My 10 Favorite Beauty Products !!

Sunday 4 December 2011

Hey lovely readers & followers !!
Hope you are having a great weekend.. I was thinking about what to write as my 1st post in December ( The earlier one was just a Thank you post)..
So I thought of sharing my favorite beauty products as its the year end, and we all must have tried new products throughout the year and would have stuck upon some favorite ones. I don't use makeup much, but yes there are few of the products which I use regularly and always keep them handy.

So without blabbering much, here the list goes-

1. Lakme Lip Love Hottie

My love for this lip gloss is justttt unmatched. I had lost this gloss within days of purchasing it, although I had many other glosses in my kitty but I was soo much in love with it that I had to rush to repurchase it. I still remember the havoc I created and tears I shed when I found out that I had lost my precious lip gloss ( yes this is true, even my friends thought I had gone mad :D ).
The gloss is smooth and the shine & color is the just the right amount I like.

2. Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion

I have been using this body lotion since 4years now and well am in love with it. It moisturizes my skin very well and keeps it smooth in winters too :)

3. Garnier Light Eye Roll-On

Using this product since 2 years, its my favorite among all under-eye products. Its very easy to apply and carry.

4. Sure Body Roll-On

The best Deo or Roll on I have found till date, the fragrance remaining for hours long. I can be sure about not stinking while sweating out dancing in a party :D

5. Avon Blackest Black Eye Liner

It gives me the darkest black color and a smooth line. The best pencil eyeliner I have ever found, as I can't apply the liquid ones perfectly.

6. Oriflame Power Curl Mascara

It gives a dramatic curl to my eye lashes and make them look beautiful. Its a product I always keep restocking when its over.

7. Maybelline WhiteStay UV White

Its reasonable, light, doesn't dry my skin and hides out blemishes well too. I have it in White Ivory which goes well with my skintone.

8. Maybelline Color Delights Cream Shadow ( Urban Jungle )

It has 4 dramatic shades which go blend soo well and the colors stay for a longer while as compared to other cream eyeshadows.

9. Cover Girl Cheekers ( Deep Rose )

This blush is so pigmented that you only need a very small amount for rosy cheeks. It's perfect for creating a truly natural-looking blush.

10. Oriflame Maxi Lip Gloss ( Pink )

It gives my lips a naturally pink and plump look and has good staying power.

So far these have been my favorite beauty products which I have been using regularly and being loyal to since past many years.
Have you tried any of these? What are your reviews about these products?
Do share with me your all time favorite beauty products.

Take care. Have a happy & rocking Sunday.
Loads of love

( PS- I don't own the pictures. All of them have been taken from the Internet.)


  1. May have to get some of that mascara. Still haven't found the perfect one! Thanks for sharing.xx

  2. you know i have a lot of products from this list!

  3. love all the products
    I want some of them :)

  4. Nice list :) But I own ntn from this :P

  5. And I am in love wit d layout of ur blog :D Awsum job :)

  6. Great list. I love num 5 & num 9

  7. Great choice.
    Tell me if you want to follow each other. Great blog. :)

  8. Great selection of beauty favorites. have used a couple of these. they are good.

  9. I haven't used any among these beauty products, but I recently bought Lancome mascara and really liked it :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  10. Wowww woww :) Vaseline white body milk is my favorite too :)

  11. Great pics. I definitely wrote some of these down!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. some of them are my favourite too..and they r effctive...nice list :)

  13. Thanks for sharing ..


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