mY 1st Ebay Purchase !!

Friday 10 June 2011

Ohk Technically its not exactly my 1st purchase !!
4-5 years back I had purchased a top from ebay from an Indian seller who had claimed it was from Provogue !!
But when I received it, it was not even closer to a Provogue product.. It was an old , used top without tags.
I had felt like cheated and decided not to purchase anything from ebay again.

But then FASHION AND YOU happened !! And after that many such cool shopping websites have come offering real brands at awesome prices !! And I love shopping online cz its soo much easier and fun !!

Few days ago I saw a link at Facebook for sunglasses at ebay !! They were looking good so I thought of checking it out.. Coz I was looking for a nice pair of sunglasses since my Fastrack glasses broke down :((

So I found a seller- bidforeyewear who was selling and bidding for sunglasses and watches.

I found these really nice oversized shades from a brand- DG eyewear !!
1stly I thought it was some fake D&G shades but when I read the description it was clearly mentioned that the brand is different and not at all related to D&G !!

Here's d link to the brand-

The shades were also available at buy it now option for around 900 rs !! But then I saw the same shades for bidding and that's why I thought of bidding on it to get the best deal !!

In 4 days I won the bid at just 421 rs plus Rs55 shipping !! I think its a fair price coz I keep losing my shades every time!! So if I even lose or break these, I wont regret much!! :D

Check out the picz-

The shades came in a transparent bag ( it didn't have a cover bag, but its fine at the price I got it ) with the original tag and they look new !! : )

The delivery was fast too, I got the product in 2 days from the day it was shipped !! : )

So overall I am happy with my purchase and I think I can trust ebay now and look for more good products !!
Would post the picz of wearing my shades soon !! :)
till then have funn !!!!


  1. Hi nikita !
    You have been such a sweet and generous blogger !
    Thank you for your comments & likes & love! :)
    Makes me very happy,thanks a lot ! :D

  2. thanks a lott pranita !!! I just love ur blog !!! Its really girly nd attractive.. I love following it !! : )

  3. I loved your pic and blog.. everything with shopaholic trigeers me!! :)

  4. Thanks for all your sweet comments Nikki! :) Always love hearing from you!
    Also, the glasses are a great deal! :) you should post pictures of you wearing them soon!:)
    Thanks again!

  5. @jiya- thanks a lott..a lovely blog u have too !! :)

  6. Very true about brand options on FNU. Even delayed shipping and delivery is not the issue with me, it's their Customer Service. But I am very optimistic when it comes to online shopping!! hope it gets better!! <3

  7. yess same here !! I am just waiting for the time when almost all the major brands would have online shopping option available in India !! its soo much easy and fun !! : )

  8. Loved this and would love more to see you wearing this cool shades
    Much Love

  9. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Lipsy !!
    just waiting for my lappy to get repaired so that I get back to posting more !!
    Thanks !! : ) <3

  10. It's lovely. I never ordered from ebay.. I kinda din like many stuffs there.. my bad!

  11. @shruti- thanks for stopping by !!
    well the same feelings here !! coz I never find any good brands / deals there... the Indian site mostly have poor products. But I Really loved this particular 1.. and I just wanted to give it a try that's why the BID part .. And well it was a good purchase for me!!

    So you can give it a shot.. otherwise FNY rocks !! : )

  12. Sure will do. In fact I started checking out stuff on FNY :)


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