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Thursday 1 September 2011

Hey everyone !!! 

I hope you all are doing good !! This post is not about my various shopping hauls or the OOTD that I had been thinking to post since a long time !! : P
But yessss about a topic I have been thinking about very strongly since last few months !!

With the increase of online shopping sites and fashion bloggers, we can see many facebook pages and some special sales websites / new websites coming up with tempting clothes and accessories at very reasonable prices !!
And thinking that these must be from the LIMITED / Designer collection - we all get tempted to buy them at the very 1st look !!

But wait !! Did you ever think that the sellers might be getting it from somewhere else too and selling it to us at relatively much higher prices !! So how to get the BEST VALUE and the BEST PRICED goods ???

Well here are a few tips which would help you in doing BETTER & SMARTER ONLINE SHOPPING !!

  •  There are many wholesale websites selling Export surplus items or China made goods at very low prices plus free international shipping.
  • If you wanna purchase a single item you can customize your search and look for items offering free international shipping and minimum 1 piece purchase.
  • If you like some item at a website / Facebook page- check out the authenticity of the item- ask the seller if its custom made or imported.
  • Check the item first at websites like- ,, etc. which sell the items directly from the Chinese wholesellers and also at much cheaper rates.
  • Sometimes the items are sold saying that - We have only 1 EXCLUSIVE piece- that's not always true- Its a selling STRATEGY !! So dont be in the misconception that you are the lone proud owner of that item.
  • Dying to buy that TOPSHOP bag or ZARA dress you saw at the brand website- Search it at google to check the sellers giving out export surplus stock at almost half the prices ( or even low ).
  • The most ideal approach towards saving big bucks as you shop online is to hunt down some good deals on auction or price comparison website.
  • However, make sure that you don’t fall prey to scam deals which are being offered on low-quality products. Cheap shopping doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on buying inefficient and useless products. It all depends on how and where you invest your money.
  • Shop with the websites offering secure payment options only. And most of the international websites require an international debit card / credit card or a Paypal account. Paypal is in my views the safest online payment option, you can connect your bank account to it easily.
I hope these tips help you all to shop smartly and efficiently. Online shopping is fun and by grabbing discount coupons and promo codes, anyone can buy the products and items they desire to get their hands on. So, explore these cheap shopping ideas and indulge yourself in the online shopping world to get smart savings.... : ) 

Take care !!
Loads of love !!!

Found the funny cartoon,.. heheh !! enjoy !! :D


  1. Thanks for all the great tips! I love online shopping so these are going to so helpful!

  2. Thanks for sharing those tips, I am loving online shopping more and more, it's so comfy :-)
    Lovely blog, if you also like mine we could follow each other ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  3. great tips.. I am a big online shopper but yes i do check everything before i order and ofcourse d not use my credit/debit card at every site.. :)

  4. Really nice tips :) and i liked the cartoon at the end.. ehhehe

  5. i am starting to love online shopping so this post is really helpful..thanks love!

  6. wow great tips Nikita..I need to be extra careful the next time I shop online :) Thank you so much for the encouraging words you left on my blog..they truly mean a lot to me <3

  7. lovely blog :) Following u now :)


  8. thanks for the interesting tips and online shopping... lovely blog

  9. Thanks a lotttttt everyone for your valuable comments !! they mean a lott to me !! : )

  10. Great post Nitika..Just wondering about the quality of items at these Chinese websites? Have you tried any of them? Will you recommend

  11. Nice observation n post Nitika, and yes its published now. And I am finally active on colorific also now :)

  12. thanks akshita !! : ) I am tuned to ur blog !! ; )

  13. thanks soniaa for the appreciation !! : )

  14. thanks for sharing this Good thing u shared God bless u

  15. thanks for sharing this Good thing u shared God bless u

    Online Shopping In Pakistan

  16. Shop Big & Save Big by online shopping....thanks for such great tips!

  17. thank you for sharing a nice info.

  18. Great information.

  19. thanks for sharing get smarter online shopping freaks. i will keep in my mind while purchasing from online store .


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