Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentines' Day Giveaway Results and IMBB Fashion Contest Round 2 Entry !!!!

Hey friends !!!

I am sorry for such a long break I took and delay in announcing the results of my Valentines' Day International Giveaway !!! I was caught up in many things- exams, interviews, my friend visiting me from Pune, College party etc. 
But now am finally free and I have not only 1 but 2 announcements !! One would make you all happy and the other one- ME ( with your support ) !! hehehe.. It could be vice-versa too though !! : )

So lets start with the first one - Remember my last post where I had told you all that I had entered in a Fashion Contest by IMBB, well with the support of all of you I have reached the second round. And well am posting the image and link to my second entry.

I would be needing your support again in the form of votes & shares.  So Please vote for me by clicking the Facebook like / Twitter button below my pic or at the side of the picture...

I would post the outfit I wore in the picture in the next post for sure !! : )

Soo in total I had 323 entries ( including the extra ones) from all over the world. But well since only one winner could be chosen, I left the decision on !!

And well the winner is - No. 269 !!! But who's the lucky girl??
We can see in the following images -

Congratulationss ISHA !!! 

I would mail you shortly, you have to revert back within 48hours or else I would choose a new winner !!
To others don't feel bad there would be more giveaways coming up, I was bringing up one sponsored by GlossyBox Beauty but as they have postponed their launch in India, the giveaway stands a little postponed too.

But don't worry, an exciting giveaway would be up soon !! Till then, Keep visiting my blog , I love your support, criticism and appreciation always !!

Loads of love

Valentines' Day Giveaway Results and IMBB Fashion Contest Round 2 Entry !!!!
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recent Hauls !!!

Hey friends !! I hope you all have been doing good.

Thanks a lott for your support and voting for me in the IMBB Blog Fashion Contest, hopefully I would be eligible for the next round so keep the votes coming and supporting me in the further rounds too.

I would be sharing my next entry soon.
I have my final and last college exams from tomorrow and I haven't started studying at all but well would have to study a li'l atleast before the exam. So before I go, I am leaving with you all a few pictures from my hauls in Jan-Feb !! I'll back with a new post after my exams get over and also the International Giveaway results.

Unisexx ( CSM, Noida)
Oversized Tee- ZARA
Vero Moda
Tube Dress- Vero Moda
Vero Moda
Forever 21
Vero Moda
One Shoulder Ruffle top - Thrifted( Sarojini Nagar, Delhi)
Top with back slit-Thrifted ( Sarojini Nagar, Delhi)
Thrifted ( Sarojini Nagar, Delhi)
Floral Net Shirt- Thrifted ( Sarojini Nagar, Delhi)
Floral Ruffle Shirt- ONLY
Polka Dot Skirt- GINGER ( Lifestyle, Noida)
Accessories- Forever 21
Hope you liked my hauls. I shopped again a little from GK M-Block Market, Delhi last week but well would share that with you all later.
Wish me luck for exams ( and a campus placement too). Take care..

Recent Hauls !!!
Saturday, February 18, 2012

IMBB Fashion Contest Entry !!

Hey friends !!!

Just a quick post today !! I have entered the Fashion Contest by Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog  !!!
Here's the image to the outfit I entered. I had made this entry in a hurry, but for the next round I would bring a better outfit and pictures for sure.

Here's the link to my entry-

Please do visit the link and like & share my entry to make me win !!! : ) I need 300 votes to be eligible for the next round by Monday. So pleaseee dooo voteeee for mEEEE !!!!!!! 
I will be back soon with my new post.. Keep visiting and thanks a lottt for your support..

Loads of love...
IMBB Fashion Contest Entry !!
Friday, February 17, 2012

OOTD- what I wear to college !!!

Hey everyone !!
I hope you had a great Valentine's week !! I had a boring one, half of the week was spent sleeping or shopping and the main day- well attending a stupid Interview process I badly wanted to run away from.. But thankfully I got saved and they didn't select me :D :P

Anyways these are the last few days of our college life and we just have a few classes more ( Infact the last class was just yesterday which I stupidlyyy MISSEDD.. huhhh.. Howw LAME.. But yess we do have another certificate course next month for which we'll have 4 more classes.. soo there's still hope to enjoy the last class : ) )
I had this outfit post saved in the drafts since last week, just to present a glimpse of what we have to wear in our college, and how do I still manage to look Fashionable ( Do I?? Or I don't??? :O I am not suree.. ) in the Formal & Boring dress code !!!
( Sorry I couldn't click much pictures, coz I was sooo tired after the class schedule.. )

Top- Thrifted
Pants- Wills Lifestyle
Shoes- Local store

So what do you all wear to office or college in formals? I would be joining a job soon ( Hopefully ... ) So I am thinking of going for a revamp to my formal wardrobe, any suggestions?? :O I have many shirts, Kurtas and trousers in my wardrobe right now, but I am totallyyyyy bored wearing them for 2 years in my college.
That's all for now. I went shopping to GK-M block market, Delhi couple of days ago and bought some veryyy pretty tops & dresses soon.. But I know I have been very lazzyyy sharing my past hauls with you too.. But in the next post for sureee- I promise !!! :D

For now, I found this very funny cartoon at the net. Have fun... : )

Take care.. Loads of love.
OOTD- what I wear to college !!!
Monday, February 13, 2012

OOTD- Little Red Riding Jeans !! :D

Hey everyone !!
Soo I guess even I am caught by the COLORED PANTS FEVER finally !!!
I had been looking for a Red or a bright pink shade of jeans/pants since longgg.. Nd I finally found my perfect pair at Allen Solly in the perfect Shade of Red and the perfect fit !!! ( I know am using too much PERFECTTTTTT over here, but that's exactly what I feel for them.. I have fallen in love with them at the veryyy first sight.. )

This is what I was wearing when I went shopping last week with my friends to DLF Promenade, Delhi.
There were amazing sales going on at Vero Moda and Chemistry. The most amazing discounts were at Chemistry with most of the items priced straight at Rs 399 and Rs 499.. Amazing isn't it?? If you haven't checked out Chemistry yet, I would advice go out there ASAPPPP to grab your hands on amazing tops and dresses..

Jacket- Thrifted
Top- Cache
Jeans- Allen Solly
Shoes- Bought from a store in Ludhina
Bag- "
Watch- Playboy
I had picked tops from Vero Moda , Only, Zara & Chemistry which I would share with you all in the next post. I also grabbed a pair of shorts & accessories from Forever 21, they don't have any good discounts but I lovedd their collection of accessories. 
That's all for now.. I need to go and prepare for another interview lined up in my college, ohhh I just hope I get placed soon. This placement business is getting frustrating now.. ( sobbb sobb :( )

Anyways do wish me luck.. Till the next time. Take care...
OOTD- Little Red Riding Jeans !! :D
Friday, February 10, 2012

Fallen Angel !!!

Hey everyone !!!

I hope all of you must have decided for that perfect Valentines' Day look.. And if not, here's a quick post for today !!

I was just browsing a blog, when I read about this contest by , where we need to create a set at using items on sale at Qvendo.
And I created the following set, I love the color and the shape of the dress. That necklace makes me drool too.

Isn't it a perfect attire for that Valentines' Date?? Well I have no valentine currently, but whenever I do get the chance to go for a romantic dinner with my Guy, I'll surely look for a similar dress !!! : )

Valentines Diva

Till then Happy Valentines' Week !! Do let me know what have you planned for that special day- Outfits, Gifts, etc???

Take care & Loads of luv
Nitika !!
Fallen Angel !!!
Thursday, February 9, 2012 - Fashion for mothers to be !!!

Who says Fashion is just for Singles or young women???

MORPH is a Stylish and Affordable brand of Maternity Clothes. Morph maternity accompanies you through the beautiful journey of Motherhood. A range of trendy maternity shirts, maternity pants, maternity jeans, maternity dresses, nursing clothes and more, ensures that your style quotient remains high.

The Morph maternity and nursing wardrobe flatters you on all occasions, be it a day with the clients, a shopping date with your girl friends or that special candle lit dinner before the lil’ un arrives. With fits and designs to accentuate your Baby Bump, discover the joy in carrying your bump around.

Who we are?

Yashram Lifestyle is a three-year-old company dealing in maternity wear and hygienic undergarments for women under the different brands, Morph Maternity & Adira.

Our Product

Our inventions & innovations

  • Morph is designed to fit during and post pregnancy, so the shelf life of the garment is enhanced 
  • Most of our garments come with concealed nursing options for ease of nursing 
  • Most of our Nursing garments come with a leak-proof layer so that the nursing mother never feels embarrassed due to breast-milk leaks 
  • We have International Patent Pending status for the Leak-Proof Nursing Tops, so we are the ONLY brand in the world that has this feature 
  • Some of the Nursing Tops come with Special Prints on them that stimulate the baby's vision. We get these prints certified by a pediatrician. We are the ONLY brand in the world that makes tops like these.
  • Morph is the Only Maternity Brand in the world that has the Anti-Electro Magnetic Radiation Belt that protects the unborn baby from harmful radiation from cell phones, laptops, microwaves etc.

For the Indian Woman our innovations include-
  • First brand in India to make Ethnic Maternity Wear 
  • First brand in India to make Maternity Salwar and Chudidhars with soft and stretchy waist bands for comfortable fit. 
  • Our Maternity Salwar is a Patent Pending Product, so we are the ONLY ones in the world who thought about it and made it first.
  • We are the ONLY brand in India that makes "Maternity & Nursing Cholis" which is made of stretchy fabric that will make it fit comfortably both during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The choli is "Hook-Free" so, there is no threat for the baby's eyes AND has a "One Hand Zip-Down" Feature that ensures easy wearing of the same. 
  • Our Dupatta and Kameez has a simple but efficient feature of Button and Loop which keeps her dupatta in place if she is "Belly-Shy".
Besides this our range has maternity pillows, breast pads, regular maternity panties and nursing bras.

My experience with the website - 

I had ordered a dress for my cousin and toys for my niece. I received my order well in 3 days in a safe packaging, my cousin loved her dress which she said she'll be wearing for Valentine's dinner with her husband next week. I am sooo happy she liked the gift, because buying her something for her birthday was sooo difficult. But MORPH made it easy to choose a fashionable gift for her.
And the best part they offer free shipping over an order of Rs 500. 

Soo if you are going through the same period or your friends/relatives are and you are looking for nice clothes to gift her, I would suggest that you must try . I am sure you would love the collection : )

XOXO - Fashion for mothers to be !!!
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mini haul from !!!

Hey everyone..
The Valentines' Week starts today, I hope you all have participated in my Valentines' Day Giveaway, or you can take part now by clicking HERE.

On the other hand, I guess I'll be the last person at the bloggers' front who would be shopping from , but well better late than never. I had wanted to purchase Konad Nail Art trial kit since long back, but it was out of stock earlier so as soon as it came back in stock I got my hands on it alongwith an eye pencil from Elle 18 in Green Granade.

And I got 2 free products too.. Yayyy.. I got a sample of VLCC anti-pollution lotion and Natural Vitamin E & Cuticle cream... I am loving the cream, was looking forward to buy a cuticle cream since long.. :D

I love the box they sent the products in, I have used it as a jewellery box now : ).
The shipping was fast too, got my courier well in 3days and I loved the website as they have soo many Nail Art products from KONAD and other International brands like NYX, LA colors, Sally Hansen etc. !!! 

Anyways I have never tried Nail Art before, can anyone out here offer me some help to use this kit properly?? :O :O 
Rest I had been shopping like crazy again lately and have literally become BANKRUPT !! Soo I guess i'll have to halt my shopping sprees now for few weeks, or else my dad would disown me certainly. I purchased few tops & dresses from Zara, Chemistry, Vero Moda & accessories from Forever 21 !! Gossh... Sales are sooo tempting.. :X :X

Well I'll catch ya all soon with an OOTD I have fallen in love with.. But shhh... wait till the next post !! : )
Loads of love.

Mini haul from !!!
Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines' Day International Giveaway !!! ( CLOSED )

Hello lovely readers !!!
Valentine's Day is just 2 weeks away, I am sure you must have started planning how to celebrate it with your partners and Singles must either be cribbing about not having a friend or Like Me- must be indulging into some Retail Therapy to pamper themselves.

And well if you are still worried about not getting any gifts this Valentines', I have something to cheer you all up.

"The Shopaholic Diaries- Valentines' Day Giveaway !!!! "

Participating in this giveaway 1 Lucky person would win a lovely bag which would glam up your outfit for sure. And infact I am giving you a choice to choose one out of the following 4 bags.
Also you would get handmade chocolates and following 2 accessories ( a bracelet & a necklace) sponsored by Sakshi from Dazzling Bling.

Bag choices- 
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

The rules for the giveaway would be simple as always. 
  • Compulsory Step- Follow my blog via GFC ( google friend connect ). 
  • Like Sakshi's page-  Dazzling Bling .
For extra entries, you can do the following-
  • Like my Facebook Page- Shopaholic Me and Sakshi's page- Dazzling Bling to get 2 extra entries.
  • Share about the Giveaway via Twitter or Facebook to get 2 extra entries.
  • Add my Giveaway picture to your blog's Sidebar to get 3 extra entries. The link for the same is here- " " ( SELECT AND PRESS Ctrl + C )
So in all you can have 8 entries.
For taking part in the giveaway, you should leave a comment below in this format-

GFC name: 
Facebook / Twitter username:
Blog link:
Facebook / Twitter link:
Choice of Bag:
Email Id :

The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and would run from today ie. February 4 , 2012 to February 20, 2012. And I would announce the results ie. 1 winner selected via around February 22,2012 via Email and on my blog.

So do participate in this Giveaway to win the above mentioned goodies : ) ... 
Good luck to everyone. Keep visiting for interesting posts & updates.

Valentines' Day International Giveaway !!! ( CLOSED )