gEt WeLl sOoN lApPy !!! :( :(

Thursday 16 June 2011

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who's following my blog and sorry to all who were waiting for my next post !!

But unfortunately I broke down my lappy :'( :'( It fell off my hands and screen got completely broken !! And now I have to rely on my lazy bro to get it fixed...coz he won't let me get it done on my own !!!
urghhh!! :X :X why do these boys think that we girls can't handle things which are techy?? huh huhh !!!

They should better watch us write such wonderful blogs handling the chaos of formats, backgrounds etc :D

anyways I recently had a great haul.. I purchased few cute tees and shorts as I would be soon getting back to my hostel and I badly wanted new nightwear !!
I also got my hands on a hot ONLY shirt and a sphagetti top from a thrifted store !!

I badly wanted to post the pictures..but broken laptop wont let me !!

So I guess we all would have to wait for a couple of days more for my new post !!

Till then please pray that my lappy gets well soon !!
Keep smiling & stay tuned !! :D : )

PS- btw did u all check out the cute Lunar Eclipse doodle at GOOGLE tonight?? its really amazing !! I love how creative google gets at such occasions !!! : )


  1. Nikki, do you know what. I hated my nails too.. cus they are broad and I always find my hands and feet manly.. lol. yeah this is crazy... but i also realized that nail paints make them look nicer.

    I started with french manicure to grown my confidence that my hands will look good with nail paints. After that I never stopped!!

    You too try and show us!!
    loads of <3

  2. thanks for the lovely tip dear !! would surely try it soon !! hope it makes my nails look better.. if yess would post the pictures soon !! : )


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