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Sunday 12 October 2014

Hey everyone!
Hope you all have entered in the recent blog Giveaway where you get a chance to win a Daniel Wellington watch. And if you haven't, you just have a week more to enter the Giveawa.

The festive season is here in India and I am sure that like me, you all must also be busy in Festive Shopping and searching for the best gifts for your loved ones.

And to make your festive season more exciting, I have collaborated with NIVEA to delight you all with an exciting Contest - Giveaway.

You might have come across the latest advertorial of NIVEA's Whitening Sensitive Deodorant which contains 0% alcohol, gives you even toned underarms and 48 hour protection against sweat and body odour.

Now, NIVEA is giving 3 lucky people a chance to win exciting hampers by participating in this #Gosleeveless contest.

You can participate in this contest by following the below Compulsory steps -

You can also Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Tweet about it and +1 it on Google+ for extra entries.
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The Giveaway is open to Indian residents only and will run from 11th October to 23rd October. 
Three winners with the Best answers will be chosen after the Giveaway ends and will be announced on the blog.

Good luck everyone!

PS - The Contest is now Over! Here is the list of the winners -
1. Bhavya Nerchahal
2. Ghun Jain
3. Ankita Agrawal


  1. I hate alcohol in my deodorant and having it 0% is awesome keeps it fro drying me out! Having my bathing suit on is my best sleeveless moment!

  2. A) Red Zonda Sleeveless Twist Dress is my most awesome sleeveless moment!
    B) Alcohol can be extremely drying and irritating to skin, as well as capable of generating free radical damage and disrupting skin’s protective barrier. so i dont choose alcohol based skin care products . Therefore '0 % alcohol' in skin products i wants to be makes underarm skin feel smoother and silkier NIVEA deodorants are best developed to provide 48-hour protection against underarm wetness and body odour.

  3. Hi Dear !

    Amazing Giveaway and your two questions will collect emotions and information. First question is filled with emotions and second question is to check the knowledge about 0% alcohol.

    Answer 1: I am a shy person specially when I talk about the bold dresses. My hesitation gets some wings when my husband pump up me to wear those dresses which makes me feel better and confident.
    He told me wearing sleeveless is not like showing your body but it gives you a beautiful look. He said the beauty is resides in yourself, how you present it and how much you feel it. It never has a base of your color or body features. With all his motivation he gifted me a sleeveless kurti on my birthday. That was my first moment when I wear first sleeveless clothes.

    Answer 2: Before I answer this question . Lemme ask What's the use of Alcohol in cosmetics? What it does? Alcohol as an ingredient in cosmetics is like a preservative. It also have a feature of anti bacterial, antiseptic, for stripping out oil and also work as an astringent.
    BUT We all know Alcohol is harmful for our body specially when we take it on daily basis. And we are using cosmetics which have alcohol in it DAILY. Isn't it harmful for us? Instead of drinking we are rubbing and merging it into our skin. Slowly and gradually it sucks all our skin's moisture or decrease the water level of our skin. It also restricts the skin to produce natural oil. I think this is enough to say NO TO ALCOHOL. As a solution Nivea has introduced 0% Alcohol deodorants which will not harm our skin, no irritation and a long lasting fragrance.

    With lots of love

  4. Thank you so much dear for the awesome giveaway ��. .

    Following you on both Facebook & Google+ name reena.rana123@gmail.com

    Best sleeveless moment was my hubby saw me first time in sleeveless Kurta & complemented me that I look more beautiful in sleeveless and my underarms are as soft as kids .. fair & soft �� best compliment till date ..

    I hate any kind of achlocal based products for my skin Coz I have very sensitive skin & alcohol products leave dark red patches on my sensitive skin. . I get rashes too . . So it's a big no no for me to use any alcohol based products for skin & body.

    Email id Reena.rana123@gmail.com

  5. Hello!
    Amazing Amazing Amazing Giveaway It Is...

    a) My best Sleeveless Moment was when I confidently wore a Sleeveless Gown to my Farewell and was complimented by everyone on how glamorous I looked and I ended up winning Miss Farewell.
    b) 0% Alcohol is important for me as I am very concerned about my skin and I know how chemicals can damage the skin. So, I always prefer buying Nivea for it's Skin-Friendly Deos.

    Knowing that this deo offers 48 hour protection and is suitable for sensitive skin, makes it my first choice while picking a body spray for myself.

    Bhavya Nerchehal

  6. Hello Nitika

    a) My favorite sleeveless moment was when I wore a sleevless Shirt to a get together and was complimented a lot. I generally dont wear sleevless and the change felt nice.

    b) 0 % alcohol is important to me as it wont damage my skin and not leave my underarms stinging after I apply a deo after waxing !


  7. fb name : ruhi ruhi
    1) My best sleeveless moment was when I wore a sleevless dress for the college freshers party and got the title of Miss fresher.
    2) it is highly essential that the beauty products I use have 0% alcohol as my skin is very sensitive, so it deserves to be pampered and well nourished.
    Done all steps

  8. 1) My best sleeveless moment is from my 21st birthday when I adorned a really pretty yellow-ish floral dress from Promod. And I was adorned with lot of compliments.

    2) For the fact that I have sensitive skin, prone to rashes and acne etc. I ensure that I use products that doesn't harm my skin. So it is important that I use those products with 0% alcohol.

  9. Hey hiii...,
    First of all i must say dat its an awsm giveaway...
    M a big fan of nivea products...nd would luv to win dis giveaway...
    M done wid all the rules...
    Nw cming to ur questions...

    1) My best sleeveless moment was last year new year party... wn for d first tym i had worn a sleeveless nd backless dress... i got so many compliments dat inspired me to flaunt more boldly nd confidently...:)

    2) For me,,, i mostly prefer 0% alcohol in my deo...coz i lyk to keep my skin baby soft... nd i prefer keeping my underarms fair,,, sweat free nd tingling free...nd dat is nt possible wid alcohol in deo...
    So thanks to nivea for launching dis product...:)

    Wish to win... thanks...:)

  10. hi
    ty for awesome giveaway... I am true fan of nivea product....
    followed all rules
    1) My besr sleveless moment was 2 years back on my anniversary my hubby gifted me a sleveless top ... I was hesitate to wear sleveless feeling shy .. but i tried it and we went for a family function everyone complimented me that i look more young in sleveless I was soo happy and it was my memorable moment thanks to my hubby who wanted me to change my thought ....
    2) I hate alcohol deodrants and it is only thing why i do not use deodorants is because they contain alcohol in them. I use no kind of alcohol based product.....I prefer 0% alcohol because it gives effective protection without itching and irritation.... Alcohol effects on our delicate skin and It causes dark patches and sometimes itching on skin I have very sensitive skin For sensitive skin people like me as well all girls it is a boon which will reduce redness , rashes , blackness and small pimples in the under arm area. So 0% alcohol in skin care products is mandatory for my skin to keep it healthy & glowing.... Thanks a lot to you NIVEA for such a product........Now i will sure try and make me more confident women !!!

  11. Hi
    awesome Giveaway..
    Thanks for this wonderful Giveaway
    Ans a) My best sleeveless moment when I put on Pink Gota work saree with Sleeveless blouse after my marriage .It was my first moment when i wore Sleeveless blouse infront of my Hubby.that day He gave me so many compliments and really I was loking so pretty.
    Ans b) Its very important that deos You are using should be alcohal free otherwise U can get rashes ,itching,allergy.so I prefer Nivea deodrant It has 0% alcohal and gives me frshness all day long.


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