My Take on Maybelline BB Cream !!

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Hey lovelies !!!
Today I would have a quick post about Maybelline BB Cream,, Yea Yea I know you have read all about it at various blogs and websites and I am sure you all must have tried it out too!!
But hey, this is my take on how much I liked or disliked it !! 8)

I had wanted to purchase this cream ever since it was introduced but due to some reason or other, it was getting delayed.
2-3weeks back I went to NEW U ( A chain of Cosmetics store ) to buy a red lipstick for me, which I found in the Maybelline Color Sensational Range in FATAL RED. It is the perfect red I was looking for !!
And well there I saw Maybelline BB cream too and decided to try it out finally. The sales girl said that the RADIANCE shade would look the best at me, so I purchased the cream and the lipstick.
Though I was looking for a Coral lipstick too, but couldn't find the perfect shade.
( PS : Please suggest some nice affordable Coral Lipstick which is not too shiny and not very Matt).

Back to the BB cream, I have been using it since 15days now and Frankly, am in love with it! It seriously does what it says ( which you all might have read at the tube or in the Ads, the 8 benefits).

What I liked about the cream-
  • The tube shape and size, which is very handy and can be easily carried in a handbag or pouch. : )
  • The shade complements my skin tone perfectly, not even slightly darker or lighter.
  • I don't have to worry about applying a sunscreen or moisturizer separately as it does both the tasks.
  • The best part is that I used to avoid applying any kind of creams in Summers, as I sweat a lott.. But this cream does not melt away with sweat on my face.. Yay.. : )
  • Though the price (Rs 199) as compared to the tube size ( only 18ml) seems to be high , but as only a small quantity is required to apply on the face, I believe it would last for around 4-6weeks. ( hopefully).
  • Though it doesn't totally hide all the blemishes, but it definitely gives an even tone and brightens the face.
I have liked this cream so far and I guess its worth giving a shot !! : )
And as many of you requested me to post my Sarojini Nagar Market Haul, I would be posting it up soon !! 
Right now am busy collecting gifts for the Anniversary Giveaway !! Would be back with a new post soon.

PS- Sorry for not posting any pictures ( Before/After etc.) of the cream, as am not good in clicking them !! : (
Have you all tried this Cream yet?? Whats your take on it? Let me know in the comments below !! : )
Loads of Love


  1. i agree i quite like this bb cream

  2. Yes !! I agree even I love this cream.

  3. great post !
    thx for sharing! :D


  4. Hey hun, how are you doing?

    Here is the link to the House of Harlow inspired necklace:


  5. Agreed....I am addicted to BB Cream :)

    Check out my new post...

  6. I am loooking everywhere for the BB cream but I can't find it anywhere!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. I so wanna go to sarojini...wish I had house in the market :D

  8. this cream looks great, especially for the summer!


  9. thanks for the tips. great post!
    If you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog. :)
    I'm having a fab giveaway too!


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