TSD 5th Blogiversary Spa Party at ELLE Spa & Salon, Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar | #TSDTurns5 Spa Party

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Hey lovely people!
We are in July already and it makes me feel surprised about how half of the year passed by in a jiffy.

June happens to be our Blogiversary month, and this June we celebrated our 5th Blogiversary. I really can't believe how I have survived 5 years of blogging, when I had started this blog just as a platform to share my shopping hauls and never thought it would last this long.

I still remember when I used to click pictures of my new outfits inside my hostel room, my friends used to laugh at my weird Hobby, but well who would have had imagined that The Shopaholic Diaries - a blog I started as a hobby but proved to be my passion - would complete 5 years successfully.

To celebrate the 5th Blogiversary with our friends & fans, we organized a Spa party in collaboration with ELLE Spa & Salon and Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

ELLE Spa & Salon is a contemporary luxury brand launched by Sanghvi Brands-ELLE joint venture in India and the Indian Ocean region recently.
The spa promises a relaxing journey with aromatic scents, soft lighting, airy atmosphere & warm décor, rejuvenating the mind, body & soul. I'll cover more about the spa in my next post.

ELLE Spa & Salon is located at Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar - an excellent 5-star property located right in my neighborhood, which is a one-stop place for one to enjoy awesome multi-cuisine food, a relaxing spa and an outdoor swimming pool - all this in the neighborhood of East Delhi.

A complete review of the property would be done in the next post!

To celebrate our 5 years journey of blogging, many dear friends and regular readers of the blog joined us for a Spa party and Hi-Tea.

L to R : Vinny (my MUA for the day), Shaily (Confessionz of a Closet), Neha (Bestie alert), ME, Tina (Photographer-WIP), Bhawna (By Muse)
L to R : Apurva (Kalapalette), Yours truly, Hansika (Crazy Bestie), Pankhuri (Madamemoiselle4u)
L to R : Rabani (Punk Artist), :P , Anubha (the Creative one), Sakshi (Cutie), Hansika (did I say Crazy already?)
The evening started with all the lovely guests enjoying relaxing foot spa sessions at the luxurious spa area near the hotel pool, while sipping refreshing iced teas.

Post the relaxing spas, we moved to the Hi-tea by the pool organized by the amazing Crowne Plaza team that included refreshing iced teas, cappuccinos, munch-ons, delish pizzas, rolls and more.

Gladly, everyone had a great time at the event and it ended up to be a nice meetup over spas and teas that helped us rejuvenate while catching up together at one platform.

While we were all gearing up to leave, the ELLE Spa & Salon team organized a mini Giveaway for all the guests where each one of us got to win exciting spa vouchers.

Contest Time :D
Exclusive Gift bags by Artsy Craftsy World
The guests also took home some amazing goodies sponsored by our jewellery partner ZOTIQQ and outfit partner FABALLEY. (Complete outfit post would be up soon)

Posing with the courteous ELLE Spa & Salon team
(Photography : Mannz )
The entire event wouldn't have been possible without the amazing work of ELLE Spa & Salon and the hospitality by Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar.

So, I would like to say thank you to each one of the lovely people who attended, the spa and hotel staff, and ofcourse to each one of you reading this post- because without your support, we would not have had been celebrating our 5th Blogiversary.

PS : An exciting Giveaway is coming up next week! Stay tuned.


  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Amazing pics... i would love to try it http://www.youbella.com


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