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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Hey everyone!!

Remember me telling you about having a great last Saturday after meeting Sonam Kapoor ( the sexy Indian actress ), well finally the pictures are here and I'll be posting them soon. My exams are going on, but I don't feel like studying at all.. Moreover the winters in Delhi are now on its full swing and its soooooo foggy outside.. I just wanna cuddle in my blanky & sleep or listen to music.

But wait, I wanted to share with you all that I have been announced as the Notable Newbie by today and I would be featuring on their homepage too !!
This is sooo exciting.. Firstly completing 100 followers, meeting Sonam & now this award.. This month has been lucky to me. I hope I get a placement soon now..

I would like to say a thank you to the Blogadda Team for appreciating my efforts and also a bigggggggg Thank youuuuuuuu to all my readers & followers for appreciating & motivating me always to write better posts. I promise to write good stuff more often.

For now, don't forget to take part in my 100 Followers International Giveaway, by clicking on the image below-

Would post the pictures and what I wore for the event, and my experience of meeting with Sonam in the next post by this weekend as my exams get over.
Till then take care & do protect yourself from this winter by wearing warm clothes...or u'll get freeezeddd.. 

Love you all.


  1. hey u r in bimtech? what year?

  2. followingg youu back hun!! :)

  3. WOWOWOW.. dis month is UR LUCKY MONTH fr sure :) CONGRATULATIONS :) mine was November :D
    N i can see the picture of u wid sonam on fb :P wow... lucky girl.. I'm jealous! ;)

    Maybe you have time to participate inMy First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers and try YOUR LUCK :)

  4. Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  5. hey dear, ive followed you back :D and congrats on being featured on that website, great achievement <3 xx

  6. Thanks fr ur sweet comment fr my giveaway :) I have participated in ur giveaway.. hope u do the same fr me :)

    New post~ Christmas Nails: DIY

    My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)

  7. Hi Nitika,
    Thank you to visit my blog. I loved your blog and I'm following you. You'll make me happy if follow me too.
    Have a happy day!

  8. Congrats, girly! I'm so happy for you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for your feature!!

  10. awww congratulations on the award! good luck on hosting the giveaway too, it's a great one!



  11. Adoramos o seu blog,é maravilhoso e semre estamos por aqui conferindo todas as novidades.
    Desejamos a vc e todos os seus um feliz Natal e um ano novo repleto de saude e muito sucesso.
    Super beijos da Glorinha.
    Para melhor posicionar o seu blog,clicamos no google +1

  12. Awww!! Congratulations on this great achievement!! There is absolutely no doubt that you deserve it!! :) I follow you now! Please follow me back!

    Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]

  13. Thanks a lott everyone for your wishes & sweet comments !!

  14. would love to see Sonam Kapoor photos! :)

    xo Nav

  15. havee a great christmas time <3

  16. Congratulations on your blogging award and your new iPod. Happy New Year's!


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