goods for replacement or refund, in one case, I have no further contact from the seller. No replacement, no refund. Lost full price plus shipping cost. And shipping back to China can cost you more than the price of merchandise you paid. In another case, They made fabulous claim that I soaked the product in water, which why it got damaged. No replacement, no refund ! This is an expensive joke !

    Once you buy on AliExpress and receive goods - damaged or defective or low quality, you can KISS YOUR MONEY GOOD BYE. It's a one-time deal. AliExpress covers you only against lost articles. Not against defective merchandise. That is where they scam you !

    ALIBABA ! The great Thief of China !

    1. Well there are both positive and negative experiences by people with Aliexpress. Frankly I have never had any issue with them coz I check the Seller reviews before buying anything :)

  12. alot has been said about this site; both good and bad.

    1. I think all this depends upon seller to seller. :)

  13. Hey
    I wanted to purchase from this site since so long. Please give me some tips.
    As i don't have a card that allows international exchange. Can i still use escrow?

    1. Hi Reha

      I haven't used Escrow in a long while! I mostly use my VISA credit card which is accepted as a payment option. :)

  14. Hi,

    You did not pay customs?

    1. Hi Leni! No I didn't have to pay any customs for my orders from :)

    2. Hi .. Nice blog... I really want to buy a dress from aliexpress that is worth 6$ to 10$ but am not sure if i have to pay custom charges in india.
      Could you please let me know if i have to pay tax here?

      Thanks :)
      Sri Varun

    3. Dear Sri

      Usually the sellers ship the products through Registered post which will come to your Indian address through local post only. So, there won't be any custom charges to pay. :)


  15. Hii
    From wch seller u bought ur stuff nd wch shipping method did u use ??

    1. Hi! I actually have shopped from many sellers, I can probably look into my account and share a few names :)

  16. Very useful post. There're millions of items and thousands of stores on AliExpress. Hope there will be more girls like you and me who will help other girls to find reliable and good AliExpress stores.

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  18. This is a nice review for aliexpress


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