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Thursday 28 July 2016

Hey everyone!
It's been a long time since we last had a Giveaway, right? So I thought of surprising you all with a Giveaway celebrating my 5th Blogiversary.

A few weeks back I had attended an instaxicated Bloggers Meet with Fujifilm India where I got introduced to their cute but very interesting Instax Mini 8 camera.

A Polaroid camera was loved by one and all many years ago, long before smartphones became the talk of the town and selfies became a rage.

While we all love clicking sharp, clear pictures on our smartphones and digital cameras, nothing still beats the beautiful feeling of having an instant print of your clicked picture in your hands. And that's where Instax Mini 8 comes in picture - helping create memories to cherish forever.

Instax Mini 8
Instax Mini 8 is a cute and compact camera that brings instant fun and excitement to your everyday life. Available in 7 vibrant colors, not only this camera will instantly lift the mood but it takes some amazing pictures that are perfect to make and save new memories.

Instax Mini 8 has the following amazing features that would make you fall in love with this little gem- 
  •  Brightness Adjustment Dial - Don't worry about how to get the perfect click from Instax Mini 8 as it automatically determines the best brightness level and indicates the same on the lit lamp so you can adjust the dial to choose different exposure levels.
  • High-key Photo - Want an image with a soft impression? Adjust the dial to the hi-key mark to take some lovely clicks.
  • Constant Firing Flash - It helps you get clear pictures even when the light is relatively low.
Instax Mini 8 (Pic c/o : Fujifilm India)
While it does take a little while for the film to develop and the film is slightly expensive, the results surely don't disappoint.

Dress : Stalk Buy Love
Wedges : Charles & Keith
Hairband : Forever 21
Sunglasses : Forever 21
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Location : Golden Tulip, Chandigarh
Photography : Tina Pandher
Instax Mini 8 is now available in a special packaging called the Joy Box priced at Rs 6,499 only, which is perfect for gifting to your loved ones. The Instax Mini 8 Joy Box includes the following :
  • Mini 8 Camera with Selfie Lens 
  • Attractive Carry Case
  • Twin Film Pack 
  • Photo Marker.
Instax Mini 8 Joy Box Giveaway
Well, as I wanted to share the joy of celebrating my 5th Blogiversary with you all, I decided to tie-up with Fujifilm to gift one of the lucky winners - an Instax Mini 8 Joy Box!

Just enter the Rafflecopter widget below and get a chance to win this bundle of joy :
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best of luck everyone!


  1. Great review of Instax Mini 8. This review left me drooling for it. Instax Mini 8 is cute as a button. I sure would love to have one. Its perfectly handy, instant and chic- all what a girl can need. Way to go girl and keep sharing ! Love!

  2. congratulations on the anniversary of your blog
    I wish to participate in this ga because Instax Mini 8 is fantastic
    You have made a wonderful review, and would love to be able to use me
    thanks for this opportunity

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  4. Congratulations 🎊 on ur blog anniversary.. I'm such a big fan of fujifilm mini camera n it's in my wishlist since long.. I really love clicking photographs n wish that I cud own a girly camera with me.. Thanks for d golden chance to have it now.. I'd try my best 😊 thanks for d great review n I'm excited to have it now.. Love you :)

  5. Congratulations Nitika on The Shopaholic Diaries 5th Anniversary. I have been following TSD since its initial days and absolutely love it!
    The cute little Fujifilm Polaroid camera has always been on my wish list. The fact that one can have an instant print of the picture has always excited me. I am a little old school and for me 1 printed copy of memory is always greater than 100 selfies in my phone. I would love to win this, especially when its my 25th Birthday next month!

  6. Congratulations on 5th Blogiversary!
    I always was fascinated by instant cameras, but never got one for myself as I already owned digi camera.
    So would love to win this one.

  7. Wow I love to win this... Camera is too cute to ignore.

  8. Hiiiiiii mam ! Thank you for existing because you inspire hundreds of us��. You are truly an inspiration.I totally love your account!
    And The Shopaholic Diaries is amazingly superb!
    And your giveaway is all I need !!want !! Aspire to have !! THIS IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF MY LIFE GOALS !! to be honest from an early age I wanted to get one but my parents always underestimated my this particular wish , actually they are not into photography stuff and are not at all photogenic. Whenever I asked them to get me one they never said no but never yes too. And after joining instagram I personally became a better person! I started adoring the world more ! I started loving myself more ! And this giveaway is a dream come true to me :')
    I can do anything ANYTHING to win this !!!
    And my parents will be glad to know that I didn't spent a peny to get what I wanted from soooo longg !
    Thank you mam!
    I love you mam because you will surely fulfil one girl's dream !

  9. Heyy didu, first of all Congratulations on 5th blog anniversary. ���� Just love your blog so much. And and and the review is just mind blowing thats why i badly want to win this giveaway. If i win this, it would be a dream come true. I so so want to win this giveaway. I've followed all the rules. Big wish to win *fingerstightlycrossed*

    Instagram: @readytostyle
    Facebook: Ayesha Sal
    Twitter: @mrsloueh

  10. First of all a biggg congratulations on your 5th blogiversary ���� I am really happy for you .
    Secondly your giveaway is just so magical . everyone is truely drooly over it !
    This amazing cute camera has always been in my wish list but I wasnt able to buy it for some reason .
    Who so Ever wins it would be the luckiest �������� and if I win it will be like a dream cone true ! ����
    Already following you every where
    On facebook Ankita Choudhary
    On insta @ankitachoudhary123
    On twitter @ankitaangel123
    And on your blog

  11. Omg.. Congratulations girl on ur 5th bloggeversary... It's huge... Way to go.. May u achieve many more milestones to come... Lots of looooooovvveee n best wishes always...
    N about the giveaway... It's absolutely insane.. I have dreamt of Instax camera ever since it's launch.. I m a total pictures addict.. Love to capture memories n cherish them time n again... N wat better way to do so than with the supercool n amazing Instax mini.. It index is a bundle of joy.. N I wud be on cloud nine if I win this... Hope to be the lucky one.. #superexcited #fingerscrossed tightly n will definitely try my best.. #muchlove Xoxoxoxo

  12. Omg.. Congratulations girl on ur 5th bloggeversary... It's huge... Way to go.. May u achieve many more milestones to come... Lots of looooooovvveee n best wishes always...
    N about the giveaway... It's absolutely insane.. I have dreamt of Instax camera ever since it's launch.. I m a total pictures addict.. Love to capture memories n cherish them time n again... N wat better way to do so than with the supercool n amazing Instax mini.. It index is a bundle of joy.. N I wud be on cloud nine if I win this... Hope to be the lucky one.. #superexcited #fingerscrossed tightly n will definitely try my best.. #muchlove Xoxoxoxo

  13. Congratulations on ur 5th blogiversary.πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ I wanna win dis giveaway as i too wanna start blogging n cz of some personal reason i cant buy camera nw. Well i m also very fond of fashion n photos. I m crazy about pictures. I seriously wanna win dis giveaway fr mah dream..!! ❤

  14. Hola my favourite haul blogger :-*

  15. To be very honest I want it because it is a trend they say and I love being trendy :)

  16. Hey, congrats on the 5th Blogiversary �� being a blogger I know the joy of seeing your tiny blog blooming into a huge one ��
    Winning one such amazing Intax Mini 8 is a blogger's dream & I am no exception. This Intax Mini 8 Joy Box is like a dream box to me, consisting all those things which I love ❤
    This review has helped me to know more about Intax Mini 8. Now I want to click pictures more & more by winning this awesome #giveaway. This won't be easy but the Intax Mini 8 Joy Box totally worth it.
    Lots of love & more success to you! ☺

  17. hai, loved this giveaway. My marraige will be within a year.If this gift will be with me... oh my god, i will be very lucky baby. #wishtowinthis cute love.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Congbeautifully on completing 5 successful years of blogging and many more to come! You're an inspiration Nikita. Owning this cute Instax Mini polaroid camera is like a dream come true! It has been in my bucketlist since last 3 years and will continue to be in my bucketlist hopefully. It's a perfect mini especially when taking pictures with strangers at a tourist place so that they forget us later! Second, I want to decorate my bedroom with polaroid pictures hanging on a thread and beautifully draped with electric lights!

  19. Hey first of all, a heartiest congratulations to you on your 5th blogiversary.. Wish you complete 100 years with your blog and it keeps growing day by day.. And second thank you so much for this opportunity.. You are doing a great job with your blog posts.. (i've stalked your blog :P) would love to read more posts from you.. And the review of instax mini joybox 8 is so tempting.. I mean would love to win this giveaway and would love to own instax mini.. This is so cute and would be a perfect companion for a girl's bag.. Ofcourse everybody knows how we girls love to get clicked :D.. We girls just cant let any moment go without getting clicked :P.. Thank you thank you thank you for this giveaway... wish to win.. fingers are crossed :).. followed all the rules (hopefully).. all the best to everyone and lots of love to you babe <3
    My Facebook : Shagufta Sal
    My twitter: @ificouldstyle
    My Instagram: @ificouldstyle

  20. I love to win this... is gorgeous

  21. dis is awesome!!! congratulations and thank you for conducting this giveaway!!!

  22. Congratulations to you. I would love to win this for my mom. She is turning 50 this month & I would love to gift her the polaroid as she can use it without any hussle & would enjoy a lot.

  23. First of all a big hug and congratulations on 5th blogiversary.. πŸŽŠπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰ may God give you more and more such moments of success in your life!!
    Now about the giveaway, I always want to own such cute camera but sometimes we keep them in our wish list for no reason. This cute camera is always on my wish list from a long time. Now you are giving us a chance to get it. Whoever wins this Wii be a super lucky girl.
    Fingers crossed..
    Facebook: Vijayeta Chaudhry
    Instagram: vijayetachaudhry
    Twitter: vijayetaa

  24. Wow This is amazing giveaway Nitika :) Would love to win this for my sister as it's her 25th birthday this month on 15th Aug and she has already been loving this Instamini :) And u looking lovely in this Stalk buy love outfit

  25. It would be a perfect Christmas gift for my daughter.

  26. hey first of all congratz for ur 5th blog anniversary :)
    and yea tanxs a tonn ! for this wonderful giveaway which we can cherish for forever n ever .
    time pass by but the memories tat we freeze in the pics stay along n long till we fall apart
    so its one of a wonderful giveaway wish to win

  27. hey a very heartly congratz for ur blogs 5th anniversary its really soo great :)
    and coming about the giveaway its surely a memeorable one n i soo love it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3
    we can carry it wer ever we can n make get our pictures instant and cannot wait to flaunt it
    n it the memories captured in it will stay on for ever n ever
    tanxs a lot fir such a thoughtful giveaway

  28. enter me
    thank you!!
    great giveaway

  29. Congratulations!! Fab post xx

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  31. Congrats for 5th blogiversary. And I find the Instax Mini quite cute. Also the polaroid craze is since long. Would love to have it. ❤

  32. firstly congratulations and I really wish to have a in tax mini so that I can capture all beautiful moments of my life recently I have become an aunt i would love to capture this new experience .. and also other gorgeous moment of my surroundings ..I really hope my luck work this time..keeping my fingers tightly crossed ❤
    instagram - @sahrishf_1

    1. my twitter I'd is @sahrishf1 :)

  33. Congratulations for the five successful year of blogging. I live the reviews of the instax mini. Serioudly i want to win this for me

  34. A very big congrats on ur 5th blog anniversary.....That is really an amazing milestone to reach....:D
    Ive taken part in ur incredible giveaway and my answer to ur question wud be: I'd like to win the Instax Mini 8 Joy Box coz it is super awesome...It looks so cute and features seem incredible...My hobby is photography so if I won this I wud go crazy taking pics wid it... :D


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