Things I am Afraid to Tell You !!!

Monday 21 May 2012

Hey friends !!
I am at home currently and totally enjoying with loads of shopping and sleep :D But the weather suckss !! : ( I sooo much hate summers..
Anyways I have been very irregular with my blogposts this month, because otherwise I make sure to write atleast twice a week. Not only to be in constant touch with my readers, but also because writing for my blog gives me a satisfaction !! : ) Soo I would definitely try to be more regular now !!

BEWARE - This is going to be a really longggggggg Post !!!

Back to the title of the post, I read about this Blog Project/Campaign where majority of the bloggers are sharing few things they are afraid to tell their readers. Reading their thoughts, I found myself agreeing to many of them and well finally I am also going to share my personal thoughts with you all which I had always been afraid of, thinking I might be laughed at or disliked for it !!!

  • I am not photogenic/model-like - I love getting myself clicked and always keep pestering my friends or cousins to click my pictures whenever we go out. But its a truth that I am not a Size-Zero or have a very photogenic face. That is why earlier when I had started my blog I was afraid of posting my pictures because I thought I looked fat and ugly, and why would one be interested in looking at my outfit posts !! But my thinking changed once I followed more fashion blogs which looked more realistic and gave me the confidence to show my imperfections too. But still I don't call myself a fashion blogger completely because in my mind somewhere I think a Fashion Blogger needs to be very beautiful and having a slim figure !! Infact I sometimes feel insecure and wish I was taller and slimmer looking at some fashion bloggers who look just PERFECT : |
  • I love SALES - Yes Yes Yes !! I am a shopaholic and I go crazy hearing the word SALEEE !! I mean come onnn, you get to buy the clothes and accessories at less than half the original price at the season end sales of majority of the brands. And you know what, I even proudly tell my friends that I purchased it at SALE, whenever they ask me about a particular thing I am wearing or carrying. Though its not that I don't shop from my favorite brands at regular prices too, but during SALES, I shop like crazy!! Infact I find it silly buying plain tees or tops at prices more than INR1000 ( $20roughly) because they are worn often and one tends to change them every season. So what's the fun spending thousands over casual clothes? So I prefer buying casual clothes during sales or from Flea markets.
  • I don't like wearing High heels for casual outings/shopping - Ok no offence to anyone reading this, but I find it insane to wear high heels while going out for shopping or casually to a mall or hanging out with friends. I mean for parties, dinners and clubbing- heels still seem fine as one just have to walk a little. But for casual day outs one needs to walk a lot !! And I get really surprised when I see girls wearing stilettos and sky high heels at the malls, looking visibly uncomfortable.  I am totally a FLATS / low heel (like wedges) person whenever I have to go shopping or movies with my friends. As for me comfort comes FIRST !!
  • I wish to have a hugeeee Wardrobe - My regular readers till now might have known about my Shopping fever !! And my wardrobe is just piling up and up with more clothes, shoes and handbags.. Well my favorite brands have been ZARA, Vero Moda and Forever 21 and I wish to have more gorgeous brands in my wardrobe but that would still take time.. My dream is to have a hugeee wardrobe with clothes, accessories and shoes from almost every brand in the market !! Remember Carrie's closet in Sex and the City.. Ohh how I wish I could have the same wardrobe !! : |
  • I can't wear MAKE-UP very often - I know all of us love Make-up, but for me I do adore make-up and even have a nice collection of cosmetics. But I can't wear make-up very often !! For now I have been applying Maybelline BB Cream regularly and I wear a Kajal once in 2-3days. I try to apply my Lakme Lip Love lipgloss atleast once daily, but many a times I simply forget applying any makeup at all. I have seen soo many bloggers turning out so well in every outfit post, with perfect make-up and attire, but I simply can't apply make-up while going out. Maybe because I am too lazy or feel its a waste of time !! But during functions or clubbing, I do apply a nice eye-shadow and blusher !! : )
So these were the major things I have always been afraid to share with my readers and seriously find strange in my whole Fashion blogging period ! But then I believe everyone has his/her own style and I am no one to comment upon them !! I am happy with the response and love my blog is getting so far, and It feels great being loved for the way I am !!

So what do you all think about the above post? Do share with us your thoughts in the comments below !!
Loads of love


  1. hehehehe u are very similar to me ... we share many things ... i also dont wear makeup evryday .. not at all photogenic... luv sales!! wants a huge wardrobe ( WHO DOESNT??) lol

  2. Awesome article! I prefer online shopping, where its affordable and free shopping

  3. me too no makeup at all but yes to sunscreen and recently started on BB creams :D me too want huge wardrobe and not photogenic :(

  4. Absolutely loved ur blog post...It makes u so real...makes me love ur blog even more

  5. This is a great post and Even I can't wear makeup often....Most of the time I love my skin breathe freely :)

    New post up....

  6. Love the blog, would love it if you could join us on facebook/beluxedfashion to post your self
    fashion portraits and win great gifts from mango, Zara and Bodyshop.

  7. on this post i totally agree wiv u, i dont like wearing high heels while shopping.great post, i love sales too lol. following u on ur 3blogs, do ve a great day from kimbim

  8. Pretty Blog :)

    following you,hope you can follow me back :)

  9. Dont we all want that closet.

  10. Firstly, you are a fashion blogger! Being pretty, ugly, fat, thin has nothing to do with it :)
    I love sales too and wear high heels very rarely! And make up is not my thing! Lipstick and kajal do it for me :)

  11. Thanks a lot for the encouragement Sayantani!! :)

  12. I agree with the heels part....even I feel uncomfortable to wear heels while shopping....I mean shouldn't the focus be on shopping rather than sore legs because of walking so much??

    1. Exactly my point !! I mean I don't know they might feel sexy walking in those painfully high heels.. But I do feel bad for them !! :D

  13. Nice post! We all have our insecurities, but talking about it publicly needs some guts! I can totally associate with all of the above! Especially the wardrobe thing... :P

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  14. i love your blog,its <3 ly

  15. aww! such a sweet post! m a new visitor here, but i guess i'll b regular after all! :) v're all real girls and real girls are not air brushed! good luck to those who have boyfriends well trained in photoshop! real's d way i like it n ur blog is real! a refreshing change! :)

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