Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PiCk oF ThE DaY- CoLoR ClAsH !!!

Yay !!! What a beautiful day it was !!! : ) 
Got over with my summer internship and recieved my training certificate too !! :D
and then I went out with my bestie to have a chat over coffee and lil shoe-shopping : )

I also tried my hand  on making a Cake- Chocolate Brownie !!! It was indeed yummy.. and am happy that now atleast for a couple of months- my mom wont say that- kuch khana bnana seekh le :P

here's the pic of the cake- 

And finally my lappy is repaired and working perfectly !! ahh..After a wait of 2 weeks !! : )
So I decided to post my fav picks of the day .

And the theme I chose was- COLOR CLASH ... I love bright colors.. and my favs are - red, purple, orange and pink !!
I love dressing up in different colors according to my mood. And I believe everyone should have a colorful wardrobe rather than focussing on a single or few color palette !! 

So lets see what I picked up today !! :  )

I named this look- Colorful Chic !!
 I love the bright red jacket teamed up with a yellow Tube !! And to brighten up the look more I added the turquoise  blue sandles !! : )


This 1 is my fav- PURPLE SPLASH !!! I loved the purple dress- simple yet soo trendy and elegant !!
And the printed CLUTCH and colored beads necklace break the monotony of purple !! : )

Hope you liked the post. I have had quite many shopping hauls during these holidays as I was home soo I could shop freely :D thanks to mom & dad !!

I would be posting the pictures of my hauls very soon !!
Till then have fun and do leave your comments if you liked this post !!

I would be looking forward for your wonderful comments !! : )

PiCk oF ThE DaY- CoLoR ClAsH !!!
Thursday, June 16, 2011

gEt WeLl sOoN lApPy !!! :( :(

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who's following my blog and sorry to all who were waiting for my next post !!

But unfortunately I broke down my lappy :'( :'( It fell off my hands and screen got completely broken !! And now I have to rely on my lazy bro to get it fixed...coz he won't let me get it done on my own !!!
urghhh!! :X :X why do these boys think that we girls can't handle things which are techy?? huh huhh !!!

They should better watch us write such wonderful blogs handling the chaos of formats, backgrounds etc :D

anyways I recently had a great haul.. I purchased few cute tees and shorts as I would be soon getting back to my hostel and I badly wanted new nightwear !!
I also got my hands on a hot ONLY shirt and a sphagetti top from a thrifted store !!

I badly wanted to post the pictures..but broken laptop wont let me !!

So I guess we all would have to wait for a couple of days more for my new post !!

Till then please pray that my lappy gets well soon !!
Keep smiling & stay tuned !! :D : )

PS- btw did u all check out the cute Lunar Eclipse doodle at GOOGLE tonight?? its really amazing !! I love how creative google gets at such occasions !!! : )
gEt WeLl sOoN lApPy !!! :( :(
Friday, June 10, 2011

mY 1st Ebay Purchase !!

Ohk Technically its not exactly my 1st purchase !!
4-5 years back I had purchased a top from ebay from an Indian seller who had claimed it was from Provogue !!
But when I received it, it was not even closer to a Provogue product.. It was an old , used top without tags.
I had felt like cheated and decided not to purchase anything from ebay again.

But then FASHION AND YOU happened !! And after that many such cool shopping websites have come offering real brands at awesome prices !! And I love shopping online cz its soo much easier and fun !!

Few days ago I saw a link at Facebook for sunglasses at ebay !! They were looking good so I thought of checking it out.. Coz I was looking for a nice pair of sunglasses since my Fastrack glasses broke down :((

So I found a seller- bidforeyewear who was selling and bidding for sunglasses and watches.

I found these really nice oversized shades from a brand- DG eyewear !!
1stly I thought it was some fake D&G shades but when I read the description it was clearly mentioned that the brand is different and not at all related to D&G !!

Here's d link to the brand-

The shades were also available at buy it now option for around 900 rs !! But then I saw the same shades for bidding and that's why I thought of bidding on it to get the best deal !!

In 4 days I won the bid at just 421 rs plus Rs55 shipping !! I think its a fair price coz I keep losing my shades every time!! So if I even lose or break these, I wont regret much!! :D

Check out the picz-

The shades came in a transparent bag ( it didn't have a cover bag, but its fine at the price I got it ) with the original tag and they look new !! : )

The delivery was fast too, I got the product in 2 days from the day it was shipped !! : )

So overall I am happy with my purchase and I think I can trust ebay now and look for more good products !!
Would post the picz of wearing my shades soon !! :)
till then have funn !!!!

mY 1st Ebay Purchase !!
Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pick Of D Day !!!!

As I was getting bored at my office today, I came through and a cool application- Create an Outfit !!

Where you can create a look picking your favorite clothes, accessories and footwear !!
I created 3 looks using this application and it was soo much fun..
So you all can bring out the stylist in you too and create an outfit and who knows you may win a contest on the same too !! :)

Have a look.. Hope you like it !! : )


I really loved the flower jumpsuit, and its in my current wishlist ~~
The heels are just ohh soo cool !! :)
You can even buy the above stuff at !!! : )



I really loved the shorts and the MANGO handbag !! <3 <3
The look is perfect for the summer !! : )

Well I wanted to post today about my 1st Ebay purchase, but accidentally my laptop's screen broke down today :( soo I couldn't work on that post !!
Hope my lappy gets well soon !! : ((
Am missing it a lott !!!!

Till then byee .. have fun !! and as I go check out some cool stuff to buy at asos !! :)
Pick Of D Day !!!!
Sunday, June 5, 2011

ThE sWeDiSh LuXurY !!!!

Soo I am back with my 1st official post at this blog !!!
I am home these days for my training as part of my MBA program, and as I live in Ludhiana... its really hot here these days !! And going out daily in this scorching heat has taken a toll over my face :((

So I decided to get a face clean up yesterday and also I bought few products from the latest Oriflame catalogue!!

I have been using Oriflame products since last 6-7 years and am just in love with them. The best part is that they have a wide range for different skin types and age groups. So I always prefer buying cosmetics from Oriflame and never had any major complaints from any of the products !!

So letz see what all I got from the June catalogue and also from Olay !! : )

Oriflame launched a new mascara this month- 2FX which gives 2 lash effect for extreme length, as well as for fully loaded volume!!!!

It has an unassuming cap which conceals an ingenious brush system that gives you the power to choose from two different effects.
Oriflame claims that the mascara would give 40% longer lashes and the silver cap- up to 9 times more volume.

I haven't tried it yet, but hope it fulfills its claim. : )

I also bought a BLACK HEAD TONER and PURE SKIN Face Wash !!! I have been using Clean & Clear black head scrub facewash which really helps reducing blackheads !! But I didn't have any toner so I thought of buying this toner from Oriflame and I hope its effective on my blackheads !! : )

Ohk.. coming to 1 of my FAVORITE products from oriflame- ORIFLAME TENDER CARE PROTECTING BALM ... Its most effective for rough and dry skin ( elbows, feet etc ) but I also sometimes use it as a lip balm and it really makes my skin soft and lasts for hours !! : )

I wanted to buy a nice bag from a long time and yess I found a very cute one from oriflame !!
Its a limited edition LISELOTTE WATKINS tote !! Its very spacious and I am just in love with the cute print !!
My only fear is that the White color gets dirty very easily !! :((

dis is the picture from the catalogue-

this is what I clicked from my phone :D

I got a cute lipstick from the Lip Mania range.. I always prefer lip glosses over lipsticks..but I got this 1 because it has a glossy finish and it glides easily on my lips. Also the color is a cute- FLIRTY PINK and the packaging is just soo stylish !! All this at a nominal price of Rs 129 !! :D

I also got my hands on VERY ME Peach Me perfect Skin glow. I have never used this product before but as I dont use a foundation or anything else on my face except a moisturiser so I thought of trying this.

The product claims- Tinted gel that moisturises skin and provides a natural, peachy glow. With vitamin C and pro vitamin B5 to help even-out skin tone. Wear alone or under make-up as a luminising base.

I had once tried Eye Intensity pencil of a friend in Black shade and had really liked it. It had stayed on without any smudges for around 6-7 hours so I was really waiting to get my hands on it. So this time I bought myself 1 in SILVER PRUNE SHADE which is a lil purple !!


I also bought an Olay natural white cream and I really like it because it leaves my skin soft and not oily like many other creams do !! So I really prefer applying natural white in summers !! : )
PS- I also got an Olay cleanser free with the pack !! :D

I am just sooo happy with my purchase that I can think I can take a rest for few days now from any more shopping { limited to the fact that I come across something really cute :D )

So I hope you all like my 1st post !!
Have fun.. Take Care !!
ThE sWeDiSh LuXurY !!!!
Friday, June 3, 2011

Am here !! yippiee !! :D

Hi everyone !!

1st of all let me introduce myself. I am an MBA student from ludhiana, currently living in Greater Noida .
I love reading romantic novels, watching romantic comedies and listening to anything which defines my mood !! :)

My friends call me a shopping-freak or SHOPPING MATA for my love of shopping and not being able to curb my urge of splurging whenever I go out !! :P

This is my new blog dedicated to my love for shopping anything and everything which is cute, trendy and stylish !!

You all who are reading it must be here also because you love shopping too !! So I would just be writing about my latest shopping sprees... the stuff in trend these days and the stuff am dying to buy !! heheh !! : )

would be coming up with my 1st actual post soon !!
And also I would like to thank my favorite bloggers- GIA from giasays that, Srish from Stylefashionetc !! because their blogs inspired me to write about my passion too !! : )

I hope i write as good as they do !!

Till then cyaa !! have fun !! nd keep shopping !! :D
Am here !! yippiee !! :D