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Monday 27 October 2014

Hey everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the festive week and had a great time! Even I am back from my hometown after having a fun time with my family and cousins. I forgot to take my camera along, so there are no pictures of what I chose to wear for Diwali and Bhai Dooj.

In the past few days, while catching up with my relatives, I felt how a young Indian woman like me who once hits her early 20s, completes her education and finds a suitable job - is told that she should take the next Big Step - Get Married! While, I would love to get married someday with a compatible partner, I don't really like the pressure women in India have to go through to get married at the “right age.”

And when I came across the BUTT OUT campaign by Jealous 21 on their Facebook page and their TV advertorial, I realized that the society won't stop dictating things to us, it’s us who have to take a stand and make sure these nosy relatives Butt Out of our lives.

Jealous 21, through their interesting campaign, does not want to show that the Jealous 21 girl is a Rebel. She is just super confident and sure about herself and doesn’t want society to dictate her terms.

You might agree that living in the Indian society, we have all come across such stereotypes and social stigmas once in a while which tend to stop us from chasing our dreams.

During childhood, if you wished to pursue sports- you were told not to choose the same as it was meant for men. You were told to pursue Arts as Science was meant for boys. Similarly, you were told to take jobs like Teaching or Banking as these fields were more suitable for women.
But when you think about it - Really?? How can someone judge which field or interest is meant for men and which is meant for women?

Times have changed and so has the thinking of society, but in some parts of the society - you will still find people who will ask you to stop wearing those skinny jeans as they emphasize your figure, or not to wear that stylist skirt as it is too short.

But frankly it is time for people to BUTT OUT and break such barriers to show the world your worth. I took this route through blogging which gave me a platform to show my love for Fashion to fellow like-minded fashionistas.

And you can too, by being a part of the Jealous 21 #BUTTOUT campaign openly. Follow their Facebook page, share your Butt Out line and also get a chance to win BIG. Follow http://on.fb.me/1oNIe2H to participate!

And here's my bit to those people who think I am too Modern and Outgoing to be a good WIFE. To the ones who think I have an attitude problem because I am successful. To the ones who think I should lose weight to look Good - BUTT OUT!!!!

Let me know who you would say BUTT OUT to and why!

PS - Now, you can shop for the stylish and trendy Jealous 21 range online here : http://goo.gl/z6Pg9C
The super cool is brand is also coming to DELHI very soon. Follow their Facebook page for more updates.



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