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Monday 18 August 2014

Hey everyone!
I am back after spending a week with my family and cousins in Ludhiana. And while it's always fun catching up with your friends and relatives, this time I also spent time catching up on some interesting TV shows which I missed due to my busy work schedule. And one show which really caught my fancy is Rising Stars of Comedy.

The show telecasts at the NDTV Prime and features some amazing comedians from all across India who would really make you laugh out loud with comedy acts which you can totally relate to.
A particular episode I totally enjoyed watching was the one hosted by Jeeveshu Ahluwalia in an open Mic edition with comedians Manu Sharma, Saiam Hasan and Sumit Anand.

It was hosted at one of the popular restaurants of Delhi-NCR among live audience and I had such a fun time watching this episode that also made me go back to their website to watch it again with my mom who is a fan of the show now.

The act I totally enjoyed in this episode and is worth a mention is by Zakir Khan who referred to many incidents which I believe we all face or go through in our daily lives (you can see his act starting at 13:35 in the video). You should totally watch the episode here to see how perfectly he speaks in different funny accents and makes everyone sitting in the restaurant laugh.

Personally I believe we get so caught up in our busy lives, that we hardly take out any time to enjoy or have a hearty laugh. And Rising Stars of Comedy is doing a great effort by giving a platform to some brilliant performers and giving quality content to us, which is also a welcome change from all the boring daily soaps shown at all the channels.

Have you watched this show before? If yes, let me know your views about it in the Comments below, and if not, I would say you should surely catch this show at NDTV Prime every Monday and Thursday at 10 pm or check out the videos online.



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