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Monday 19 March 2012

Hey everyone!!!
The last week was full of drama & action.. But I have decided to move on happily now !! I think I have better things to pay attention on, and one of them is the Celebration of 300 followers of my blog.. Yayy yayy.. I think I'll have a small Giveaway soon !!! But before that I am waiting for something more important, if I am able to achieve that too, there will be a double celebration for me!! Sooo pleasee wish me luckk!!!!!

Also I have a couple of outfit posts lined up, but I'll post them in a couple of days.. For now, I wanted to introduce to you all. Though am sure many of you fashion enthusiasts might be knowing of this awesome website!!

Fashiolista allows users to share their Favorite FASHION Finds from retailers and brands around the Web via a broswer bookmarlet.The result is a social network based around taste, with users able to follow and love each others' favorite new garments and accessories.

With fashiolista you can:

Discover unique fashion items & stores
Use Fashiolista to browse other people’s profiles and favorite fashion items. If you see an item that you like, click the ‘I love it’ button and it will be added to your own profile. Click "find it here" to discover the store in which the item was found.
Follow people who's style inspires you!
When you find someone who’s style you like, you can start following their fashion finds. Just click ‘follow’ and you will automatically see all their latest loves & finds in your own style feed. You can follow anyone from your friends to famous fashion bloggers, magazines & brands.
See trends & search items
Check fashiolista’s list of top trending items. This list is totally based on the latest loves from everyone on Fashiolista. Use the search box or tags if you are looking for specific designers, brands or stores.
Save your own favorite fashion finds from any online store!Have all your favorite fashion finds from different stores in one convenient place. All you need is the special heart-shaped button. After you’ve added the button to your browser, you can save items with one click. It works in nearly any online store, try it and see for yourself, it only takes 15 seconds to install.
Share your style, inspire others! By creating a stylish profile on Fashiolista, you will be an inspiration to others. You can also share your style on your blog with our stylish widgets.

Isn't it a fun way to share and follow your Favorite Fashion and trends around the globe?
You can see my Fashiolista widget at the right Sidebar of my blog or you can visit my Fashiolista Profile-

Thanks for reading. Would be back with more interesting posts soon.
Loads of love


  1. hi
    wish you all the luck you need :)

  2. Yay! Always good to move on! I'm on Fashiolista, I like that site
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. nice blog you have here nitika ..thnks for sharing abt the widget i ll surely check it out ...
    M following your blog gladly .. please check out my blog too -

  4. Hi Nikita :) I'm glad you are moving on..yayyy.. Congratulations on 300 followers.. :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment hon!! <3

    New post is up..Come take a look :)

  5. Ohh yeah i am....And i just love to collect different kind of fashionable dresses for different occasions...Also for this i purchase fashion accessories and dresses via online shopping....


  6. Love the Chanel bag!!

  7. Thanks a lott for stopping by & your lovely comments everyone !! : )

  8. Congratulations on 300 followers:) and yes wish u good luck!


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