One Glamorous Chic Day with SONAM KAPOOR ( Indian Actress) !!

Saturday 24 December 2011

Hey people..
First of all Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.. Hope you all have a great one..
I have come home finally after my exams got over.. We don't celebrate Christmas here, but I'll be going out with my friends to a local mall to see the decorations around & lil shopping !! :D

So, I have got the pictures of the ONLY event finally, but they aren't that great like I was hoping.. But just because I had promised, I'll share the pictures, am posting them for you all.. Coz I completely look UGLYYY in them!!!! So pleasee do IGNOREEEEEE meeeeeeee... Nd enjoy Sonam's beauty & fashion sense.

She had dressed herself up in Red Pants & Blue jacket , but later feeling Delhi's cold; she had asked for a white shirt to wear inside ( Maybe also because the press & media were continuously talking about how she had dressed up soo skimpily in Delhi's cold weather ). 
But she talked soo nicely , elegantly & didn't make us feel that we were talking with a SUPERSTAR !!
Nd trust me she looks GORGEOUS and has a beautiful sMILE!! : )

I had decided to wear something comfortable & casual coz I had to go straight from my college after my exam, and it was sooo cold outside. I decided to wear these Check Pants with an off-shoulder sweater I like a lottt...

Top- Thrifted
Pants- Wills Lifestyle
Bag- Topshop
Heels- Local store

Later, when the Makeover started, Sonam asked me how I would like to get styled and I told her that as always I dress up girly- I would like to try something CHIC & different. So she picked a black poncho and white jeans for me.
She had then picked a Black Bag & Snow Boots for me, but then she complimented me that I was carrying an awesome bag and that my shoes looked better with that outfit, rather than the bag & boots she picked. Though I felt bad, not getting those two things, but then being Complimented by the fashionista herself, I felt elated.
She also picked accessories- A wooden necklace, bracelet, glasses & earrings for me.

Sharing with you all the most ugliest picture of ME after the full Makeup & Hairdo [ I loook sooooo fattt in thisss :( :( ]. I believe I looked better the way I went there, what do you all think??

So that's all for now.. I hope you liked the pictures and stuff she picked for me. This is a lifetime experience for me. The only other time I have had met a celebrity was in my hometown, when I met Chang ( Indian Idol star) at a mall, but that was just for a short while.
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I have been waiting to share all my shopping hauls this month, but couldn't get time to click the pictures. So maybe next week, when I go back to college, I'll post it.

Till then, a very Merry Christmas and Take care.
Loads Of Love


  1. woah.. seems like a great event dear, everyone is looking stylish :D i love your bag, so cool! you look fabulous <3 xx





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  4. Gasp, gasp!!! Serious envy! Love the makeover. Sooooo cool. Thanks for sharing, doll!

  5. your blog is so cute! love the red and blue mix!

  6. thanks for following...i follow you too now :)

  7. Are you kidding me? You met Sonam. Wow. I love her sense of style and you did look fabulous liek the way you went abut poncho and white denims didn't look bad either. You look nice but yes dress the way you feel comfortable. go with it!!

    P.S. I love your blog hun hence I awarded you with this blog award.


  8. thanks for the lovely comment dear. waiting for your upcoming great post. <3 xx

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment and following! I'm following back :)

  10. Thanks for following me lovely! Now following back xx

  11. Oh wow lucky you! It must have been a great experience. You looked lovely. :)

  12. Aw wow, you so lucky to have Sonam, I admire her style and she's really beautiful. You look so chic in your casual outfit.

  13. I thot I had commented here.. anyways.. ur one lucky girl!!!!!!!!!! Sonam is a lady of 'I'm perfect' tag! she always looks Stunning~
    Thanks fr ur wishes on my blog :)

    Stay Blessed dear.. May this year brings you loads of love and happiness <3

    Maybe u will have time to participate in my giveaway :) only 4 days left!
    My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)


  14. Awww you look awesome, definitely not ugly at all! :)

    Looks like a really fun event.

    The Cat Hag

  15. Great blog !

    Want to follow each other :) ?



  16. wow you are with sonam....lucky girl:-)

  17. WOW! Lucky you! XOXOX
    You both look great <3


  18. love her red and blue outfit!

  19. Thanks a lott for stopping by everyone !! : )

  20. WOW!!! Sonam's entire look is just too good especially the red pant is fabulous. I saw a similar red pant in the collection of FREECULTR ( I generally do most of my shopping from this online store only -'t imagine it can look so sexy if teamed up with right, m surely gonna order it as soon as i will find a top good enough to match up with that read pant!

    P.S - Nice blog...keep writing! :)

  21. wow nice post


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