Review - Alaya Spa & Salon, Saket, Delhi

Thursday 10 July 2014

Hey lovely readers!
It's almost mid-week and I am badly awaiting this weekend as I plan to rejuvenate with a facial treatment and some shopping.
And when it comes to rejuvenation and relaxation, one brand which I have discovered and loved lately is Alaya Spa & Salon located at DLF Place, Saket, Delhi.

I was introduced to this amazing spa by a fellow blogger and friend Awungshi who has reviewed this spa on her blog earlier. So, I went to visit this spa and salon a few months back for a Hair Spa and haircut which were really good. But that time I totally missed on writing about my spa experience, so last weekend when I got a chance to visit the spa again for a Hair Spa and Haircut, I made sure I carried my camera along to click few pictures to show you all.

"ALAYA, also known as the eighth consciousness, or the final state of the mind before it attains nirvana.

Alaya Spa + Salon is an oasis away from the staleness of life which promises a similar experience in your quest for inner peace and well-being. A visit to Alaya is truly a retreat that will relax your mind, revive your body and rejuvenate your soul. "
And it truly stands true to its name, as my whole experience at the spa - right from entering the spa and towards the end helped me rejuvenate and relax my mind to the fullest.
Alaya Spa & Salon
The staff of the spa is really warm and welcoming and they are eager to take you through the services offered and even show you around the whole property. After informing them that I would like to go through the Supercharge Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, I was directed towards the salon on the Ground Floor where instantly one of the Hair Spa Specialists was appointed to do my hair spa.

The first part of the Moroccan oil hair spa involves cleansing your hair thoroughly. Post that he started applying the amazing Moroccan oil to my scalp and hair (by carefully dividing them in parts) and started with the head massage. The massage part was really so relaxing that I forgot about all the anxiety and the work pressure I was having that day in the matter of few minutes. In between I felt the pressure for the massage was little too hard for me and I asked the specialist to keep it light, which he happily did. The massage was followed by a hair mask, steaming and shampooing again.
Couple Spa room
After the Hair Spa, I got my Hair Cut done from their Hair Stylist - Tashi who seems to have magic in his hands. See my picture post the Hair Cut and the Spa below to believe -

He did my hair cut very carefully as I had instructed him to not to shorten my hair a lot but keep some styling in the front. So before cutting short my hair he kept taking my nod if I was fine with the length. I got few layers done with styling at the front, and I am really happy with the result. 

I also met the Director of the spa, Gyurme Tenzing who took me through the entire property showing me the other spa rooms and the salon area downstairs which is much more spacious and pretty. The interior decor and furnishing of the spa stands out and is really unique and peaceful.
Foot Spa lounge

You can check their entire range of services offered here on their website - You can also follow them on their Facebook page for more updates -
Spa Room
Center I visited - Alaya Spa + Salon 9, Community Center, PVR Saket Complex. New Delhi, India 110017 Mon – Sun 10 : 30 am – 9 : 30 pm 011-40514561/62, 9999292000

Next time I would surely be looking forward to try one of the body spas and facials at the Alaya Spa+Salon and see how they fare when it comes to these sections.



  1. Look lovely! I liked ur hairstyle!
    Hair spa is a real bliss! :)

    1. Thanks Shivi for stopping by my blog :)
      And yess Hair Spa after a tiring week is really heavenly :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rupa! I am a fan of their Moroccon Hair treatment :)

  3. Pretty pretty lady. I am so looking forward to review it myself. Especially the hair styling!

    1. Thanks hon :*
      Yes you should visit the place soon :)

  4. Your hair looks fab!! Great review Hun :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely words Chandni :)

  5. Thanks Mitha! The spa was truly amazing :)

  6. i never been to a spa but it most be alot of fun x

  7. is the best beauty and spa , saloon services at your doorstep in Delhi NCR

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