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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Hey lovely readers!

Hope you all are doing well and gearing up for the festive holidays. I will be visiting my hometown Ludhiana next week and therefore I have planned to clear the backlog of posts saved in my drafts. So, expect few more posts coming up before Diwali.

In today's post I will be doing a review of a website which serves as a directory to the best colleges and educational institutes in India - .

Now, if you all are wondering why I am writing about an education directory on my blog, the reason is just that I was lately looking for good management institutes for my younger brother which offer courses in Sports and I realized how there are only a few websites which provide relevant information about the best institutes in the country.

So, when I came across CollegeDunia and I went through the website, I was really glad to have found atleast one useful website which is here to help the students to find their dream college.

About -
" is an extensive search engine for the students, parents, and education industry players who are seeking information on higher education sector in India and abroad. One can rely on for getting most brief and relevant data on colleges and universities. With the most interactive user interface and most validated content, we aspire to be the top education portals in coming days."

Here are few features of the website which in my views makes it an important resource for students and parents alike -

  • The website has the repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses categorized in different streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts and much more.
  • You can search for any institute or college by typing the keywords in the main Search box at the home page.
  • You can also browse the website by looking for the field you are searching for from - Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts, Science, Commerce and Law.
  • Further in each stream you can look for any particular course which are further categorized into Type, Stream and Location.
  • The home page also lists Featured Colleges, Premium Colleges and News to make these important sections easily accessible. 
  • The website also provides a multichannel filter page which sorts data on the basis of ranking, fees and cutoff making it a useful resource for parents.
  • Different courses like Fashion design, Agriculture, Hotel Management are also listed with details of the colleges, fees etc. 
Overall, I believe this website is an important resource for one and all as many a times our friends or cousins seek our help in suggesting best colleges for them. And we can simply guide them to visit CollegeDunia to make their research easier.


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