Saturday, May 26, 2012

What one MUST BUY from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi !!

Hey lovely readers !!  <3
How are you all doing? Enjoying the crazy hot weather?? :D Lol silly me, how can one enjoy such a hot weather..
Please Rain God listen to us... and give North India some RAINNNNNNNNNN !!! :(  :(

I do hope god listens to me soon, anyways getting back to the post- many of the readers have requested me to share my latest Haul post from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi! And well as we girls love flea markets sooo much, I thought of sharing an interesting post about What one MUST BUY from Sarojini Nagar Market !!

If you are a Delhiite, I am sure you must have visited this market or else atleast must have heard your friends boasting about their cool finds from Sarojini at throw away prices.
 Well you can get the trendy clothes from Sarojini Nagar too, if you read on to know what you must buy the next time you visit SN market.
  • Florals - This trend can never go out of fashion, and SN proves it too with floral dresses, shirts, tops, skirts etc. available in the market every season, every time and almost at every shop. So if you love this cute trend too, make it sure that you check out the floral collection there. 
  • Latest Trends - Polkas, Peter Pan collars, leopard prints, lace, sequins or cut-out shoulders, I believe latest trends come to this market even before they reach the fashion labels at major malls in India. So if you want to own the latest runway trends at throw away prices, make sure to search for them at our very own SN.
  • Day dresses - Going for a vacation, casual day out with friends or a lunch date, and unsure about what to wear? Well cute day dresses in cotton and chiffon are a must buy and you'll get them from SN in not more than 200-250 bucks. You can try out short, knee-length and maxi dresses in various patterns which are available at most of the shops.
  • Shorts / Skirts - Though finding your waist size might be an issue, but if you know how to get your fit from flea markets, SN has huge options for you. From leopard prints to polka dots, the market has even skirts and shorts in elastic pattern for those who don't want to risk buying a smaller or bigger waist.
  • Wardrobe basics - Shrugs, vests, camisoles, stockings - you name the color and they have it. I find it stupid to spend thousands on these wardrobe basics which I know I'll be using often and thus replacing them every season. So I find it better to buy them from SN in different colors to mix and match. 
  • Accessories / Sling Bags - This market has a huge range of accessories like jewelry, scarves, hair pins and awesome sling bags and clutches which are available at reasonable prices so that you can buy as many as you want to mix and match with your outfits.
And well a very IMPORTANT TIP- Carry not more than 1000 - 1500 INR ( around 30$) in your wallet, or else trust me you'll end up spending every penny !
Also keep an extra 200 INR in your secret pocket of the bag or jeans or give it to your companion before you start shopping, which you should take out ONLY and ONLY IF you are done shopping, and while leaving, you spot a Gorgeous item which you just can't miss and want it very badly. ( Trust me this always happens, the most gorgeous items I have spotted there are always when am done shopping with and have no other penny to spend :D )

You can have a look at my previous posts HERE and HERE on Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi.
I hope you all liked this post. I am very eager to know about your comments or further suggestions on this !! :)
Also, I have completed shopping for gifts for the Anniversary Giveaway I'll be having in JUNE !! But well lets keep it a secret for now ;) But trust me you are all gonna be surprised :D

What one MUST BUY from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi !!
Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I am Afraid to Tell You !!!

Hey friends !!
I am at home currently and totally enjoying with loads of shopping and sleep :D But the weather suckss !! : ( I sooo much hate summers..
Anyways I have been very irregular with my blogposts this month, because otherwise I make sure to write atleast twice a week. Not only to be in constant touch with my readers, but also because writing for my blog gives me a satisfaction !! : ) Soo I would definitely try to be more regular now !!

BEWARE - This is going to be a really longggggggg Post !!!

Back to the title of the post, I read about this Blog Project/Campaign where majority of the bloggers are sharing few things they are afraid to tell their readers. Reading their thoughts, I found myself agreeing to many of them and well finally I am also going to share my personal thoughts with you all which I had always been afraid of, thinking I might be laughed at or disliked for it !!!

  • I am not photogenic/model-like - I love getting myself clicked and always keep pestering my friends or cousins to click my pictures whenever we go out. But its a truth that I am not a Size-Zero or have a very photogenic face. That is why earlier when I had started my blog I was afraid of posting my pictures because I thought I looked fat and ugly, and why would one be interested in looking at my outfit posts !! But my thinking changed once I followed more fashion blogs which looked more realistic and gave me the confidence to show my imperfections too. But still I don't call myself a fashion blogger completely because in my mind somewhere I think a Fashion Blogger needs to be very beautiful and having a slim figure !! Infact I sometimes feel insecure and wish I was taller and slimmer looking at some fashion bloggers who look just PERFECT : |
Things I am Afraid to Tell You !!!
Thursday, May 17, 2012

OOTD- Elegant Polka Dots!!!

Hey lovely readers !! I hope you all are doing great !!
I am finally going home again this weekend after about 3 months !! I am sooo excited to see my family after soo long.. hehehe !! : )
And well before I leave for home and don't get time to write a new post, here comes an outfit post which I am totally in love with because it has my favorite trend- Polka Dots !! : )

This outfit post was lying in my drafts since 3-4 weeks as I had worn this dress long time ago while going clubbing with my friends. You can even see the door of my hostel room in the 1st pic though I am now putting up in Delhi !!
Dress- Vero Moda
Heels - Fornarina
Accessories- Globus

This tube dress I had purchased from Vero Moda and it has 2 layers of net with differently sized polka dots. I wore the dress with thin straps to have a more elegant look !!
So what about you divas !! Do you like Polka dots?? Do share with me your favorite trend of this season..
Would be back with a new post soon.
Loads of love
OOTD- Elegant Polka Dots!!!
Saturday, May 12, 2012

OOTD- Black & Lacy !!

Heyaa divas !!! How are you all doing??

So am back this time with an Outfit post !! Though again I couldn't get nice pictures.. I am really missing my friend who used to click lovely pictures of me in college . I guess I'll have to look for a nice photographer friend soon !! :D

Yesterday at a casual outing with friends, I wore this plain black dress I had purchased long time back from Forever 21 but never really got to wear it and the gorgeous tan bag I recently purchased from a Facebook store- Zephyr Couture !!! I loved the studs which really make the bag look attractive and funky!! Don't you agree??
This cute little Lace Top I had thrifted long time back from Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi and is one of my  favorites !!

Dress- Forever 21
Lace Top- Thrifted
Shoes- Imprints
Bag- Zephyr Couture
Watch- Gifted

That's all for now. I need to share some important happenings in life with my lovely readers, but well am waiting for an appropriate time !! Till then, don't forget to check my new posts at by clicking HERE.
Would catch you all soon with a Haul post. If you want me to do some special posts on trends, what to wear for some particular occasion, etc., or have any other queries, do mail me at-
OOTD- Black & Lacy !!
Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Take on Maybelline BB Cream !!

Hey lovelies !!!
Today I would have a quick post about Maybelline BB Cream,, Yea Yea I know you have read all about it at various blogs and websites and I am sure you all must have tried it out too!!
But hey, this is my take on how much I liked or disliked it !! 8)

I had wanted to purchase this cream ever since it was introduced but due to some reason or other, it was getting delayed.
2-3weeks back I went to NEW U ( A chain of Cosmetics store ) to buy a red lipstick for me, which I found in the Maybelline Color Sensational Range in FATAL RED. It is the perfect red I was looking for !!
And well there I saw Maybelline BB cream too and decided to try it out finally. The sales girl said that the RADIANCE shade would look the best at me, so I purchased the cream and the lipstick.
Though I was looking for a Coral lipstick too, but couldn't find the perfect shade.
( PS : Please suggest some nice affordable Coral Lipstick which is not too shiny and not very Matt).

Back to the BB cream, I have been using it since 15days now and Frankly, am in love with it! It seriously does what it says ( which you all might have read at the tube or in the Ads, the 8 benefits).

What I liked about the cream-
  • The tube shape and size, which is very handy and can be easily carried in a handbag or pouch. : )
  • The shade complements my skin tone perfectly, not even slightly darker or lighter.
  • I don't have to worry about applying a sunscreen or moisturizer separately as it does both the tasks.
  • The best part is that I used to avoid applying any kind of creams in Summers, as I sweat a lott.. But this cream does not melt away with sweat on my face.. Yay.. : )
  • Though the price (Rs 199) as compared to the tube size ( only 18ml) seems to be high , but as only a small quantity is required to apply on the face, I believe it would last for around 4-6weeks. ( hopefully).
  • Though it doesn't totally hide all the blemishes, but it definitely gives an even tone and brightens the face.
I have liked this cream so far and I guess its worth giving a shot !! : )
And as many of you requested me to post my Sarojini Nagar Market Haul, I would be posting it up soon !! 
Right now am busy collecting gifts for the Anniversary Giveaway !! Would be back with a new post soon.

PS- Sorry for not posting any pictures ( Before/After etc.) of the cream, as am not good in clicking them !! : (
Have you all tried this Cream yet?? Whats your take on it? Let me know in the comments below !! : )
Loads of Love
My Take on Maybelline BB Cream !!
Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Random Shopping Haul!!!

Hey everyone !!
I hope you all are doing great!! May has started and even the hot weather !! The sun is freaking me out a lottt !! : (

So the story is I badly wanted to gooooooo SHOPPINGGGGG  and for Watching a Movie!!! Finally, one of my best friends from college also got time and we planned to watch VICKY DONOR which had the Cuteeee Ayushmann as the Hero and it is his debut movie.
It was really funnn and I liked the story tooo.. The best part was watching the Adorable and Cool Dadii... If you haven't watched this movie yet, I would suggest you should GO for it !!!

Anyways I did a little shopping again today. I never do planned shopping, almost everytime I go to a mall with my friends or family, I end up buying something or the other. It happened again today. Randomly only I purchased a few things .. :D

Have a look -
Tunic Dress- Penny Lane 
Asymmetrical shirt- MAX
Clutch Purse- Marks & Spencer
Bow Top- Penny Lane
Butterfly Sleeves Top- Local Boutique
Bag- Local Boutique
Mobile Cover- Forever New
Isn't the mobile cover and the clutch purse too cute and complementing each other? I purchased them online from and respectively. 
And I can't wait to wear the blue asymmetrical shirt, maybe I'll team it with my Red or White Pants. What do you say?
Next on my shopping list are- Yellow/Mint Pants, Asymmetrical Dress/Skirt and some nice tops for Color Blocking. 
I hope you liked my shopping haul. I went to Sarojini Nagar Market a couple of days back again to do buy some summer tops. Do you all want to see that haul, let me know?  

And well I was planning a Giveaway but things didn't work out, so I am planning to have a Grand Giveaway on my Blog's First Anniversary next month. But I want that to happen in an interesting way, any Idea/ Suggestions please?????

Another Random Shopping Haul!!!