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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Hola chicas!
If you all had read my previous post about Tata Zest or follow me on my Instagram account, you must be knowing that I had a fun weekend in Goa with fellow bloggers.

And though in my last post I covered a bit of my experience of driving the brand new Zest and the activities we did in Goa, in today's post I am covering more of my stay in Goa with some of my favorite bloggers - Anshita, Bhumika and Apurva.

We had stayed at the very beautiful and luxurious Resort in Goa - Zuri White Sand Resorts in Varca South Goa which features a private beach area with scenic views of the sea and lovely white sands.
Amidst all the blogger activities planned for us on Day 1, we did get time to spend time at the beach area- enjoying the view and taking some cool selfies.
Selfie with Bhumika and Apurva
(On my lips - MAC Pink Pigeon)
This was the third time I was visiting a beach (first being in Thailand and then in Mumbai) and I truly enjoyed watching the sunset, walking barefoot on the sands and in the cool water waves.
Later that night I went to meet a college friend with whom I visited a Karaoke bar and that gave me atleast a glimpse of the local Goan culture.

View from the private beach area at Zuri Resorts
On Day 2, after having breakfast and sneaking out to the beach for a bit, I got ready to experience driving ZEST on the smooth and picturesque Goa roads which really made us all brighten up even when we had to get up early in the morning for the activity.

Stopped mid-way our ride to click pictures with ZEST

After our drive and having lunch, me and Anshita sneaked out to the beach once again to enjoy the beauty before we got ready to be back to the boring weather of Delhi. And once we hit the beach, it started raining heavily due to which we had to take shelter beneath the trees but to our surprise and delight, the rain lasted only 5 minutes and we were back again taking pictures.
Top : Done By None
Skirt : Marks & Spencer
Bag : UCB
Coz you just can't miss Selfies while you are in Goa
I truly enjoyed my stay at Zuri and also would be considering it as the first option whenever I visit Goa again for a proper vacation, as this short trip left me wanting to explore Goa in a better way.

PS - More details on my Day 1 outfit coming up in the next post!


  1. Lovely pics <3 <3 Looks like you all had lots of fun out there!!!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment dear! We surely had a lot of fun :)

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  3. wow looks like u have enjoyed alot
    shikha would like you to read…Beat The Heat

  4. Looks like an amazing getaway.

    Xo, Megan,

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Megan! It was an amazing getaway indeed :)

  5. Hi! It'd be really great if you could mention the blog links of the bloggers you mentioned here! (or you could hyperlink their names to their blogs). Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. I have already mentioned the links in my previous post here :



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