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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Hola chicas!

The month of festivities and celebrations has come to an end, making way for my Birthday month - November, and I haven't still decided how will I be celebrating my 25th birthday which falls on the 1st.

Talking about life brings me to the #ScullersThisIsLife campaign being run by the premium Smart Casual wear brand - SCULLERS. Inspired by the sport of Sculling, Scullers is for those who celebrate life. Scullers is sophisticated, timeless and elegant to suit the urban lifestyle. It’s for those who would like to believe there is life after work and away from home.

And to celebrate the same spirit and encourage people to enjoy their lives outside their work space or the more common CUBICLE culture, the brand has come up with This Is Life campaign. The idea is to shed over your inhibitions and make life more fun by indulging in things you like that can be anything from travel to writing, or anything you have ever wanted to do apart from your regular job.

I, being a full-time employee in social media field, can completely relate to this campaign. As I try as much as possible to step outta my work and enjoy the life - mostly through blogging and hanging out with my friends checking out new cafes in town, exploring new places, taking a vacation and much more.

Here are a few pictures from my life wherein I have tried my best to live my life to the fullest, stepping out of my work place -

A quick getaway to Goa and posing with my favorite blogger buddy Anshita
And how I love styling new looks and shooting my favorite Outfits for the blog
Pampering sessions like these help me relax after a tiring and busy week
I am a shopaholic but sexy heels are my weakness. I dream of having a huge closet soon where I can store my favorite heels
This was just a small peak of my life outside my work space, but you all can have a glimpse of more by following me on Instagram handle.

I would also love to know how you all celebrate your Life Outside the Cubicle, which you can do by being a part of #ScullersThisIsLife campaign which is currently being run on their Facebook page.

The brand has also come up with their This Is Life collection which is a range of smart casuals designed in colors and fabrics that are timeless in nature. The nautical inspired colors like red/blue and white are capsuled together under the sub-collection within this range called Nautical. 

The all new Autumn Winter collection is available at exclusive Scullers store and also available at Central, Pantaloons and reliance trends.

Do, let me know in the COMMENTS below how you celebrate your life outside your office.


  1. looking nice dear
    shikha would like you to read…UPGRADE YOUR WARDROBE

  2. Dear Nikita:

    Taking a look at your “lookbook” made us understand something, i.e, “urban fashion”. We applaud your journey towards fashion that took us to “Fashionista Diaries” and “#Shop TheHangout”. We would love to show case your ventures on trend and DIY creations on our global platform.

    This is an exclusive space for your penmanship, where you can publish your connoisseur’s quest in the form of luring fashion blogs; that too you’re the one, who’s going to own this space! We would like to pass it on to others by featuring it on our global platform!

    Sulekha.US would be glad to present your fashion ventures to the Indian communities living abroad. We would love to connect them through one of the most vital channels i.e. fashion & style.

    It’s all yours and you’re going to own an exclusive fashion blog with Sulekha to share your fashion posts along with their back links. We would promote it across our wall and social media.
    Featuring your little creations on our home page would be a perk for our eager Indians, who are waiting for trends and style ranging from ‘grand’ to ‘on the go’. On the other hand, it’ll be our pleasure to feature your panache of styles on our home page.
    Sharing your passion for eye catchers might rejuvenate the senses of millions of Indians living abroad.

    Dress to kill!
    Thanks & regards
    Hamida, Content Manager, Sulekha US

  3. This is a nice post. Your wardrobe choice looks cool, I celebrate my life outside office by meditation and sometimes a spa session if my wallet allows.


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