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Friday 29 August 2014

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It's Friday again and also the beginning of a fun weekend. I don't have any plans for this weekend yet and most probably would be reviewing few products for the blog.

Last week Mumbai played host to the most popular Fashion event of the country - Lakme Fashion Week winter festive season. And what runs parallel to any fashion show is lingerie which helps give a smooth and neat look to any outfit.
The 15th year and the 23rd season of LFW saw amanté, the official lingerie partner, add a spark of sensuality to the whole event. From the fitting sessions to the finale evening, amanté gave a feel of opulence to models, designers, celebrities and guests alike.

This year amanté added a spark and more colors to the prestigious event with their unique and interesting The Sensuous Pink Couch activity.
Mansi Scott
Supermodel Diandra Soares and singer Mansi Scott hosted this fun activity, wherein the present celebrities were asked to pick a card and describe what makes them feel sensuous, bold, flirty or sporty. 

The activity saw famous personalities like Shweta Salve, Anju Modi, Mark Bolton, Carol Gracias, Kanishtha Dhankar, Deepti Gujral, Anjali Vyas, Bikram Singh and Shraddha Musalle get candid on the couch. It turned out to be a lively activity with some very juicy revelations by the guests.

Host Diandra Soares with Designer Anju Modi
The activity also included a part where the fun and vivacious hosts offered their guests tarot cards with a twist. In this part of the activity, the celebs were allowed to pick one card that defined their persona. They could choose between being Bold, Flirty, Sensuous, and Sporty.
The activity brought out the fun and naughty side of the celebs as they spilled juicy details on their experiences in being bold and flirty, on what makes them feel sensuous and how they were sporty on various situations in their lives.  

Kanishtha Dhankar with host Diandra Soares
The interactive session on the amanté Pink Couch drew throngs of people and piqued everyone’s interest. The models boosted the fashion quotient of the Pink Couch and reinforced the brand’s dimensions of glamour, confidence and sensuality.
Diandra Soares posing with Mark Bolton
The tarot cards and the hosts made all the guests let their hair down and for those few minutes on the couch, they seemed like they were just girls, discussing their favourite moments and fun experiences.
Model Deepti Gujral with Mansi Scott
The amanté Pink Couch was graced by many celebs and overall created for a very fun and sensuous experience for everyone at the LFW.

The best part of the activity was that all the celebs played a sport and became a part of the activity with much enthusiasm and joy.
It surely seems like this celebs also know how to have fun outta their busy lifestyles and work schedule.

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  2. cool post. i like what mansi scott is wearing


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