100 Followers International Giveaway !!! (NOW CLOSED)

Sunday 18 December 2011

Hey everyone !! 
I am soooooo happy today !!! Never had such a great weekend, actually just the Saturday !!
I had taken part in Only Makeover Magic by Sonam Kapoor Contest !! and well I was one of the 3 winners !!
I got personally styled by the Diva yesterday and it was an awesome experience. Would share the complete experience with you people soon and would post the pictures too.

For now I am finally announcing the Giveaway I had planned when my blog completed 100 followers.. I took all this while for collecting perfect gifts..
I had asked my Facebook Page fans what they would like to get as the gifts- and well they asked for a bag with cosmetics, soooooo here they are-

I would be giving away the following to ONE LUCKY WINNER picked randomly from random.org .-

  • A beautiful Be for Bag Tote bag
  • VOV 11 in 1 Eye Shadow Palette
  • Lotus Herbals Pure Radiance Foundation 
  • Maybelline Coloroma Nail Paint

I would be adding up later few more goodies before I send the final gifts.. So there's a surprise element for you all.

The rules for the GIVEAWAY are very simple. 
  • Compulsory Step- Follow my blog via GFC ( google friend connect ). 
  • Leave a comment telling me about which posts of mine you liked the most OR what else would you like to read??

For extra entries, you can do the following-

  • Like my Facebook Pages- Shopaholic Me and What's In store ? to get 2 extra entries.
  • Share about the Giveaway via Twitter or Facebook to get 2 extra entries.
  • Add my Giveaway picture to your blog's Sidebar to get 3 extra entries.
So in all you can have 8 entries.
 For taking part in the giveaway, leave a comment below in this format-

GFC name: 
Facebook / Twitter username:
Blog link:
Facebook / Twitter link:
Email Id :

The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and would run from today ie. December 18 , 2011 to January 08, 2012 ie. for 21 days. And I would announce the results ie. 1 winner around January 11 via Email and on my blog.

I believe this would be a perfect new year gift for a lucky one out of you all.

So what are you waiting for?? Participate in my giveaway noww to get all these lovely goodies.
And thanks a lotttt for following my blog, reading & liking my posts and most of all appreciating me !!
I love you all a lottttttt !!!

Take care.. Loads of love

"PS- This is not a sponsored Giveaway, all the gifts were purchased personally by me especially for this giveaway."


  1. Thank you for following me dear! Follow you back already ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. Lipsy
    Head over Heels was my fav of all in recent months
    Liked both FB pages

  3. Hi there.. first of all thank you fr ur wonderful comment :) n m glad my post helped u in sme way.. n abt ur link.. i wasnt sure.. it is d same:)

    Name: Akanksha chawla

    GFC: Akanksha chawla

    Facebook: Akanksha Chawla

    Blog link: http://fictitious-fashion.blogspot.com/

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002159706667

    Have posted about your giveaway in my blog too.. - http://fictitious-fashion.blogspot.com/

    Email Id :akanksha.chawla13@gmail.com

    About the facebook link.. I don't know how to find the link of my published post.. I have tagged shopaholic Me in my status

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  5. Name: Piros Nóra
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    Email Id : nora.piros@gmail.com

  6. GFC: Felizia
    email: felizzzia@gmail.com
    I loved the post "head over heels"!!

    Thanks! :)

  7. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Great milestone!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Like My Look here on facebook to vote for me in Blogger Mannequin Style Off Competition

  8. congo on your 100!! :) I love you head over heels post!!

    Name- Rashmi Bhosale
    GFC- lazygulrox
    Facebook Name- Rashmi Bhosale
    Blog Link-http://lazygulrox.blogspot.com/
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    Like both the pages!! Shared your giveaway on fb and share the link of giveaway on my blog!! :)

  9. Nice giveaway

    GFC Name: Sangeeta G
    Email ID: sangeeta.govindan@gmail.com

  10. Yay, congrats on being styled by Sonam! And such an awesome Giveaway. Am following you now on GFC!

  11. Liked your two facebook pages.

    Since you have been styled by Ms kapoor, why don't you do a couple of styling posts, wherein you could style people around you, and share the process with your readers!

  12. my GFC name-bill clay

    i loved "head over heels"

  13. Congrats on winning the contest n being styled by Sonam**can't wait to see the pics***

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  15. Come participate in My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: celebrating 100 followers :)

  16. great ! Of course I follow your blog !;) and congratulations !

  17. Name: Bhumika
    GFC name: Bhumika
    Facebook (liked both pages)/ Twitter username: Bhumika/ bhumika_t
    witter link: https://twitter.com/#!/bhumika_t/status/148876528472694785
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    I like ur favorites and OOTD posts..:)

  18. Name:
    GFC name: Priyamwadha Naidu

    I loved the post "head over heels"!!

    Facebook Name: Priyamwadha Naidu
    Like both the pages on FB!!

    Twitter username:@priyamwadha

    Twitter link:https://twitter.com/#!/priyamwadha/status/149027057672794112

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  19. I like OOTD posts) And also your experience with internet shops is interesting...
    Name: Alesia
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  20. hey following you on GFC

    luved your my 10 fav beauty products post

  21. Name: Yuliya
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  22. I loved the "A-Z of online shopping" and ur "Head over heels" posts a lot!! :)

    Name: Dhriti Govind Raj
    GFC name: Dhriti
    Facebook/Twitter username: Dhriti Govind Raj/ @ dhritigraj
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/#!/dhritigraj/status/149118721150029825
    *on sidebar* Blog link:- http://coralsinashell.blogspot.com/
    Email:- dgraj.93@gmail.com

    Okay, done them all for 8 entries!! :D *hope to win* :) and.. awesome giveaway Nitikaaaa!!!!!! :) :)

  23. Name: Anuradha
    Facebook Username: Anuradha Kar (liked both pages)
    Twitter username: goldenfalcon09
    Twitter link: http://twitter.com/#!/goldenfalcon09/status/149229140917235712
    Giveaway Picture posted on blog sidebar: Blog URL: http://goldensequinns.blogspot.com/
    Email Id : anuradha.kar@gmail.com

    What I like in your blog: Your awesome post listing all the online shopping websites and review on Oriflame Makeup palette!
    And heyy!! Wonderful Giveaway Nitika! Hoping to win!!!

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  25. Name: Priyamwadha
    GFC name: Priyamwadha Naidu

    I loved the post "head over heels"!!

    Facebook Name: Priyamwadha Naidu
    Like both the pages on FB!!

    Twitter username:@priyamwadha

    Twitter link:https://twitter.com/#!/priyamwadha/status/149027057672794112

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  26. I would love to read more makeup tutorials & product reviews

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  27. Hi there.. first of all thank you for inviting me :)

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    I have posted a link of this post on my sidebar! :)

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  29. Hi!!! Lovely give away!!
    Would love to see posts on EOTD and makeup tutorials. Fashion tips are equally wanted!!!
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  32. Name: sarah

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  33. Hey:

    All entries done.

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    Best of luck!!

  34. GFC name: Gintare
    Facebook:liked your both pages as Gintare K.

    email: gintare[dot]amber[at]gmail[dot]com

  35. GFC: Kat
    email: katch05 at gmail dot com

    I would love to read more haul posts and maybe some random food posts, too! Merry christmas!

  36. Hey hey congo to yu fr Fan Following ;) congrats again for wonderful shopping ride with Sonam Kapoor!! N congrats again for da giveaway!!
    oohh gal u hav lots of reasons to celebrate ha!! <3.. my fav post was Head over heels n the sonam kapoor's Experience:)
    I would love to have some more posts regrding discounts!!

    Name: Swati Kungwani
    GFC name: Swati Kungwani
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  38. GFC : Tanvee Wadhwa

    Liked both your pages : Tanvee Wadhwa

    My favourite post would be well your makeover! Even though i agree you looked better without it! But it was interesting to see the pictures :)Also the one you did about different heels, very informative.

    I would love more outfit of the days! Like casual ones, everyday kinds.



  39. Name: Diane
    GFC name: Dianemane

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  40. Name: Marta
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    I liked the post: Pick of the day - on the go looks..
    I would like to see more post on nail polishes and nail art maybe :)

    Thank you.

  41. gfc: jessnghc
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    i would like to see more about nail painting~~

  42. Hi, may I join?
    I'm Indonesia, nice to meet you... ^_^
    First, I want to say : congrats on the followers

    Next, I want to join your Giveaway, Wish me luck... ^_^

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    I would like to see more post about Everything you should know about types of heels...

    I have done all the rules and extra entries.
    except add your Giveaway picture, how I can do that, in your blog Function Disabled, sorry.

    Finally, I want say :
    *♥Best Wishes For You*♥

    Because your friendship means so much, I pray that you and I will always somehow keep in touch as days and years go by...
    A gift is full of love, sincerity and care...

    I really want to enter and follow this give away and hope get that cute Giveaway...

    Please God, grant me my prayer this time ...

    ♥Much Love and Big Hugs♥,

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    I would like to see more reviews on whitening products..better if you'll make a comparison of effective glutathione products =)

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    Would love to read more about being thrifty, but still getting a great haul!

  45. Hey enter me-
    GFC- hansika kaushik
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    loved ur A to Z store post !! : )

  46. heya congo babes :)

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    I would love if u cud do a bit of blogposts abt traditional indian dresses:)

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  50. hi dear, great blog! i am following you back already. kisses!

  51. hey enter me-
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    Nd good luck with the giveaway !! : )

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    It's fun to see what you've brought - your "hauls"
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    Fingers crossed ;) !!


  82. btw...my favorite post is http://shopaholicutie.blogspot.com/2012/01/latest-shopping-haul-at-sarojini-nagar.html


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