Review : Oppo N3 - The SELFIE Phone with Pure Image Technology

Thursday 11 June 2015

Hey lovelies!
Gone are the days when we picked a phone based purely on its technology and storage specs. Well, I don't say that we look over these factors entirely, but with all the phones coming up with a similar technology, we as users are looking for something more.

And when it comes to the young generation including us Fashionistas, there's nothing better than a Smartphone with amazing Camera. After all, an attractive phone with a great camera is all what we need for that perfect SELFIE. That's why, when I got the opportunity to review the amazing Selfie Phone which has just entered the Indian market, I just couldn't say NO.

So, finally I got the very stylish and sexy OPPO N3 in my hands which my friends, comes with a one-of-its-kind Swivel camera. I mean who would have thought that you could get high quality images and Selfies from one phone camera itself? Well, I sure didn't!

Undoubtedly, one of the best features of Oppo N3 is its swiveling 16-megapixel camera that ensures that you click selfies that are just as good as the rest of your pictures.

Well, I am not a technical person, so I will be sharing my experience with the phone with a very general prospective - Features, Camera and Battery Life.

Features : 
The phone has a 5.5-inch screen but still doesn't look too big and fits easily into your hands. The phone has a stylish look with a display of (1080x1920 pixels) and it has a pixel density of 403ppi. 

It has amazing Brightness settings which can be set at fixed or automatic level, and we can also change the sensitivity of the auto-brightness. The Software of the phone is N3 is Oppo's custom Color OS 2.0, based on Android KitKat 4.4. 
There's a cool fingerprint reader at the back, which also works as an option to Unlock your phone with one touch.

N3 comes with a tiny remote called O-click which helps you do functions like control Music Playback, Launch the Camera, adjust the camera and many other useful settings. 

Camera :
Apart from clicking the perfect Selfies, the camera features various Settings/modes in which you can click a Selfie without having to edit it later.
A special function of the camera is its Auto-Panaroma mode which takes a great panaroma shot while you only have to hold the camera still.

Other notable Camera features which make Oppo N3 special are : Expert mode, a GIF maker and plenty of settings to do photographic tasks like taking RAW images, HDR, Ultra-HD, Slow shutter etc.

These options make this phone your Professional Compact Camera Smartphone with plenty of settings and Customizable options to take high quality pictures. With its motorized camera and PI 2.0+ imaging platform, the OPPO N3 is the perfect device for photography enthusiasts.

One of the many Selfies I clicked from Oppo N3
Picture C/O : Oppo N3
Battery Life :
Lastly, talking about the battery life, Oppo N3 features a 2.3 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM which are decent enough for the device to run smoothly. It features a 32 GB storage with an option of adding external memory in the form of a microSD Card.

Once fully charged, the battery lasted almost 7-8 hours while I used it to click a dozen of Selfies, browse Internet for hours long, playing music and watching a few Youtube videos.

The phone comes with a high-amperage adapter which is really useful for charging the phone rapidly during times when you need a quick battery-charge before heading out.

Overall, though slightly expensive, Oppo N3 is a perfect pick for Photography enthusiasts who love clicking Selfies and taking pictures on-the-go without having to carry an extra Professional Camera along.

With so many amazing features loaded in just one smartphone, Oppo N3 is a great investment which will turn out to be your best friend.

PS : The OPPO N3 is available in various stores across India and is priced at Rs. 42,990 /- through pre-booking.



  1. nice phone.. but expensive!

    1. Yes! It sure is on an expensive side but features some unique options like the rotating Camera and O-click remote which makes it a catch. :)

  2. Nice Phone. Nitika Ji running with technology. Beautiful Selfie .... And Nice Dress.

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