Kaleidoscope by Manish Arora - India Couture Week 2014

Tuesday 29 July 2014

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I am back with some more updates from the recently held India Couture Week 2014, and in this post I will be covering the unique and quirky collection presented by renowned designer Manish Arora on the Day 4 of the Fashion Week.

An offsite venue, loads of glamour and out-of-the-box offerings, Manish Arora's show at the Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week (ICW) turned out to be an absolute delight for all couture lovers with his line's psychedelic colours, trendy prints and unique designs.

The internationally acclaimed Indian designer is known for giving an edge to the Indian elements and this was fully on display when he presented a gamut of designs in varied colours.

"I love Indian tradition and colour and this is the reason why I believe that no other designer can play with so many colours in one garment like the way I do. I believe in telling stories through my designs and this is what my couture line was all about.

"It was meant for all the powerful women who believes in creating name for themselves," said the designer who showcased his collection at the French Embassy in Delhi.

Arora chose to showcase six different lines through six different stories that varied in inspiration from Italian castles to Japanese crafts to royalty and were titled "The Peacock", "The Crown", "The Jewels", "The Light Fantastic", "Iridescent" and "Temari".

Striving for the full design experience, headgear too played a pivotal role in the collection with different forms, shapes and sizes completing the look of all themes.

Sequins of different sizes and proportions were translated in the form of sensuous garments recreating geometric and abstract patterns. Luxurious fabrics like velvets and silk dupions in a darker colour palette including maroons, blacks and emerald greens, were a rare treat to watch out for.

Multicolour stripes, gold rexine embroideries, and 3D highlighted on bases of bright colour were some of the highlight of his psychedelic collection. Applique, zari, peacock textures and traditional embroideries harmoniously inter-wove Indian aesthetic with European sensibility to make it a true example of East meet West.

Truly, Manish Arora's ICW 2014 collection took Quirky to a new level and gave a new definition to this style.


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