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Monday 22 June 2015

Hey lovely readers!

Another weekend is here again, and while its raining heavily in Mumbai, Delhi and other parts of North India are really looking up for the weather to cool down a little bit.
And in this hot weather, I really don't feel like stepping out for a bit - even if it involves unavoidable work like the monthly parlour appointments or Yoga sessions.

I am sure even you won't be feeling like stepping out for daily chores and just wished you could just relax at home in your air-conditioned room and get the services done indoors. Well, I guess God has really listened to us poor souls in the form of Technology.

While so far we could only shop online for Apparel, footwear and other necessary daily items, with new Digital apps in the market, we can also book various Services online.
One such very cool app that is here to help us make our lives easier is UrbanClap !

" is  an online platform that  helps you find the right  service professionals for  activities important to you. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, get candid pictures on your wedding day, plan your kid’s birthday party or get healthier, UrbanClap is the ultimate destination for all your service needs. "

So, when I had to recently get my house cleaned properly and I really was in no mood to search out for the best people in this weather, I decided to try looking for a Professional service through UrbanClap.

I downloaded the app through my Android device and entered my requirements to look for the best service provider.

While searching for Home Cleaning services, I was asked few simple questions like how big was my house and as I had to get just the first floor of my house cleaned which has been closed since many months, I chose for the 1BHK option.
Then I had an option to choose any additional service if required and enter the Date and time when the service was required.

The best part of the App is that the interface is really user-friendly and fast, which allows you to search and book a service quite smoothly.

Within a couple of hours, the team from Broomberg India which had received my booking for Home Cleaning service called me up to confirm my booking and address details.

On the service date, their team comprising 4 members reached my house right on time dressed properly in a uniform which showed their professional approach.

The Broomber team who visited my house for Home Cleaning
The team took 5 hours to complete the entire house from the scratch including tiny details like dust accumulated at the window panels, washrooms and much more. Meanwhile I just relaxed as I was assured of their services after reading quite many positive reviews at the App.

Finally, when I went upstairs to check the outcome, I was really delighted as my house was shining and clean like never before. And when I say it wasn't cleaned and had been closed since last 6months - I mean it! I even dreaded going upstairs, but the Broomberg team did a real amazing job.

Overall, I was absolutely delighted with my first experience with the UrbanClap app as they helped me connect with the best Home Cleaning professional with just one touch and made sure I had a great experience. 
If you also looking for getting Professional Services at home like Makeup, Yoga or any other, you must try UrbanClap first and try their hassle-free hiring services at your fingertips. 

Download UrbanClap right away to experience their fabulous services : !



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