PiCk oF ThE DaY- CoLoR ClAsH !!!

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Yay !!! What a beautiful day it was !!! : ) 
Got over with my summer internship and recieved my training certificate too !! :D
and then I went out with my bestie to have a chat over coffee and lil shoe-shopping : )

I also tried my hand  on making a Cake- Chocolate Brownie !!! It was indeed yummy.. and am happy that now atleast for a couple of months- my mom wont say that- kuch khana bnana seekh le :P

here's the pic of the cake- 

And finally my lappy is repaired and working perfectly !! ahh..After a wait of 2 weeks !! : )
So I decided to post my fav picks of the day .

And the theme I chose was- COLOR CLASH ... I love bright colors.. and my favs are - red, purple, orange and pink !!
I love dressing up in different colors according to my mood. And I believe everyone should have a colorful wardrobe rather than focussing on a single or few color palette !! 

So lets see what I picked up today !! :  )

I named this look- Colorful Chic !!
 I love the bright red jacket teamed up with a yellow Tube !! And to brighten up the look more I added the turquoise  blue sandles !! : )


This 1 is my fav- PURPLE SPLASH !!! I loved the purple dress- simple yet soo trendy and elegant !!
And the printed CLUTCH and colored beads necklace break the monotony of purple !! : )

Hope you liked the post. I have had quite many shopping hauls during these holidays as I was home soo I could shop freely :D thanks to mom & dad !!

I would be posting the pictures of my hauls very soon !!
Till then have fun and do leave your comments if you liked this post !!

I would be looking forward for your wonderful comments !! : )


  1. what was the intern! and congratz! :)

  2. @emily- thanks for dropping by !!
    I had my internship in Operations department at a threads factory!! : )

    @tanvi- hahaah !! lucky? well thanks to my parents who fulfill my silly wishes :D

    @bhuha- thanks a lott !!I have been following your blog for a while !!loved it!! : )

  3. congrats lovveee !
    love the jacket..


  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! You have a wonderful blog as well. I have come across super size clutches at Aldo and perhaps Zara so you can check out the stores. Else thrift is the way to do :P I also like carrying my normal bags as a clutch..it imparts a strong character. If you try that look let me knw:)
    Do visit me again..and if you like do follow!! I shall be happy to do the same for you.

  5. That cake is so pretty!! I wish i knew how to bake cakes.

  6. hey thanks !!

    @jiya- Even I made the cake in a cooker on the gas stove only !! It was an easy method !! : )

  7. Hi Nikki!! :) Yummy cake! where are you?? :-D
    I always find your picks very chic and fun. The outfit.. too bold for me. especially the bare mid riff. but that's jus me.. however you have inspired me to try out something like that. Let's see.
    good to know that your internship got over. Happy shopping!

  8. hey shruti !! I was a lil busy with packing and unpacking at hostel.. Would be back wd d new post soon !! :D
    nd well that tube is too bold me fr me too !! :D I wish i could carry it off !! bt do post your pictures if u try dt outfit !! : )

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