Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OOTD- Green Pants !!

Hey everyone !!!
Continuing with my obsession/love for Colored pants this season, I want to introduce the newest addition to my wardrobe- GREEN PANTS to you all !! These are from Spykar Jeans.

Earlier, when the colored pants had just started to become a trend last year, I used to think it would just suit thinner people and would make bottom heavy people look heavier !! But after I tried my Red Pants and now the Green ones- I think if bought in a perfect color & fit , and if paired up well, you also may look like another Fashionista and rock this trend !! 

Don't Agree with me??? Then have a look how I managed to look good in these ( Or Didn't I ??? )
This is what I wore yesterday while I went shopping with my friends, I had worn the heels earlier but later changed to flats as I feel more comfortable going out in them..

Pants- Spykar Jeans
Flats- Local Market
Heels- KLOVE, Rajouri Market

Just flaunting the back, I love such designs at the back of tops/dresses.. Do you???

I had found this top at Vero Moda during my last visit there around 2-3weeks ago, Loved it for 2 of my fav trends- Bat Winged sleeves and Floral print. Plus it goes soo well with the color of the pants.. I totally love the summery feel of it.

Rest, I finally received the dress I'll wear at my Convocation today.. Pheww !!! But well I had already bought a back-up dress yesterday !! Soo now am not sure which one would I finally wear !! Would share with you all my Convocation outfit in April !! : )
Till then , keep coming back for more interesting posts. Your comments & support motivates me to keep writing.. :D

Loads of love
OOTD- Green Pants !!
Friday, March 23, 2012

Shoes/Heels Haul !!!

Hey everyone!!!
I am back with my haul post!! I went shopping for shoes & heels in last couple of weeks, and it seems I have bought quite many of them now!! My shoe rack has refused to let them fit in and so for now they are lying in a row along the shoe rack.. I think I'll have to buy a new closet to keep all my shoes now !! 

Moreover as I am leaving my hostel in a week, my room has become a Mess which I don't feel like clearing at all now !! Anyways, here are the pictures of all the shoes I bought. 

Carlton London 
I purchased a blue color in these Carlton London suede ankle boots, but couldn't get a picture of the same to show you.. These are super comfortable and a refreshing change from all the shoes and boots I had either in black, brown or white !!!
Black wedges from a Shoe Store in Ludhiana
Klove, Rajouri Market, Delhi
Klove, Rajouri Market, Delhi
Shoe store in Ludhiana
Marie Claire by BATA

KLOVE, Rajouri market
These wedges in the last picture (which I wore when I went clubbing last week with my friends) are my favorite as they are sooo comfy and stylish at the same time. The BATA heels are the sexiest and I would be wearing them with a red dress at my convocation next week.  Though I haven't yet received it, I had ordered it from ASOS and still waiting to get it.. Keeping my fingers crossed to get it before 25th or I'll have to go purchase a new dress for my convo :(

That's all for the day.. I'll be posting the pictures wearing my Green jeans in the next post, which is an addition to my wardrobe after the red ones; thanks to my love for Colored pants.
Keep reading and visiting my blog for more interesting posts. I always love to read your comments and suggestions.
Loads of love
Shoes/Heels Haul !!!
Monday, March 19, 2012

Are you a Fashiolista???

Hey everyone!!!
The last week was full of drama & action.. But I have decided to move on happily now !! I think I have better things to pay attention on, and one of them is the Celebration of 300 followers of my blog.. Yayy yayy.. I think I'll have a small Giveaway soon !!! But before that I am waiting for something more important, if I am able to achieve that too, there will be a double celebration for me!! Sooo pleasee wish me luckk!!!!!

Also I have a couple of outfit posts lined up, but I'll post them in a couple of days.. For now, I wanted to introduce to you all. Though am sure many of you fashion enthusiasts might be knowing of this awesome website!!

Fashiolista allows users to share their Favorite FASHION Finds from retailers and brands around the Web via a broswer bookmarlet.The result is a social network based around taste, with users able to follow and love each others' favorite new garments and accessories.

With fashiolista you can:

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Follow people who's style inspires you!
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See trends & search items
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Save your own favorite fashion finds from any online store!Have all your favorite fashion finds from different stores in one convenient place. All you need is the special heart-shaped button. After you’ve added the button to your browser, you can save items with one click. It works in nearly any online store, try it and see for yourself, it only takes 15 seconds to install.
Share your style, inspire others! By creating a stylish profile on Fashiolista, you will be an inspiration to others. You can also share your style on your blog with our stylish widgets.

Isn't it a fun way to share and follow your Favorite Fashion and trends around the globe?
You can see my Fashiolista widget at the right Sidebar of my blog or you can visit my Fashiolista Profile-

Thanks for reading. Would be back with more interesting posts soon.
Loads of love
Are you a Fashiolista???
Friday, March 9, 2012

OOTD - Retro Twist !!!

Hey everyone !!
Hope you all are doing great and had a great Holi and celebrated Women's Day by pampering yourself !!

Remember how I had posted about the IMBB Fashion Contest I had taken part in it? Well I have reached a step closer to the final round.
Here's the picture and the link to my entry for the round 3 of the contest... 

Here's the detailed picture of my outfit-

Pants- ZARA
Bag- Oriflame
Watch- Playboy
Earrings- Vero Moda
Shoes- Local shoe store
Necklace- Globus

I need your votes & support again to reach the next round of the contest. Please go through the link -
and vote for my by clicking the FACEBOOK LIKE / TWITTER Button on the side or below my picture.

Your votes would mean a lot to me !!!
Loads of love
OOTD - Retro Twist !!!
Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OOTD- Spring Floral funnn !!!

Heyaa everyone !!!

( First of all, I must tell you all that I had to work veryyyyyy hard to bring out this post.. Well that's because I had accidentally deleted all the pictures of this outfit, and had to spend 2 hours looking for a software to recover the pictures.. If you all need to recover anything you have accidentally deleted, this software might help a lot- )

Back to the post- Soo all of my Indian friends must be geared up for Holi which falls on 8th March.. For my International friends- Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. It is also known as festival of Colours. We celebrate it by throwing & applying scented color and water balloons at each other.

I used to play Holi as a kid, but as I grew up I stopped celebrating it. But well this year I would be celebrating it with my friends at college, and would be my 1st and last Holi with them !! Soo am pretty much excited for it.. I am thinking of wear a pure white Suit / kurta sooo that it would become more colorful with the spray of colors !!!

Anyways with the spirit of Spring and Holi, I wore this floral dress yesterday as I went shopping with my friend at Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden & Rajouri Garden Market. I just loveeeeee the bright colored floral print and the ruffle-pattern of the neck of this dress. 
And as always I preferred to wear flats as I find them the most comfortable while shopping & hanging out with friends.

Have a look at my outfit-

Dress- New Look
Bag- Local store in CP, Delhi
Shoes- Local shoe store
Bow Hair Band- Westside

And well we had a Complimentary Foot Massage too at the mall, courtesy the Pacific Mall staff who were celebrating this Women's Day week by offering free services like- Foot Massage, Makeover, Lifestyle Consultancy etc. So if any of you stay nearby, you may visit the mall to get a nice and relaxing foot massage..

I shopped a li'l again- a Jacquard Pants from ZARA , tops from ONLY and 2 pairs of heels and a pair of wedges from Rajouri Market. Would share my haul in the next post, am totally in love with my wedges.. They are tooo cuteee.. :D ( You would know in the next post :) )
Soo that's all for now !!!
Thanks for reading & your support, keep coming back for more interesting posts.
Loads of love
OOTD- Spring Floral funnn !!!
Friday, March 2, 2012

OOTD - Let's go Partying !!

Hey friends !!
Finally am free and actually lotsaa FREEE until I get a job soon !!
Soo to catch up with my friends and enjoy the completion of my MBA course, I went out partying with my friends.. You had seen the outfit pic in my last post about the IMBB Fashion Contest entry, but I am sharing with you all more pictures of my outfit from that day..
Have a look- 

Top- Vero Moda
Skirt- Ginger ( Lifestyle)
Heels- Miss Sixty
Bracelet- Vero Moda
Bag- Bought somewhere online

The skirt has a tulip shape but it can't be seen here properly as its covered mostly by the top. Next time I plan of wearing it with a different colored top tucked in.
The next round of the contest would start soon, and I would need your votes & support again to win the contest. : )

Rest, I just bought a pair of Leather pants from ZARA yesterday finally.. I would do an OOTD with it soon too. They are soo comfy and yet stylish at the same time. Can't wait to share them with you all. 
Would catch ya all with the next post soon. 

Take care.. 
OOTD - Let's go Partying !!